Rmy may be full of bastards but there's only one who thinks he can save the day single handed when the Gurkish come calling the incomparable Colonel Sand dan GloktaCurnden Craw and his dozen are out to recover a mysterious item from beyond the Crinna Only one small problem no one seems to know what the item isShevedieh the self style. I remember reading one of my friends' reviews for a short story collection where they updated the review as they read each story Seems like a cool format and I good way to keep track of each story so here we are A Beautiful Bastard 5 StarsReally strong short story The malicious practice sessions led by Glokta and cheered on by his sycophants while a military campaign was conducted poorly in the background created a real sense of unease and tension The characters really stole the show however as Abercrombie once again displayed his genius at characterization It was really interesting to see the cynical cripple Glokta I had become familiar with from The First Law as he had been before his torture a charismatic lothario master swordsman and massive knobhead His conducting of the bloodthirsty circus around the duels made for compelling reading Tunny from The Heroes also had a very interesting cameo that gave an interesting look at the formation of his character I was also extremely happy to see West make an appearance He was one of my favourite characters in The First Law view spoiler And I was bitterly disappointed at his seemingly unnecessary death at the end of the series hide spoiler

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Sharp EndsD best thief in Styria lurches from disaster to catastrophe alongside her best friend and greatest enemy Javre Lioness of HoskoppAnd after years of bloodshed the idealistic chieftain Bethod is desperate to bring peace to the North There's only one obstacle left his own lunatic champion the most feared man in the North the Bloody Nine. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum full title of this anthology is actually Sharp Ends Stories from the World of the First Law so fans of Joe Abercrombie’s novels set in this universe should be in for a treat All thirteen tales in here are set in the Circle of the World spanning a period that starts about a decade before the beginning of The Blade Itself and ends a few years after Red Country and some feature locations and characters that have appeared before in his novels Most of the stories in here have also been previously published in other places but here they all are for the first time collected together in this neat and convenient little package along with some new content besidesI must confess here though that these types of anthologies aren’t typically in my scope but of course I had to make an exception for Sharp Ends because Abercrombie is one of my favorite authors When I pick up a collection of short stories I usually go for those that are made up of standalones and original tales rather than the ones containing shortsnovellas which tie into an existing series’ “universe” In general if I’m going to spend time with characters I already know and in worlds I love I want my stories with a bit meat This I believe was my main issue with Sharp Ends Even though I’ve read all of Abercrombie’s novels which should have put me in a pretty good position to appreciate this anthology whose stories are all new to me I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had expected The truth was many of the stories in here left me feeling like there should have been to themTo its credit I really enjoyed how the book was structured with the stories or less organized chronologically so that all together they created something very close to a narrative If it’s possible for this anthology to have “main protagonists” they would most definitely be Shevedieh and Javre the thief and warrior duo who star in many of the stories and when they do they’re always the highlights Their escapades chronicled in tales such as “Small Kindnesses” “Skipping Town” “Two’s Company” “Three’s a Crowd” and “Tough Times All Over” create a kind of thread to hold on to as other stories are interspersed throughout the anthology The two of them are a lot of fun to read about My favorite is “Two’s Company” a free short that was originally published at Torcom featuring our two heroines trekking through the barren north and encountering the Northman Cracknut Whirrun in the middle of a narrow rope bridge This one’s got everything—action violence humor sex you name it—and I was not surprised to find out afterwards that Abercrombie had meant for this story to form the spine around which all the other stories are arrangedWith the exception of “Two’s Company” though none of the other tales really resonated with me on their own Individually I don’t think the rest of Shev and Javre’s stories would have jumped out at me either and only when the five were taken together did they make an impression because I was able to form a connection with the two characters as soon as I determined them to be the heart of this anthology From their first meeting to their final story together than a dozen years later their relationship has weathered through countless adventures challenges and hardships In the end it was a very beautiful and heartfelt moment to see how the two friends have come to be where they are and how they’ve been good for each otherAlas other tales were not so memorable and there were of these than I would have liked Just days after finishing this book I could barely remember much of what happened in “The Fool Jobs” and “Hell” for example and there were stories like “Freedom” or “Wrong Place Wrong Time” which were interesting but ended in a way that I felt were neither here nor there Most disappointing were the stories that featured some of my favorite characters in the First Law world like Sand dan Glokta in “A Beautiful Bastard” and of course Shy who was the protagonist of my favorite Joe Abercrombie book ever Red Country I was probably most let down by her story “Some Desperado” especially since it was the one I was most looking forward to but unfortunately it lacked substance and I just didn’t find it all that compellingStill I have to stress that the majority of the stories in here were decent to good Among my other favorites were “Yesterday Near a Village Called Barden” and the unsettling closer “Made a Monster” Like I said I’m not an experienced anthology reader so my mixed feelings on this book ultimately came down to personal taste and my too high expectations because it was Joe A In fact reading this book only managed to further sharpen my desire to read another full length Abercrombie novel perhaps even one about the dynamic duo of Shev and Javre One can dream I guessBecause it would also help immensely to have a bit of knowledge about this world before diving into Sharp Ends newcomers to Abercrombie’s work will probably want to start with the novels as well and a great place for that would be the First Law trilogy which I highly recommend But for those who are already familiar with all those books if you’re also the type of reader who enjoys checking out all the novellas andor short stories that are companion to a favorite series then you’ll definitely love this collection and want it to complete your bookshelf

