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READ anemogram. 107 ã A young girl emerges out of the woods David is in the middle of wrestling with an unsatisfactory existence when she enters his life He decides to look out for the girl but he soon discovers she may not be all she seemsTogether they decide to seek out a place of safety away from a world that could misunderstand their relationship As their troubles coMisunderstand their relationship As their troubles come to the surface events take a turn that will have life changing conseuences for the both of th. Y’know how with some books you just keep reading the next bit and before you know it what should’ve been thirty minutes’ reading has turned into several hours This was one of those books I’ve just raced through it in two sittingsSure there are plenty of uestions to be had from the offset so you want to keep reading to find the answers but this book is also the exact opposite of using any such devices as cliffhangers It doesn’t even use a chapter format to enhance the reader’s curiosity Sure you’ll keep reading to try to discover but above any plot situations it’s simply Rebecca Gransden’s writing style that will pull you in It’s actually hard to believe that this is a debut because the author writes with an expert descriptive panache that will warm you inside and bring a small smile to the corner of your lip yet you won’t know why you’re smiling Then you’ll realise that you’re smiling because Gransden’s words are simply that good This is up there with those few Indie books I consider to be worthy of mass attentionRight from the word go you’re just there In the story There’s no lead in No explanation You’re just there When I realised I was already a third of the way through in no time at all if someone had have asked me “So what’s happened” the answer would have been “Not much” This is a good thing A very good thing Not much happens at all and yet that’s also completely untrueso much happens that I’m still left pondering on much of it The setting alone is brilliantly chosen The lost little girl protagonist of anemogram survives by living off the land but in modern England this means off the edge of the land Cities and towns are avoided Instead we wander through motorways construction sites car parks drive thru McDonalds old shacks and the middle of nowhere The urban sprawl that has invaded the countryside and and continues to do so plays an important part in this book; just by it being the locationInnocence Kindness Cruelty Freedom Childhood Nature Human nature Timelessness Change Life Death These are just a few words that spring to mind when thinking about anemogram There are also a few short stories throughout told by someone called Tinker; who plays a pivotal but background role in this book These short stories are especially wonderful and I particularly liked the one about humans and birds living below in the soft mud of the Earth leaving the trees to claim the topsoil land as its ownAny negative criticism then NopeHurry up with the next book please Rebecca

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A young girl emerges out of the woods David is in the middle of wrestling with an unsatisfactory existence when she enters his life He decides to loo. anemogram has many elements that I enjoy creative use of language strong imagery and an almost hallucinatory story line A young girl appears out of nowhere and finds her way into different adult males' lives To be clear this story is not about child abuse Instead it focuses on the relationships the mysterious girl has with the world around her with her chosen adult companions and with her possibly imaginary friend Tinker Different people places and histories are explored and the characters are fascinating However and I will preface this by saying that I do appreciate abstraction I often found the route of the story difficult to follow In the end there was no clear resolution to tie together all the enigmatic ends That being said the author demonstrates much talent with words and imagination and I will be interested in reading her next effortMany thanks to my friends Rodney and Thomas for the buddy read35 stars

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anemogramK out for the girl but he soon discovers she may not be all she seemsTogether they decide to seek out a place of safety away from a world that could. It took me a number of attempts to get into the writing style of this book This is nothing to do with the author's writing ability as Gransden has clearly honed her craft before publishing anything before now and everything to do with the fact that I don't read outside of my comfort zone often enough Call me an ignorant arse and I really am but I've seen the genre magical realism banded around for many years and have ignored it because it doesn't sound like my cup of tea at all I don't know if this book is what's considered magical realism but it was certainly magical If felt 'of this world' but 'not of this world' all at the same time In fact the references to McDonald's and a mobile phone were like a kick to balls because I could've sworn those things didn't exist in the universe of the book And I would like to mention that Gransden can probably write about a train journey from Bognor Regis to some other hilarious sounding village and make every single sentence entirely gripping At times there were glimmers of genius in the writing and some of the descriptions of the natural world could've been lifted straight out of a Wordsworth poemThere is a minor criticism however and it echoes that which can be found in other reviews of this book In a nutshell I felt like I needed of a conclusion I'm not one of these people who needs everything explaining to them or wants a neat little ending; however because this story was so character driven I felt like I needed just a bit of a wrap up come the end I may have to read this again in the future because I feel like I may have missed something with the relationship between the two main characters I only have myself to blame if this is the caseEither way this doesn't detract from the overall loveliness of this story I really enjoyed this very uniue tale of an unlikely relationship and I look forward to future stories by this new talentEDIT in order to be fair and consistent I have remarked this as 5 star on the basis that it is one of a tiny stack of books I intend to reread owed to the author's skill of balancing narrative and mystery