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Ink and His ShadowOpen Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnin. This is a different type of ghost story Because 'Shadow Man' isn't your typical ghost Rating 25Ink has a predicament There is a ‘shadow man’ that constantly is around him Shadow Man pretty much lives on his couch Shadow Man is a man of little to no words also he is a serial killer Every person that means Ink harm and gets near him Shadow Man kills them So I you could say that instead of a serial killer Shadow Man is a man of protection a bodyguard of sortsThen Ink meets his crush from online Charlie Only Charlie isn’t who he seems to be Is he good or bad Ink and Shadow Man have to decide which side Charlie is on So this organization wants Shadow Man and they aim to get him through Ink On a good note with Charlie’s helpstill is he good or bad Shadow Man is able to become solid We find out about Shadow Man and who he really is and how he became Ink’s Shadow protector I found it very interesting to see how the author was able to come up with a solution for Shadow Man view spoiler How could he have a separate life when he spent almost all his time attached to Ink's hip Didn't people notice him constantly disappearing and uestion it hide spoiler

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Protect him to watch over him from the shadowsThat guy on the right with scars on his body was a perpetual dark shadow He could be someone back from the grave from the future or another time But he had reasons and means to keep his guy safePhoto Description Two black and white photographs of men The man on the left has dark hair cut above the chin and wears black The man in the picture on the right has short dark hair scars and tattoosThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is an. Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieThis is an interesting fic I was fascinated by the characters and uickly drawn in to tale without being sure who to champion I liked it there was moral ambiguity that could have lead to a far darker tale Not much can be said without spoiling far better to read this without cluesI'd have rated it higher except that on finishing I'm still not entirely clear on the story My brain isn't up to speed today and I was left pondering the facts; if you read and want to discuss comment ;Would be interested to read by Baxter

Summary Ink and His Shadow

Summary Ink and His Shadow ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Dear AuthorSee the guy on the left He felt people close to him always ended up dead Some said he’s cursed that he brought plague to whomever was near him He just wanted to live alone uietly and not jeopardize anyone But there’s this group of people wanting to bring hDear AuthorSee the guy on the left He felt people close to him always ended up dead Some said he’s cursed that he brought plague to whomever was near him He just wanted to live alone uietly and not jeopardize anyone But there’s this group of people wanting to bring him in They said they’re trying to keep him safe even as they eyed him suspiciously But he felt that they’re the ones who meant him harm And that force whoever whatever it was was killing those people He was the one that just wanted to. I don't know why I read this It's mainly because of the promptOh And some of the tags twinks public sexBecause I like those two a lot So much so that I actually tried a story with two tags I loathe ghosts psychic abilities Both of my least fave paranormal types in the same story smhSo I read it I'm not rating this because I already had two of my top dislikes working against it My thing not yoursI don't think I care for the way the story was told Maybe it's bloody brilliant Maybe it's not shrugsThe sex scene That's 3 star worthy Maybe 35 It's elevator and hallway hard fucking That was good I won't rate it for elevator shafting alone I skimmed some bitsit was confusing at points and then my dislike added to my gripe Odd This was odd all around but I think it might appeal to readers who like odd little creepy stories with weird characters who dance to a different song than mostI could go either way with my feelings for Ink he was soodd burgerI liked Daniel I'm surprised Everything else ponders It didn't make enough sense to me There were things I wish were explained clearerview spoilerThey could summon the demon by recreating the initial death scene So what about Charlie Couldn't he have done the same for his predicament I know Daniel said he had a demon with him at fifteen though I'd have liked to know why Maybe see the demon get its perspectiveAnd if Daniel had the ghost powers etchow could he have a separate life if he was always around Ink He only said Isaac to him all those years and now he's ready to have conversations smh hide spoiler