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review Forest of Memory Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Á Katya deals in Authenticities and Captures trading on nostalgia for a past long gone Her clients are rich and they demand items and experiences with only the finest verifiable provenance Other people’s lives have value after allBut when her AI suddenly stops whispering in her ear she Katya deals in Authenticities and Captures trading on nostalgia for a past long gone Her clients are rich and they demand items and experiences with only the finest verifiable provenance Other people’s lives. Katya lives in a futuristic world where everyone and everything is linked to the web Her AI speaks in her ear and fills her vision telling her about the people around her their histories past business deals and anything that could be of interest to her in her job as an Authenticities basically antiues dealer One day on her way back from a purchase she sees a man shoot a deer very illegal and realizes that her connection to the web has crashed leaving her marooned in the real world with a potential maniac What's he doing and is she going to surviveI see where Kowal was trying to take this novella but it didn't really work for me She wrote as her narrator trying to recount a story without the use of computers which in this world is particularly difficult as everyone in the future uses computers to remember anything and shows her discomfort at her disconnected state by inserting misspellings and typos But she didn't do this consistently it was just random enough for me to forget that she was using this device and say to myself Typo and then remember that it was supposed to be there So it turned into this annoying distractionI was most interested in Katya's job as an Authenticities dealer but when Kowal moved the story off the grid that essentially removed that element In this passage Katya's analyzing a typewriter It looked to be from the mid twentieth century though without picking it up or using my loupe I couldn't confirm that The fine dust caked into the grooves around the base seemed real enough though Most people who print fakes know enough to add dust to make it seem older but they usually put it on too thickly and without regard for the use patterns of everyday objects pg 7 ebook The parts that I loved the most read like a futuristic Antiues Road Show which would have been awesome if the story had continued along that veinThe novella reached for depths that it never really explored but this passage caught my attention It feels like he wanted me there to bear witness but maybe it was just an opportunity that presented itself because I stopped If I hadn't if I had biked on through would I have known that this was a cusp point in my life Probably not It makes you wonder doesn't it how many other cusp points you sail through in life without any awareness pg 11 ebook I do wonder about that Life seems to be a series of stumblings and fortunate events but is it really as random as it seems If you take one road instead of another does it even matter Aware or not life unfolds I don't know What do you thinkWhat ruined this short read for me was that I didn't get the ending at all I essentially had to go back and read it all again but then I still had a moment of Huh Katya describes my over arching feelings well There were so few things that made sense about the whole experience; I'm not sure why I expected events to suddenly appear orderly and rational now pg 25 ebookview spoilerAnd the deer blood What was up with that hide spoiler

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Nting deer cut her off from the cloud took her AI and made her his unwilling guestThere are no Authenticities or Captures to prove Katya’s story of what happened in the forest You’ll just have to believe h. I’m steadily working my way up to total fanboy status regarding Mary Robinette Kowal’s work As I’ve mentioned several times on the blog her insight perspective and wit are one of the great draws of Writing Excuses and her work that I’ve read Shades of Milk and Honey The Lady Astronaut of Mars and her contribution to the Shadows Beneath anthology I have absolutely lovedI have her most recent novel Ghost Talkers on my to read list as well as Word Puppets a collection of her shorts but the book that drew me first was Forest of Memory a novella published by Torcom The cover art by Victo Ngai of a surreal forest with an etherial buck jumping away from the viewer captured my attention whollyPaired with the title the image piued my interest and I wanted to know how the seemingly disparate images would connect to each otherWhat I found in the novella is yet another example of Kowal’s stellar craftsmanship The world though never explicitly seen feels enormous and lived in and the characterization is shows remarkable depth for its uicknessForest of Memory also asks a uestion that is increasingly important these days in a world of perpetual connectivity what would it feel like to suddenly find yourself alone Unable to reach out to the entire world at a moment’s notice Cut off from the global conversationI think about it often because while I used to disconnect for several months at a time as a result of working in the mountains I haven’t truly disconnected from the web in almost a decadeAlmost 10 years of using the internet every single day It’s remarkable I wonder if it’s an inextricable part of my life and future But it’s not all bad of course I socialize on the web and have used the internet to build a life for myself in the writing community which has been terrifically rewarding and healthy not to mention profitable in some ways I use the internet to learn to laugh to play to connect But I also use it to distract to numb to shout into an echo chamber with rage at the political problems of today It is counterproductive and addictiveWhat would it be like to lose something so wonderful and so destructiveKowal’s story is near future science fiction where the internet is ubiuitous and devices are directly integrated into the body and brain The protagonist collects antiuities and deals in authenticity—the sale of legitimate artifacts and their stories That last bit might be a little on the nose but it’s worked well into the plot and setting and it doesn’t feel as overbearing as it might have with a less skilled author It does raise a good point though Digital facsimiles are all around us and there may come a time soon when replicas are readily available than the real thingI’m digressing from the story again Spoilers follow so if you want to read Forest of Memory—and you do—come back here when you’ve finished the 88 page storyKowal’s protagonist is riding along on a highway through the forests Oregon when a group of deer cross her path She stops and begins recording them knowing she can sell this moment this experience on the web The moment is interrupted when one of the group a buck is shot An illegal act The hunter appears and begins working on the body of the buck so the protagonist tries to run She too is shot Tranuilized it turns out Like the buckShe wakes kidnapped by the hunter who is doing something to the bucks and deer When she tries to use her tech to connect to the web to call for help she discovers that she can’t She’s offline She is terrifiedWhat follows is her strange captivity watching the man work wondering what he’s doing to the animals before releasing them coming to some sort of terms with the discomfort of being disconnected The hunter assures her that once his work is done he will release her and she’ll be able to connect to the netShe tries to sleuth out what he’s doing and the reader is lead to understand that he’s installing some sort of signal blocking technology into the animals so that the web doesn’t work around them Through their conversations he informs her that a wealthy party is interested in having him complete the work and is additionally interested in purchasing an antiue from her—a typewriter—and a story written on the selfsame typewriter about her experience After her days of captivity she is released and soon is able to reconnect to the netThe experience shakes her but leaves her largely unharmed For me reading it I was left thinking about technology addiction unadulterated appreciation of nature and just how good Mary Robnette Kowal is at this whole “writing” thing

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Forest of MemoryHave value after allBut when her AI suddenly stops whispering in her ear she finds herself cut off from the grid and loses communication with the rest of the worldThe man who stepped out of the trees while hu. For a short novella I actually got surprisingly invested in this — and didn’t really realise until the end where I was rooting for something A rescue a redemption something The sting in the tail of the story while most of it was obvious to me works well and adds to the meaning of everything that comes before it which is exactly how stories should be written — especially short onesThe setting of the story while not revolutionary — the whole idea of society being connected of storing your memories practically in the cloud of never being out of touch — is done well too; not too obtrusive and yet it permeates the storyThe conceit of the typewriter and the typos etc just drove me a bit mad though Nope cannot be doing with typos even on purpose apparently But that’s a personal peeve probably driven by my editing work and didn’t get in the way of the story itselfIn the end I just wanted a little I wanted the why and we got some of it but I wanted the motives of people we didn’t even meet in the story So of course it was limited by the narration but But GimmeOriginally posted here