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Selina Penaluna review ↠ 3 Ä Selina Penaluna is a merrymaid or so she believes Ellen and Jack are evacuated from London to Cornwall during the Second World War Ellen relishes the opportunity to better herself Jack is different He finds the attention from his new family stifling and seeks freedom in the arms of Selina the mysterious local girl he sees aShes the opportunity to better herself Jack is different He finds the attention from his new family stifling and seeks freedom in the arms of. Sorry Jan Page Selina Penaluna just did not cut the mustard I bought it because it was advertised as a book about a mermaid Or to be precise a human who might really be a mermaid Well I like books about mermaids so that was why I decided to read the book It had a really good start but as it progressed it became and disjointed then towards the end it just fell to pieces I have been reading this book this week At first I was uite enthused But it just deteriorated and got worse and worse Today I read the last forty pages and these were awful As soon as I finished the last page I thought what a washout that was a total waste of timeOne problem is the narrative splits between several people Selina Penaluna herself Ellen as a young girl during the Second World War Ellen now circa 2000 It might help if you had a heading at the start of each chapter to say who is speakingAlright the book is about a mermaid so a bit of fantasy would be alright But the odd thing is while I can buy the bits about how Selina might be a mermaid a lot of bits about the ordinary humans living ordinary lives don't add upEllen and Jack are Second World War evacuees As children they are sent to Cornwall where a wealthy couple Charles and Clara Rosewarne take them in Ellen takes to the Rosewarnes right away and co operates wtih them Jack is uite open that he is unhappy with the Rosewarnes and wishes he was back home Yet right from the start the Rosewarnes prefer Jack Ellen and Jack's parents then die in the blitz so the Rosewarnes adopt them and send them to fee paying schools to ensure they will get a good education an opportunity Ellen and Jack would never have had if they had stayed with their parents Ellen is very happy with this and works hard at school for a university scholarship Ellen wants the Rosewarnes to be proud of her Jack wholly rebels just goofs off and plays up at school refuses to cooperate shows the Rosewarnes nothing but hostility and says he wishes he was back with his real parents in East London Yet Jack is still the favourite Ellen then almost by accident makes the discovery that the Rosewarnes had a son Henry who died aged four and Jack was born about the same time as Henry so they regard Jack as a substitute son even though he is horrible to them Yet the Rosewarnes never once mentioned their lost son to Ellen or Jack Ellen only finds out by accident and then keeps the discovery completely to herself Sorry that just does not make any sense to meuite a lot of this book is Ellen as she is now an elderly lady and a grandmother reminiscing about the past Right from the start Ellen keeps saying how her brother Jack had drowned As the narrative progresses we find that ungrateful Jack ran away from the Rosewarnes and Ellen He planned to elope with Selina Penaluna Jack and Selina went away in a boat The day they left there was a storm the boat was never seen again Two weeks later a drowned man was found in the sea who was identified as Jack In the final few pages we find that Jack had never drowned at all he just faked his disappearance and has been living under an assumed name in the USA He has married then he has the audacity to tell his wife that he never really loved her because the only woman he loved was Selina Penaluna so she was never anything than a second rate substitute Nor does Jack seem very concerned that Ellen had spent 50 years grieving for his loss and the Rosewarnes had died broken hearted because they lost their son a second time Well really this just verges on ludicrous In all honesty if Jack was my long lost brother I think I would disown him and refuse to have anything to do with him at this pointPlus we have some horrible bits about sex that I really found upsetting Selina Penaluna's father sexually abuses her Ellen finds Jack and Selina having intercourse in her bedroom Well thats horrible And while we have an end for Selina Penaluna who becomes a mermaid this is just very hurredly tacked on at the end in the most usatisfactory way In fact the whole mermaid bit is rather disappointingOh and here's another thing Chapter two which is only two and a bit pages long says that Morva Penaluna a Cornishwoman is with her baby on the beach near a pool Her baby falls into the pool and disappears Morva is distraught Then another baby comes out of the pool Somehow Morva suspects this may not be her baby but she takes it anyway The baby whom Morva takes home then grows up to be Selina Penaluna the titular character of the book Well we have the story of the mermaid child who was taken by a human mother But what happened to the mortal human child who fell into the pool That is never explained And all this happens when Selina Penaluna is only a few days old so she is unlikely to recall this So how does Selina Penaluna get the idea that she is a mermaid Did her mother Morva tell her I do not recall that Then as Selina Penaluna grows up she develops a wild mysterious unearthly beauty Men who see her are entranced by her This leads her to suspect that she is really a mermaid But all we get is her thinking that she is a mermaid We never see her doing anything that might suggest that this is nothing than a fantasy a coping mechanism she has imagined to cover up for the fact that her home life is unhappy her mother deserts her and her father sexually abuses her Usually when a person suspects they are a mermaid or merman they find themselves mysteriously drawn to the sea then they find they are exceptionally good swimmers or they go to the seaside and they meet a real mermaid or merman with a tail who introduces them to the undersea world Or if nothing else they have dreams in which they are swimming around underwater But none of this happens to Selina BUT right at the end of the book almost as if it was tacked on as an afterthought we have rather less than three pages in which Selina goes into the sea and finds she is really a mermaid at which point the book ends with nothing whatsoever about how she might adjust to her new mermaid life So while the book is supposed to be about how the title character is a mermaid out of 370 pages rather less than 6 pages are about her mermaid life and these almost seem to have been tacked on as an afterthought as these 6 pages really have very little connection with the other 364 pages of the book WHAT AN UTTER LET DOWN Sorry if I have given you spoilers but in all honesty I was so disappointed with this book that I think I am doing everybody a favour by telling them how it ends because it means you do not have to waste their time reading it the way I didAs I say I enjoy reading fantasy novels about mermaids but I'll make an exception with this one I'll go back to reading Liz Kessler's Emily Windsnap books and Sibeal Pounder's Bad Mermaids At least they don't include twisted perverted sex and they make me laugh too

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Selina the mysterious local girl he sees at the shore Selina Ellen and Jack's lives are intertwined in a series of events that lead to trage. I thought some parts of this book were really interesting but the characters seemed slightly undeveloped and I couldn't fully understand the behaviour of some of them because it didn't make sense Page attempts some things that do work; the setting the use of narrative split over time and the reasoning for some of the characters' behaviours however my frustration with why the characters just didn't speak to each other made them unbelievable and slappable The ending felt rushed in some ways and again Ellen's forgiveness was too easily given The mermaid twist throughout was the most intriguing thing about the whole story and something I'd like to research into

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Selina PenalunaSelina Penaluna is a merrymaid or so she believes Ellen and Jack are evacuated from London to Cornwall during the Second World War Ellen reli. really interesting book that looks at people of every age from 2 different periods the 1940s and now It's a really unusual and poetic book about a girl who thinks she is a mermaid And of course mermaids kill the men who fall in love with them So what happens when Jack falls in love with Selina who may have multiple personalities OR may really be a mermaidthis is a fascinating well written book