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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Sharp Ends Ê Sharp Ends is the ultimate collection of award winning tales and exclusive new short stories from the master of grimdark fantasy Joe Abercrombie Violence explodes treachery abounds and the words are as deadly as the weapons in this rogue's gallery of side shows back stories and sharp endings from the world of the First LawTSharp Ends is the ultimate collection of award winning tales and exclusive new short stories from the master of grimdark fantasy Joe Abercrombie Violence explodes treachery abounds and the words are as deadly as the weapons in this rogue's gallery of side shows back stories and sharp endings from the world of the First LawThe Union a. This was a great collection of twisted short stories It’s Abercrombie at his best I’ve reviewed each one individually A Beautiful Bastard 55 I feel like I’ve been waiting for this story for a long time If you’ve read The First Law Trilogy then you’ll know what an ugly bastard Glockta is He was captured by the enemy and tortured to the point of ruination As a result he reaps vengeance on the world but still serves his country This story is a glimpse of the Glockta we often hear about; it is a few pages about the man before he was destroyed and it was delightful We hear what Glockta has lost but to see it is another thing entirely In his youth he was spectacular He was a war hero and a natural leader; he was man full of shinning potential “But Glockta was an utter bastard A beautiful spiteful masterful horrible bastard simultaneously the best and worse man in the union He was a tower of self centred self obsession An impenetrable fortress of arrogance So he’s lost so much but his ability to trudge through the mud through the piss and shit of life speaks a great deal about his character This was the best story in here and probably the best sixteen pages Abercrombie has written Well at least for me This book is worth a purchase for this story alone Small Kindnesses 45 This was a fairly good one; it focuses on a desperate thief trying to survive in this cut throat world She gets royally fucked over but a kindness she did saved her life This is no glorious deed an act of selfless sacrifice but a moment of pity for a fellow survivor It comes back on her at just the right moment and Abercrombie again demonstrates how brutal his characters can be This is no fun swords and sorcery but cold bitter grim dark in all its gruesomeness The Fool Jobs 25 This was very much standard fair A few warriors engage in some banter then they go kill some people That’s pretty much it Skipping Town 45 I’m really starting to like Javre; she’d be perfect for the bloody nine “The Lioness of Hocksopp never uses the back door “She appeared in Small Kindnesses and this is the seuel to that story I really enjoyed this story a tough female warrior is being haunted by her past; she has left some ancient religious order warrior culture and is being hunted for her abandonment It’s a fun read but I can’t help but feel that this character is worthy of her own novelHell 45 A city under siege is a terrible place it is hell For Temple Dagoska has always been his home Now it’s a death trap And the best thing about this story is seeing it from a fresh perspective For those of you that don’t know this siege happened during Before They Were Hanged and it was brutal Only the brilliance of Glockta got them through it and now we get to see the full effects of it on those that live there Two’s Company 45 This was funny ironic and very very witty Everything I like bout Abercrombie’s style is in this one He makes a rivalry between two warriors one of them Javre again terribly humorous He essentially repeated the same situation twice and in doing so showed the silly nature of this world Everyone has enemies sometimes it’s a good idea to team up with them and kill bigger enemies Wrong Place Wrong Time 35 A whole lot of shit has gone down during the course of Abercrombie’s novels and this story is a glimpse of its effects on the little man It really isn’t a good place to be for the physically weak Some Desperado 45 This is an action packed story that is in essence an encounter between an outlaw and some bounty hunters This is told from the point of view of Shy one of the main characters of Red Country The events of this short story appear to have happened before Red Country by her mention of Lamb as a coward which we know is far from true He was just holding in a demonic rage Yesterday Near a Village Called Barden 35 This again showed the effects of war on the little man And whist it did depict a few familiar characters it didn’t have a great deal going for it Three’s a Crowd 35 You can only push someone so far this was a severe case of poetic justice Freedom 25 Abercrombie clearly had fun writing this but I sure didn’t have fun reading it It’s the weakest one in here but that’s just because I hate Nicoma Cosca Tough Times All Over 45 This is a very amusing tale that doesn’t showcase one rogue but around twelve We see a mysterious package change hands as each subseuent owner is swindled robbed mugged and distorted for it This takes place in Sippani one of the cities ruled by the Snake of Talins the protagonist of Best Served Cold The author included a couple of familiar faces from his previous books who personify the meaning of RogueMade a Monster 45 This was very revealing We hear a lot about King Behtod from Logen’s perspective we hear of a man who betrayed his most loyal dog but we never hear the full truth of it Logen is a mad man there’s no other way to describe his actions He is a blood letter a man made to create death He destroys Bethod’s peace for no reason and plunges the North back into war If I was King I’d want him dead too He is too dangerous too explosive to have at your side Logen is far from the victim in all of this Bethod woke him into the bloody haze of battle fury but Logen’s the one who refuses to wake up from it ^This guy Manu Bennet would make the perfect Bloody nineThis was a great reminder of Abercrombie style this along with the rest of the first law world books are so much better than his recent Shattered Sea trilogy