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Growing up in a world spun with lies secrets and multiple sins I learned how to use it to my advantage at a young age My father never protected me from his dealings in the family La Cosa Nostra Being the daughter of a mob boss you pick up a few things one of which was how to assert dominance in order to survive I could do that with the best of themMy role as a woman was to take care of the house in my mot. “My yesterdays were dark and cold but my tomorrows are bright and warm because you are my present You are my future You are my everything” This is the most poignant line of the whole book in my mind In the beginning Jordana Albanese is a bit of a sex hungry woman who knows what she needs to satisfy her needs Stefan Giannotti knows how to satisfy those desires but he’s from another family and in their world when families collide bad things happen In the lives of La Costa Nostra there are rules and when the rules are broken a war breaks out Jordana and Stefan work to keep their need to satisfy each other on the down low But things progress and change and they have to depend on each other Jordana is a strong willed Italian female with the need to for her father and brothers to understand that she can take care of herself and her family They don't realize she’s been doing it her whole life She’s sassy full of life and willing to do what needs to be done to take care of them all of them Everything changes when she takes matters into her own hands to remedy a situation that her younger brother has gotten into Stefan saves Jordana from a dire situation but not without anger and disgust Trust is an integral part of their relationship and what makes the roles in the mafia work Both people have to learn to trust each other Overall The Power of a Woman was good The writing was fairly error free and the story flowed but there were missing parts in my mind There are story lines and issues that I felt were not wrapped up well things that as I write this my mind is still wondering ‘what happened’ Hmmm There were also times I wondered if each of the authors wrote certain parts and not others due to the way the personality shifts changed But then maybe it’s just me I’m a huge fan of mafia stories and how interwoven and complex they can be With this one I just needed a bit Heather 4 stars

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The Power of a WomanHer’s absence keeping my brother out of trouble taking care of my father’s legitimate businesses and showing control in the face of the public I was a master of control of manipulating men of getting what I wantedAnd what I wanted was Stefan GiannottiExcept having him meant I had to relinuish controlI did things I’m not proud of I made choices that could’ve gotten me killed But in the end I did it. Reviewed for Secrets From The Boudoir Book Blog When I found out this short story would be transitioned into a full length novel I don't think I could have been excited The fact that it was being co written by two amazing authors was a total bonus While my favorite genre is no secret what can I say I like it HOT I have never read anything uite like this By the time you finish this you will surely think one or both of the authors has true ties to the mafia The story is so 'alive' with detail and amazing visual description giving the reader that all too important feeling of being inside of the story I absolutely love losing myself in great characters which only truly gifted authors can actually accomplish The writing is so smooth and flows so brilliantly Gina and Leddy definitely delivered in spades Jordana comes from a historic mafia family and that's just ittimes are changing and her old man is not Little does he know his baby girl has fallen in love with a rival mafia families up and coming son back in town and ready to take over When she tries to save her little brother from a gambling debt will she get in over her head Will things ever be the same What will happen when both families find out they are now forever linked whether they like it or not They will have to survive during dangerous shifts in power and come out the other side Or will they You do not want to miss this one Truly a gem of a book that will keep you enthralled from page one to done A little taste of one of my favorite parts one of many His lips too mine hungrily his tongue not wasting a second before consuming me filling my mouth His appreciation became evident the moment his hips pressed roughly into mine And the growl that rumbled in his chest had my excitement nearly running down my inner thighsGo One Click

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Free read The Power of a Woman 106 ↠ Growing up in a world spun with lies secrets and multiple sins I learned how to use it to my advantage at a young age My father never protected me from his dealings in the family—La Cosa Nostra Being the daughter of a mob boss you pick up a few things one of which was how to assert dominance in order to survive I couAll for the family to prove you don’t need a prick between your legs to wield powerMy name is Jordana Albanese and this is my story My story of imperfection realism and struggle It's not for the faintest of hearts I had to suffer in order to learn in order to let go an ounce of control and if you can get through my torment you’ll understand control is temporary It's surviving that offers lasting powe. WOW what a read I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and I have to say I was blown away Individually Leddy Harper and Gina Whitney are 2 of my favourite authors but together they are a force to be reckoned with With Gina's hot descriptive sex scenes and Leddy's way of making the words come to life this book will have you up all night wanting to finish itThe main characters are Stefan and Jordanna both from mafia families at war with each other What starts as a sexual encounter turns into so much as these two develop a relationship whilst keeping it a secret from their fathers and fight for their future and the future of the new age there is addiction murder abuse and many obstacles that these two must overcome to be together I loved the Storyline of a kind of west side story Romeo and Juliette mafia family romance This book had absolutely everything I loved the chemistry between Stefan and Jordanna I also loved their strong family values and of course there extremely sexual relationship This is one hot bookBut don't be fooled this is not your typical rainbows and unicorn romance it is dark and erotic There are some disturbing scenes in this book but they are very well written and relevant to the heart of this bookAmazing read Ladies