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Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell Steve Berry Naomi Novik and Harry Turtledove Alan Smale’s gripping alternate history series imagines a world in which the Roman Empire has survived long enough to invade North America in 1218 Now the stunning story carries hero Gaius Marcellinus deeper into the culture of an extraordinary people whose humanity bravery love and ingenuity forever change his life and destiny   In AD 1218 Praetor Gaius Marcellinus is ordered to conuer North America and turning it into a Roman province But outside the walls of the great city of Cahokia his legion is destroyed outright; Marcellinus is the only one spared In the months and years that follow Marcellinus comes to see North America as his home and the Cahokians as his kin He vows to defend these proud people from any threat Roman or native   After successfully repelling an invasion by the fearsome Iroua tribes Marcellinus realizes. In the aftermath of the attack on Cahokia by the Iroua Gaius Marcellinus finds himself once again grieving over lives lost because of his decisions While he grieves he realizes every Hesperian life lost weakens their chances of survival when Roman armies return Gaius is committed to do whatever he physically can to protect Cahokia from all threats especially RomaEagle in Exile is in many ways the typical middle book in a series There is a lot of setup the pacing is slow and many of the events don't feel all that meaningful In many ways this book has made Gaius the Wanageeska into a Paul Revere of sorts going from place to place exclaiming The Romans are coming The Romans are coming That's to be expected because that's undoubtedly one of the major points of the book but that took the forefront for far too much of the bookWhile I enjoy the concept of the book and some of the execution there were some things that just bothered me The primary point that bugged me is how Gaius could learn to love the people who slaughtered his friends and soldiers I just don't understand how he could so deeply appreciate them after what they did to his legionThe other point that bothered me is Sintikala and Gaius's budding relationship I didn't think Gaius's interest was established well in the prior book and no additional time was spent in explaining why they clearly have feelings for one anotherThe last uarter or so of Eagle in Exile was spilling over with excitement for me The events at the ending really kept me engaged and interested Despite significant tension and uncertainty the events played out in a believable and enjoyable way I really appreciated that because the author could have easily chosen uick unbelievable ways for the story to continue but he faced the events of the book head on rather than slinking awayEagle in Exile was a solid seuel and I imagine fans of Clash of Eagles will enjoy it25 out of 5 stars I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Eagle in Exile“Epic in its sweep exciting in its narrative and eyeball kick sharp in its details” Nancy Kress Nebula and Hugo award winning author of Beggars in Spain   “Authoritatively researched and compellingly told Clash of Eagles is a modern masterpiece of what if speculation” Stephen Baxter Philip K Dick Award–winning author of The Time Ships   “Alan Smale has done remarkable work with the world building in Clash of Eagles Yet what follows is than a standard clash of cultures yarn for there are other forces in play in this alternate North America Can the determination and ingenuity of one man change the fate of a continent I’m eager to find out” Harry Turtledove New York Times bestselling author of How Few Remain   “Just when it seems there is nothing new in alternate history comes this debut” Library Journal starred review   “Intriguingly original” Kirkus Reviews From the Hardcover editio. What if the Roman Empire never fell but continued to conuer throughout the world This story about Rome invading Nova Hesperia North America mostly what's currently the United States continues to be interesting Gaius Marcellinus the Roman praetor who failed to conuer the Cahokia the mound building empire near modern St Louis MO has to deal with conflicting loyalties when Roman legions come back to Nova Hesperia with conuering on their minds And they may end up with a battle on two frontsGaius Marcellinus is a good sympathetic character He was the only one of his Legion left after they were soundly defeated by the Cahokian peoples in the first book In this book he's trying to get his adopted people ready for the new invasion by Rome that he knows is coming Gaius is trying to make a new home for himself with a new family It's not always a smooth processThere's a long section in the middle where the Cahokians meet the Blackfoot people on the Plains and join in a big buffalo hunt I thought that went on a bit long and slowed the plot But it is important for later plot developments It's just a little longI'm still worried about the ending of this series The Old World diseases that killed so many of the New World peoples aren't talked about here Rome's overwhelming might is overwhelming This second book ended a little better than I feared it would though So maybe there's hope I may have to take another little break because there's enough horrible things going on in the World Outside right now I can't take reading about horrible things happening to characters I like too

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Read & download Ó Eagle in Exile Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell Steve Berry Naomi Novik and Harry Turtledove Alan Smale’s gripping alternate history series imagines a world in which the Roman Empire has survived long enough to invade North AmeThat a weak and fractured North America won’t stand a chance against the returning Roman army Worse rival factions from within threaten to tear Cahokia apart just when it needs to be most united and strong Marcellinus is determined to save the civilization that has come to mean to him than the empire he once served But to survive the swords of Roma he first must avert another Iroua attack and bring Cahokia together Only with the hearts and souls of a nation at his back can Marcellinus hope to know triumphAdvance praise for Eagle in Exile   “ Eagle in Exile has the pace and scope of a Michener or Uris epic Smale’s action scenes slash across page after page intense and bloody Grab your dagger and sword for the battle continues” Kirkus Reviews starred review   Praise for Alan Smale’s Clash of Eagles   “Epic bloody and hugely imaginative” John Birmingham author of the Dave vs the Monsters series  . Eagle in Exile picks up right where Clash of Eagles left off This is not the type of series where each book can be read as a standalone Eagle in Exile builds upon the fantastic characters and inventive world from the first book in the seriesI always look forward to the next book in a great series The anticipation of getting back into the lives of the incredible characters who became my cohorts in only a few hundred pages; the excitement of traveling away to the captivating world created by an author such as Alan Smale I was thrilled to grab a copy of Eagle in Exile once it became availableThe Roman Empire of this series is the one that was at the height of its glory One according to Alan Smale that lasted a thousand years plus This is the Rome that did not pay off barbarian hordes to leave Rome but one that made them pay in blood for the audacity to even look upon Rome We all know that this Rome would not sit uietly after the loss of an entire legion Rome would come en masseAlan Smale has done a fantastic job of taking me on a tour of pre European colonization America The time and effort put into his research is evident Alan Smale paints a vivid picture of many peoples with complex societies that should not be taken lightly by the mighty Roman LegionsWhat I really enjoyed was the great depths of detail that Alan Smale has brought to his world All of the holes get filled in reference to what is going on back in the old world Alan Smale’s creativity really comes to the forefront in Eagle in ExileThis is a fantastic series for any fan of history45 StarsI received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review