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Summary É Genesis Begins Again 102 Â This is the story of a thirteen year old girl who is filled with self loathing and must overcome internalized racism and a verbally abusive family to finally learn to love herselfThere are ninety six things Genesis hates about herself She knows the exact number because she keeps a list Like #95 Because her skiS hates about herself She knows the exact number because she keeps a list Like #95 Because her skin is so dark people call her charcoal and eggplant even her own family And #61 Because her family is always being p. Genesis Begins Again is a raw honest view of what it can feel like to be a young girl with a dark complexion trying to conform to society's beauty standards In addition to the ups and downs mostly downs of middle school Genesis must navigate life with an alcoholic gambling father who destroys her sense of security every month The book begins with Genesis feeling euphoric because she has made friends with the most popular girls in her grade They have agreed to visit her home and they arrive to find all of the family's furniture and belongings sitting on the lawn They had been evicted Genesis stammers and tries to make up stories about the situation but the girls ruthlessly mock her Genesis must always begin again new friends new school and new realizations Why does her grandmother hate her dad Why does her mom always forgive him despite the humiliation How can she learn to love herself as she is Genesis Begins Again tore me apart and pieced me back together The dialog was so authentic I felt like I was watching events unfold As a person of Afro Caribbean descent I could relate to the colorsim that Genesis and her father lived through This is the first book for middle grade readers that addresses this issue honestly and fearlessly The reader comes away understanding that Genesis is beginning to accept herself but she has a long road ahead I enthusiastically recommend Genesis Begins Again

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This is the story of a thirteen year old girl who is filled with self loathing and must overcome internalized racism and a verbally abusive family to finally learn to love herselfThere are ninety six things Genesi. I'm not sure I've ever had a year where I've had so many favorites but I'm okay with that This isn't an enjoyable read This isn't a read that is supposed to make you feel comfortable This book made me emotional during several different parts Genesis Begins Again confronts so many different topics including racism alcoholism and colorism There are trigger warnings for emotional abuse verbal abuse and self deprivation Genesis is a dark skinned Black girl that does not feel comfortable in her own skin She's plagued by taunting from not only kids at school but also close family members Her dad is an alcoholic not a spoiler and her family can't seem to maintain any stable housing after being continuously evicted When they move to a predominately white area of Michigan Genesis goes through a series of events that teach her a lot about friendship and what it truly means to accept yourself for who you are I don't know if I've read a middle gradeYA book that has made me so aware of the internalized racism that the Black community deals with I know that colorism exists outside of just the Black community I've heard of this specifically taking place in India; however this really hit home for me and made me truly aware of what some Black girls go through because they have a darker skin complexion Genesis is constantly made aware of how much people dislike her because of her skin color this hatred comes from Black people not White and a lot of it takes place on page Some of the cruel things that I read and watched her internalize literally broke my heart She longs to look like her mother who has straighter hair and lighter skin and constantly searches for ways to feel validated The relationship or lack of relationship that she had with her father only made things worse As a reader it's going to be difficult watching Genesis make certain decisions because of this hatred that she feels for herself A lot of the time you'll be rooting for her to do other things while understanding why she makes attempts to mask the pain and inadeuacy she feels Williams does a brilliant job also illustrating the generational pain that is passed down when Black people don't acknowledge their colorist behaviors and internalized racism It is passed down from generation to generation and it takes family members willing to acknowledge that pain and have the tough conversations for the cycle to be broken I saw this same theme in the Vanishing Half and acknowledgement makes all the difference There is a WONDERFUL supporting cast that stuck by Genesis' side while she attempts to figure out what it means to accept and love her Blackness I think that these characters do a phenomenal job correcting Genesis' behavior without putting her down for making mistakes It was definitely needed after the heartbreak that Genesis was forced to go through over and over again And while Genesis doesn't get the perfect ending I think I enjoyed that the author did an amazing job leaving even room for development and growth I highly recommend this book if you want to learn about colorism in the Black community but I wouldn't go into lightly and expect a fluffy story It's not meant to be and I'm glad that Williams wrote a novel that exuded so much truth

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Genesis Begins AgainUt out of their house belongings laid out on the sidewalk for the world to see When Genesis reaches #100 on the list of things she hates about herself will she continue on or can she find the strength to begin aga. This book is INCREDIBLE My heart absolutely broke for Genesis as I read her story thinking of all the amazing kids I’ve taught who might have felt that same self loathing This is a story that I hope will be a kinder mirror for those kids showing them an honest glimpse of their own beauty and an empathetic window for others I was drawn right into Genesis’ story feeling her conflicted emotions her courageous triumphs and her painful regrets We need books like this own voices books by authors of color I learned SO much from this book This is an important book that deserves ALL the buzz and hype