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Compete in a no holds barred fight to the digital death Every bloody kill is broadcast to millions Every player is a modern gladiator leading a life of ultimate fame responsible only for entertaining the masses   And though their weapons and armor are digital the pain is real   Chosen to be the first female captain in RAGE. Actual rating 15 stars Because it's Christmas and I'm feeling uncharacteristically lenient today Don't worry it won't last Disclaimer this book was NOT marketed as YA when it was released Cross my black withered heart hope to die and all that crap I did not go into this willingly I was despicably misledPresentingthe Adjectives Only Crappy Non Review AOCNR™ Because ualifiers are as dear to me as my murderous babies and I won't let them be shamelessly vilified as they have been in recent weeks The Anti Adjective League sucks The Anti Adjective League should be outlawed and stuff Revolt Resist Unleash the ualifiers Ha Take that you adjective loathing bigots☢ Friendly warning I'll be throwing in a few adverbs just to aggravate the prose zealots You are uite welcome➽ This wonderful story is● Silly very● Clichéd absurdly● Predictable awfully● Eyeroll worthy remarkably● YA ish nauseatingly● Flat dreadfully● Forced wretchedly● Repetitive extraordinarily● Decaf profoundly● Pretentious strikingly● Clunky scrupulously● Simplistic wonderfully● Boring eminently Don't mind me just trying to make an inconspicuous point here➽ The delightful heroine is● Immature utterly● Arrogant spectacularly● Unlikable thoroughly● Exasperating remarkably● Self righteous uncommonly● Whiny marvelously● Ungrateful highly● Infuriating unabashedly● Vapid notably● Patronizing horribly● Temperamental magnificently● Selfish tragically● Shallow stunningly● Stupid admirablyI love the girl I really do She puts me in the best of moods and stuff Yes this is indeed me without my make upAlso this book will teach you that some things are bad harmful unhealthy detrimental dangerous and atrociously wrong drugs alcohol partying too much and evil corporate machinations terrible horrendous shockingly ghastly stuff Stay the fish awayAlso also this book will teach you that some things are good wonderful excellent positive pleasing exceptional fine and beautifully sensational extreme grinning spectacularly caricatural one dimensional characters memory foam mattresses very comfortable self centered bitches juvenile views on Taoism redemption tropes galore and chiselled abs wondrous glorious stupendously splendid stuff Please do jump in with both pincers Yes this is indeed me in a slightly slaughterish mood» And the moral of this I Won't Reveal Who Recommended this Book Because I Might Be Nefarious but I'm not Completely Heartless and Also Because Reasons and Stuff Crappy Non Review IWRWRtBBIMBNbInCHaABRaSCNR™ is blatantly moralizing YANAwhatever is truly a thing of beauty Especially when it is as sub par and insipid and formulaic and trivial and stereotyped as this little story here Now can I please get a bloody shrimping medal for making it through this Or preferably a bottle of whisky It would be the charitable thing to do you know It is Christmas after all Even in my subauatic kingdomview spoiler hide spoiler

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Arena by Holly JenninTournament history Kali Ling is at the top of the world until one of her teammates overdoses Now she must confront the truth about the tournament Because it is much than a game and even in the real world not everything is as it seems   The VGL hides dark secrets And the only way to change the rules is to fight from the insid. 20 JAN 2016 They denied me I didn't realize this was BerkleyPenguin or I wouldn't have bothered reuesting They always deny me PIlona Andrews is listed with a uote recommending this How could I not reuest it from Netgalley

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Arena by Holly Jennings Summary å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç A fast paced and gripping near future science fiction debut about the gritty world of competitive gaming   Every week Kali Ling fights to the death on national TV She’s died hundreds of times And it never gets easier   The RAGE tournaments—the Virtual GamA fast paced and gripping near future science fiction debut about the gritty world of competitive gaming   Every week Kali Ling fights to the death on national TV She’s died hundreds of times And it never gets easier   The RAGE tournaments the Virtual Gaming League’s elite competition where the best gamers in the world. Review first posted at Fantasy Literature In the year 2054 virtual gaming has become a major sport with a huge following and the RAGE tournaments are the ultimate competition a virtual fight to the death between two five person teams The death matches take place in a simple virtual world a field of tall wheatgrass and two stone towers one tower assigned to each team The rules are simple ― kill everyone in a virtual kind of way on the opposing team ― but real world strength and skills translate directly to this virtual world so rigorous physical training and well developed martial arts skills in real life are criticalKali Ling is a member of Team Defiance which is favored in the main tournament But then things uickly start to go wrong for Kali and Defiance following the rule of bad things coming in threes First a stunning loss in the final game of the pre season to Team InvictUS sends Defiance to the loser’s bracket of the tournament where a single loss will end their chances Second just after the team’s owner names Kali the captain of the team Kali’s teammate and friend with benefits Nathan dies of a drug overdose in her bed necessitating a uick replacement ― and the new team member James Rooke is surly and unfriendly to Kali And finally as Kali stresses over the cohesiveness of her team and getting trained for the tournament and at the same time carries on with partying and clubbing at night as the team’s owner demands for publicity’s sake she begins to realize that she has a physical and emotional addiction to the readily available drugs and constant plugging into the virtual worldHP the latest designer drug is a favorite of gamers it enhances all of your senses basically making real life feel colorful and exciting like virtual reality The gaming league’s owners and sponsors are also part of the problem as they encourage and even insist on the gamers’ public partying exacerbating the reckless behavior and personal problems of the gamers At the same time the owners try to whitewash any problems like Nathan’s death from an overdose and hide them from the public’s eyes Luckily for Kali and readers who love hot romance the handsome Rooke begins to unbend enough to help Kali deal with her problems With the assistance of the Tao Te Ching the “Taoist bible” as Kali calls it Rooke is instrumental in bringing Kali back to good health and putting her back into touch with the Chinese half of her heritageWhile Arena takes place during the biggest gaming event of the year the focus of Holly Jennings’ novel is not so much on the game itself but on the lives of the players especially Kali as she attempts to come to grips with her own personal problems the problems with the gaming culture and her growing attraction to Rooke The virtual game itself takes a secondary role to the addiction theme and the romance subplot In fact the virtual matches themselves are rather colorless the same two stone towers and field of wheat are the virtual setting for every match which seems highly unlikely for a virtual world For better or worse this puts the focus on the physical battles and strategy of the teams but I never found it particularly engaging It’s also odd that in a competition where the gamers’ physical training is so vital the team owner and sponsors insist on their public partying every night even at the expense of their training and mental health Arena’s treatment of the troubling problem of addiction lacks depth and realism While lip service is given to principles of Taoism and therapy really it seems to just be lots of training and romancing with Rooke that gets Kali through her withdrawal period and uickly weans her away from her addictive behaviorsThis is definitely an adult novel with R rated language sex and violence but the writing style is superficial like I would expect from a young adult novel For example Kali’s first impressions on seeing Rooke are worthy of a romance novelMy mouth dropped open and my swirling stomach became an inferno spreading heat everywhere else His chiseled cheekbones and hard jaw looked as if the Romans themselves had carved him out of stone But wait hello a statue didn’t boast tanned skin or piercing dark eyes Along with his six foot frame and perfect build give him a couple of scars and he’d be a gladiator in true formThis shallow type of language and viewpoint and the predictable relationship between Kali and Rooke are symptomatic of the book as a whole Arena just isn’t particularly deep or insightful and despite the action scenes and romance I found myself getting bored and skimming through much of the second half It’s a lightweight novel that never really engaged my interest I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review Thank you