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FREE DOWNLOAD My Lady Jane ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Edward long live the king is the King of England He’s also dying which is inconvenient as he’s only sixteen and he’d much rather be planning for his first kiss than considering who will inherit his crownJane reads too many books is Edward’s cousin and far intOrtunately for Jane Edward has arranged to marry her off to secure the line of succession And there’s something a little odd about her intendedGifford call him G is a horse That is he’s an Eðian eth y un for the uninitiated Every day at dawn he becomes a noble chestnut steed but then he wakes a. I finished this book last night So I literally slept on it and up to when I finished this review continued to have no idea what to rate it Okay well not NO idea It was between one star and two’s the thing I’ve never had so many problems with a book while not wanting exactly to give it one star Usually I love slapping one star ratings on books when I feel they deserve them It was hard to decide whether this was that type of bookI did something I’ve never done before with this book I took review notes in the app on my phone Why Because I had so many things to say about it that I couldn’t be tied down to only writing when my notebook was nearbyLet’s start with the characters The main three whose perspectives we read from Jane Gifford Edward Also significant characters Gracie Mary Bess I’ll air my ualms in the order I just listed them First a bit of background info this book takes the CatholicAnglican turmoil that exists for like over a century of British history and turns it into magical animal shapeshifters versus non magical animal shapeshifters Am I the only one who hates that I want this to be spoiler free ish so I’ll just say we meet a lot of these heavenly blessed magical beings called Edians with a fancy d that I refuse to GooglecopypasteFirst Jane Jane is naïve stubborn pretentious and often without common sense Her arranged marriage husband Gifford fifty percent of his personality is that he prefers the nomer G is an Edian One of her first interactions with him is her telling him that she knows about Edians than he does Cool Later when she sees a pack of wolves “Why were there people with the wolves It made no sense” Hm I don’t knowMAYBE BECAUSE YOU FCKING LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE MANY PEOPLE HAVE AN ANIMAL ALTER EGO Plus she’s cutesy and I hate her for it When our heroes are literally putting their lives on the line in mere moments the darling Jane’s reaction She wrinkled her nose 'Armies aren't very good about carrying libraries with them I can't imagine why We'd fight so much less if everyone would just sit down and read Bleh bleh bleh edy bleh Dialogue like that can give you a cavityGifford on the other hand no empathy selfish also dumb At one point in the book the husband and wife duo encounter a group of villagers whose lives are being ruined by a pack of Edians He leaves them and forces Jane to leave them Later when Jane makes him go back he just watches her tend to their wounds and pass out food Not to learn what she’s doing or get a sense of how he can help Of course not No G is watching because she looks hot Jane is HAUNTED by their marriage under the impression that he’s an asshole a womanizer etc etc G is aware of these false perceptions and does NOTHING to dispel them UghEdward justsucks He’s boring At the beginning he wants to marry Jane his cousin but gives her up to G because he’s dying Later he thinks “Jane was like a sister to him that kind of affection between them” What It’s like the first part of the book was a sitcom pilot and the rest of the season decides to go in a different direction Okay yes I’m thinking about The Mindy Project He’s also weak powerless helpless synonyms One point of this book is that Edward’s sexist philosophy is proven wrongbut during the 500 pages he gets help from the women around hi

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T dusk with a mouthful of hay It’s all very undignifiedThe plot thickens as Edward Jane and G are drawn into a dangerous conspiracy With the fate of the kingdom at stake our heroes will have to engage in some conspiring of their own But can they pull off their plan before it’s off with their hea. If you’re looking for a fluffy YA historical fiction that also included fantasy this is it I ended up laughing out loud a few times and definitely recommend it The way the authors decide to retell and let’s call it what it is pretty much completely change history was a lot of fun I hope they’ll come out with

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My Lady JaneEdward long live the king is the King of England He’s also dying which is inconvenient as he’s only sixteen and he’d much rather be planning for his first kiss than considering who will inherit his crownJane reads too many books is Edward’s cousin and far interested in books than romance Unf. “My lady” he said gallantly “I’m willing to stop whenever you are Perhaps you’d be better off sticking to womanly pursuits like embroidery or music or “She bashed him in the ribs 4 12 stars This was so much fun So much fun Turns out that a good laugh at my country's expense is exactly what I needed right about nowBefore you pick up this book make sure of two things1 You know what you're about to read This is a silly lighthearted historical comedy full of Monty Python style jokes puns and mockery I also thought the story was very well executed but don't be expecting a high angst drama beyond the comical variety2 Be in the mood for it Like I said it's a very specific type of book and it won't suit everyone I usually prefer tension action and oh shit what's going to happen next books But I sat down to read this wanting something funny entertaining and undemanding That's what I gotIf you meet those two reuirements there's really nothing to dislike This book does exactly what it promises and it does it very well It's the kind of laugh snort embarrassingly out loud story that will get you some strange looks from other people I just couldn't stop giggling to myself “I asked him to change back to talk to me but he won’t” Jane said “It’s disrespectful to remain a horse in the bedchamber I should think” This is a Tudor retelling set during the reign of the young Edward VI In this reimagining instead of the infamous divide between Protestants and Catholics fostered by Henry VIII's disregard for the Catholic church we see a war between Verities and Eðians The latter have the power to shapeshift into various animals and the former hate them for itMocking sexist attitudes and the ridiculous social graces of the 16th Century upper classes the story unveils the true story about Lady Jane Grey the one that history has hidden from us She was a woman who wore pants She couldn’t be trusted I've already said that it's very funny but for such a light silly book it is remarkably well plotted The story itself behind the uips and hilarity is compelling and features all kinds of royal backstabbing secrets and crazinessIt is a warm lovable over the top rewriting of history and I enjoyed every minute of it Unlike most funny books the humour remains constant throughout never running dry or feeling forced I only hope this trio of authors continue to write comedy together Because it dazzlesBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store