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characters Seventeenth Summer ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Until the summer before college Angie Morrow didn't really date Her mother didn't like her to go out much But no one not even Angie's mother can resist the charm of strikingly handsome Jack Duluth His good looks grab Angies's attention from the moment in Until the summer before college Angie Morrow didn't really date Her mother didn't like her to go out much But no one not even Angie's mother can resist the charm of strikingly handsome Jack Duluth His good looks grab Angies's attention from the moment in June when Jack throws Angie a smile at McKight's drugstore And on their. I had to read this for my young adult literature class as this was one of the first books classified as young adult I went into this optimistically since it's described as a love story but I was disappointed Although it was interesting to read a book written and set in the early 1940s the main character is uite dull and the writing style was not for me

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First date sailing under the stars when Jack leans in and whispers to Angie You look nice with the wind in your hair the strange new feeling s begin Tingles prickles warmth the tell tale signs of romance It's the beginning of an unforgettable summer for Angie full of wonder warmth tears challenge and loveMaureen Daly had cr. What amazes me most about this book is that it was written by a girl who was seventeen at the time of writing it That the author wrote this story so she would always remember just what it felt like to be seventeen She did a beautiful job of itThis is a book that is prose heavy lots of lyrical description which isn't unusual for the time period The thing is I happen to like this style and enjoyed feeling everything she did as she experienced the world around her But then this was such a familiar world to me I grew up in small town Wisconsin in the 1970's and to be honest this kind of life was not that different from what I experienced so much of the time Also having spent a great deal of time in and around Fond du Lac where this takes place I felt like I was home again seeing things that exist there still today the marina and lighthouse for example The park that was hinted at as being built I used to love And finding that drive in along the lake a few miles out of town well there was one out there I visited before that seemed absolutely ancient so I have to wonder if it's still there and was the actual place in the book or if that one was made up from other places It's hard to sayI loved this book deeply and my only regret is that it ended and gave us nothing further of her life I wanted so much for there to be another book so I could revisit Angie and her family to maybe see Jack and Swede and the rest Overallgive the book time as you read it so you can savor the descriptions and fall into the story Accept it for being perhaps different from books today because it was written so long ago And enjoy Angie and all her doubts and fears and triumphs I suspect this book will stay with me for a very long time

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Seventeenth SummerEated a love story so honest that it has withstood the test of time winning new fans for than six decades Today this classic is enjoyed by many who think of it as the uintessential love story and as a glimpse of love in the 1940's; a refreshing alternative to modern love stories reflecting the beauty and innocence of new lov. I'll skip over the plot summary stuff because everyone can very well read it at the top of this page and I'll plow right on with my criticismsI didn't like this book at all I was so disappointed I couldn't even finish it I'm sorry but not even Twilight has brought this kind of feeling I was so excited to read this book but after getting through the half of it my disappointment overrode everything else First because of the heroine Angie Morrow is just so stoic and plain and simply boring; I felt that there was no real depth with her character and I just wanted to shake or slap her while reading the novel Maybe because it happened back in the day but golly she's just got to breakaway even once She's too much of a goody goody I didn't like her at all I understand that it was a different time when table manners should be made important but when she felt ashamed of Jack for clicking his spoon with his teeth I almost blew up with indignation Such a shallow reason And she liked Jack that I could tell but she's got to express it on her own terms even once And halfway through the book I couldn't find a development with her characterSecondly the plot itself It was just so slooooooow I wanted to hurl the book across the room Is this really considered a classic Its classic reputation was what first called my attention to it but it has not uite lived up to its fellows I think three uarters of it was spent on tiresome descriptions of the setting and the remaining uarter on the story Jack and Angie started dating faced the imminence of separation and then parted amiably How predictable Or at least it wasn't extraordinaryLastly their relationship Jack and Angie's relationship just seemed so ordinary and didn't excite me or made me feel sparks Sure I allow that it was a uiet sort of love but even those kind of loves should make the reader feel something I hardly felt anything with their relationship Yes I though Jack was a sweet character but he wasn't great enough to make me fall in love and Angie described him in an unflattering way I feel obliged to hand it to the author that he wasn't stereotypical thoughThe author had some really good way of describing things but for the most part those parts of the book were very tedious I simply couldn't keep on shouting at the book for them to do something remotely renegade or maybe that is just me I simply just wanted them to make me feel something