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Enemy Honor Love Life All are at stake as the Pierces struggle to uncover the truth both the enemy’s and their own Sometimes the biggest enemy can be the one right next to you FACE OF OUR FATHER is too literary to be a thriller yet too thrilling to put down a uniue blend of action and intimacy a thriller with a soul How often does fiction change how we define integrity prejudice and evil To get at all that a novel needs a rollercoaster of a plot coupled with an acute understanding of identity love and where these intersect Test your beliefs Read it. One issue with reviewing is that when you judge a book you also judge yourself and maybe here I fail but I found this book hard going It starts with a prologue and I found the prologue to be well written and interesting but later I found the prologue had nothing to do with the story other than how a purse got buried in the sand The story is based around three groups a prince of the Saudi realm a group of Afghanis who wish to terrorize the US and a couple Angie and Stu Angie apparently wants to right wrongs to Islamic women but she keeps this from Stu Her mechanism is to keep a website Come on We have long periods of introspective contemplation when Stu wants to know what Angie is up to Why doesn't he look up the website But no he hovers around the bedroom wondering whether it would be dishonorable to peek into her files Interspersed are long period of Angie in some introspective black hole The problem for me with this is as the current action flits from scene to scene we don't know how or why it happened Too much tell not enough show of the critical pointsWhat we now find in the book are descriptions of moments in the days of the terrorists with disconnected seuences of an attack on what seems to be a US base and retaliation The writing was good from the descriptive point of view and the actual scenes were vivid but how did they get from scene to scene and to the point why were certain actions taken We get long periods of introspection and back story about Angie and Stu and misleading views of the Prince At the end Pitir shows he really can write The scene where Stu flies is tense and seems very realistic It is just a pity that a pearl like this was not wrapped in so much sow's ear If you like a story that digresses all over the place in the middle of something happening with lots of descriptive back story to paint a picture this book is really a rich tapestry For me I would rather there was much less concentration on the background of the painting and much effort into the foreground ie what the story was about

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Face Of Our FatherPitir does it again Some authors speak of genre bending some authors prove it After winning the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for ActionAdventure and receiving the BRAG Medallion FACE OF OUR FATHER was just awarded the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction by the 2016 eLit Awards This novel has it all One part The Bourne Identity one part Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and one part The Notebook this poignant tale leaves the reader haunted by its characters long after the novel's final page has turned Stuart and Angela Pierce like many disillusioned careerists are. This book is so compelling with a theme and plot line that is emotionally charged and controversial in nature with issues given from both sides of the euation Angie and Stu are a really interesting married couple who not only know themselves remarkably well but also understand the core of each other's personalities beliefs and motivations Stu's code of honor confounded me just a little bit simply because it seemed smarter to know exactly what was happening with Angie's dangerous work and yet he feels guilty for breaking a promise to essentially mind his own business When it comes to issues of your spouses safety it seems to me that this kind of business would be your spouses business also but that's the interesting dynamic that the author sets forth between the two characters Stu decides to support her going toe to toe with the kind of evil that stones rapes and mutilates women for being educated free thinking or exercising their own free will and because Angie is ready to give her all for any cause she deems worthy she is ready to get herself killed in the processI found the dialogue interesting to almost borderline frustrating in the sense that it seemed like so many things were implied but never spoken for than half the book and I was sitting there thinking to myselfdo other married people really communicate like thiswith every word they say calculated and delivered as if they're playing chess with their partner Another interesting dynamic to add to their struggling relationship The action is intense the goals and motivations of the main characters are something anyone can get on board with and I feel that at the heart of this masterpiece is the gritty raw truth that many people skirt around or have difficulty acknowledging but which this author addresses in a bold and unapologetic fashion Moving prose amazing attention to detail and a story that strikes that emotional chord necessary to pull the reader in and keep them there for the duration I highly recommend this to fans of thrillers and action adventure stories

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Summary Face Of Our Father ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Pitir does it again Some authors speak of genre bending some authors prove it After winning the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for ActionAdventure and receiving the BRAG Medallion FACE OF OUR FATHER was just awarded the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction by the 2016Busy reinventing their lives Stu reduces his airline flying schedule to train for triathlons while Angie escapes the daily horrors of a prosecutor’s job to pursue pro bono work But death threats soon prove that the only thing Angie escaped was the protective arm of the District Attorney’s office With a graphic photo of a ritual stoning Stu’s only tangible clue he sets out to protect a wife who refuses to protect herself Obsessed with catching a murdering rapist Angie plunges them both into a web of global intrigue But who indeed what is the real. 's and Goodreads' summary of this book totally omits the Afghan characters mentioning only the American couple How insulting and trivial an insult to the author the book and us the readersI am only posting this reaction to Goodreads at this time in protest against whoever wrote the summary and those who allowed it to be published