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The Thief and the Beanstalk A Further Tales Adventure Further Tales AdventuresNce to climb the famed beanstalk himself But what Nick doesn't know is that things are different from when Jack made his climb There are new foes at the top now Ones with cruel weapons and foul plans plans that could destroy the world as Nick knows it Will Nick come down the beanstalk a hero Will he come down at all. Theif And The Beanstalk is a wonderful book about the old fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk Where Nick a young boy who's all alone due to the plague Nick wanders into a band of thieves they soon need Nick to attack Jacks house but things soon turn around Nick ends up climbing the beanstalk meeting new conflict and adventures

Summary The Thief and the Beanstalk: A Further Tales Adventure (Further Tales Adventures)

The Thief and the Beanstalk: A Further Tales Adventure (Further Tales Adventures) Download ↠ 102 ↠ An alternate cover of this ISBN can be found here Everyone knows the story of Jack and the beanstalk Everyone also knows that Jack's little adventure made him a very rich man But what An alternate cover of this ISBN can be found here Everyone knows the story of Jack and the beanstalk Everyone also knows that Jack's little adventure made him a very rich man But what they don't know is what happened a long time after Jack That's where Nick comes in Orphaned and desperate Nick joins a rugged band of. Everyone knows the story of Jack and the beanstalk But they don't know what happened a long time after Jackuick disclaimer Jack is actually still aliveNick is an abandoned orphan starving and lacking a home He has been staying at a farm but the farmer found him and he was ready to kill him So Nick just scavenged in another farm An old abandoned one And there he sees someone Someone named Finch Finch is handsome and strong but despite his offhandedly demeanor Nick knows that he has a reason to be there And Nick is right Finch is the leader of a gang of thieves and he wants to rob Old Man Jack's house jack is the oldest man in the village There's rumors about him going up the beanstalk and finding wealth there but Finch doesn't care about that He wants to get the gold The story can't be true can itFinch needs a little kid to climb the weak vines that grow up Jack's fortress Nick skinny and starving weighs barely a thing He can climb those vines And he does Hanging up there at a little girl Ann's bedroom window She isn't sleeping She calls for guards who catch up with Nick when he wanders into the little art gallery of paintings of giants gold hens that lay gold and other stuff all from the story Jack tells the guards to leave then lets Nick go after a uick conversation to know if he's alone if there are other threats It's very simple and Nick is free and he got something Jack showed him some beans These beans glow in the dark Magic beans Jack hides and Nick thinks he's gone He knows what jack's intentions are He wants nick to steal the beans and climb the beanstalk It's obvious Why Nick doesn't have the slightest idea But Jack is called Old Man Jack for a reason he's the oldest man in the town and anyone else who was around during the beanstalk growing and giants coming down is dead Jack's all that's left That's why no one really knows if Jack's story is true or what And nick knows that what he really wants is to find out if it's true or not He plants the seeds and the beanstalk grows The story is true Nick got what he wanted right Wrong He has to go upHe climbs up the beantalk and soon sees the legendary and stinky deathly and gloomy castle that Jack went to all those years ago but after he sees the giants He knows that the one that followed jack is dead so who are these guys Nick overcome with curiosity and faced with the only other choices of going down or over the the mountains which he might not come back from or the beanstalk might be gone when he does decides to go to the castle He finds plenty of gold in a giant's room and also faces a mysterious gold statue that captures the essence of the ogre giants perfectly And he touches it and it shows him everything Finch catching him Jack's face accusing and old He gets the gold and jewels he'll need and then before he makes a run for it he hears someone crying It's a big Giantess hardly bigger than the other two but obviously older Their mother of course She was easily recognizable Nick had seen her in Jack's paintings She sees him and makes him sit with her Here's her Gullinda's storyjack came up the beanstalk came to talk to her they were became friends and Jack went and stole the gold Three times he betrayed her and three times she forgave him And then her husband Ramos started chasing Jack Ready to kill him Didn't need any gold stolen did he Though he did have an ocean full of it Ramos never came back after he chased Jack down the beanstalk But what's funny is that Jack thought he was the one to chop down the beanstalk but while he took an axe to the bottom Gullinda hacked it away at the top Jack thought he killed Ramos though Anyway Gullinda had to sons0the ogre giants Nick saw They were raised by Gullinda to be good and kind but something corrupted them on the inside and it was stronger than she was Gnasher is strong of mind and weak of body Basher the complete opposite They plan to destroy the little people below and Nick will have to save them Nick gets Gullinda out of the room that she's been imprisoned in for thirty years already He then is caught by Finch and then Finch and Nick are caught by Gnasher and Basher Finch and Nick are going to escape They pick the locks on their doors and run for it Followed by spider humans Spider body human head Yuck But they escape sort of Finch left nick on his own and ran for it Then Finch got attacked by the spider humans and nick couldn't save him the rest of the world was important So Nick went and ruined their plans tried to at least Gnasher and Basher ended up going down to the world below anyway Joy to the world Anyway then their plans really did get ruined Of course I can't tell you any than that like how it got ruined because then there would be no point in writing this review because you wouldn't even read the book So go read it and you'll be able to get everything This book was really great It easily showed and expressed how Nick Jack and Finch were feeling and why this book has been published It shows why Nick made the decisions he did included important themes and really explains howeveryone is different so the morals don't apply to everyone It's basically a fractured fairy tale many years later

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Thieves in hopes of a warm meal and a little protection In exchange Nick must help them break into the lavish white castle rud to belong to an old man named Jack Legend says it's full of riches from Jack's uest up a magical beanstalk decades ago When Nick's dangerous mission leads him straight to Jack he sees a cha. Does everyone remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk good because no one knew that the the robin had returned except for Jack Nick is an orphaned boy who happens to be a thief One day he joins a man named Finch Finch made Nick to prove himself he has to climb a tree that is dead Little did he know he was going to be used for something he had never imagined He was going to sneak into Jacks fortress The plan was he was going to climb the vine go to the front door an unlock it the raid the house Nick had a good heart but when he really figured out what Finch would do he left the plan and he knew what he really wanted to do He wanted to see if the story is really true about Jack and the Beanstalklater that night Jack let Nick take the magic beans to see if something would work and to see what happened to her Would Nick come down a thief or would he come down a good lad I really enjoyed this book because it reminds me of the book Jack and the Beanstalk I felt interested and intrigued to this book because it has so much adventure in it and finding out who you really are