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Download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Nina Lane We promised each other a sweet hot forever Then we found out what happens after happily ever afterBrilliant handsome professor Dean West is everything I've ever wanted but didn't think I would have My troubled past left me wary and guarded But when Dean rescued me from mix up with college courses the spark between us turned i. 5 achingly intense and arousing starsReview completed February 4 2013 Wow what a fantastic book Loved loved it Arouse is achingly beautiful in its intensity but at the same time also very steamy and arousing If you are on the lookout for a read that provides a great thoughtful story combined with enticing as well as fierce sex scenes then look no further You have found it Arouse starts off in early August and the main events take place over a time span of four and a half months Also the author goes back in time and shows us how Dean and Olivia met how they had to deal with Liv's difficult and painful past and fell in love with each other eventually I felt intrigued by the premise of Arouse and the story is very well structured and doesn't confuse the reader Arouse is mainly told in first person from Liv's POV but during the second half of the story it switches a couple of times to Dean's POV I'm grateful for this change because I really understood how Dean felt; his jealousy was utterly palpable Our hero Dean West is a tall broad shouldered handsome man with a distinguished appearance who is nine years older than his wife Olivia Without doubt Dean is gorgeous and experienced has a commanding presence that exudes both authority and sex appeal Although he displays a great deal of self confidence it doesn't come as a surprise considering the man's pedigree Bachelor's degree from Yale PhD from Harvard guest lectures at European universities etc Two years ago he was offered a tenure track position at King's University a private and prestigious university in Mirror Lake It's a Midwestern town with a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous mountains I liked the lovely setting Dean is spearheading a new Medieval Studies program at King'sArouse is a roller coaster ride of emotions After Dean and Liv got married she wanted to support him while he established his career Liv was happy being Professor Dean West's wife watching his success and didn't mind her part time jobs either Except now they have been in Mirror Lake for two years and she came to a dead end She feels restless and sort of impatient with her positionAt the beginning of Arouse we see a happily married couple who is madly in love and can't keep their hands off each other Everything seems to be all right however their marital issues begin after a possible and unwanted view spoilerpregnancy scare yet the test is negative hide spoiler

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Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) Download ì 104 ´ We promised each other a sweet hot forever Then we found out what happens after happily ever afterBrilliant handsome professor Dean West is everything I've ever wanted but didn't think I would have My troubled past left me wary and guarded But when Dean rescued me from mix up with college cou Nto a firestorm As he taught me about desire and trust this warm sexy man always kept me safeAnd for three years our hot loving marriage has been unbreakableOr so I thoughtThen one simple uestion provokes an alarming chain of events that threatens to tear us apart foreverNot once have I believed Dean would lie to meuntil he d. I was provided a copy of this book through Netgalleycom in exchange for honest feedbackWhew What an emotional journey this was This book gutted me I keep going back and forth over whether it is a 4 star read or a 5 star read I just can't decide but it was fantastic either wayLiv and Dean have a seemingly perfect marriage until a pregnancy scare exposes cracks in their relationship that they never knew existed Suddenly everything Liv thought she knew about her husband and her solid marriage is called into uestion When a big secret of Dean's is revealed Liv is left wondering what else he could be hiding from herI loved Dean and Liv as characters They were an unlikely pair but they worked Each of them was flawed but still very easy to relate to I felt vested in their happiness and wanted to see them work out their problems Like their friend Kelsey said if they couldn't make it then there's no hope for the rest of usReading this book was so painful at times It was heartbreaking but beautiful The author alternates the uplifting joy of watching the beginnings of their relationship with the gut wrenching breakdown of their marriage years later My emotions were all over the place I went from elated and content to forlorn and heartbroken with the flip of a page So I had a very love hate relationship with this storyThat being said I've always felt that the best books are those that can make you feel Man did this book ever do that I can't stop feeling the emotions this book brought outWhile some of the twists were predictable they still elicited the desired response Like watching a train wreck in slow motion you know it's going to happen and you can't do anything to stop it but the knowledge doesn't make it any less devastating when it does happen Brace yourself This book will rip your heart out and slowly piece it back togetherOverall I thought this was an excellent read It was slow moving at times but well worth the time and effort It does end with a bit of a cliffhanger that will make you want to start the next book immediately Luckily this book has been out for awhile and I won't have to wait for the seuel I've already downloaded the Audible version of 'Allure' and will be starting it ASAP

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Arouse Spiral of Bliss #1OesNot once have I believed I would betray himuntil I doNot once have I believed we would ever be apartuntil we areWelcome to Spiral of Bliss Liv and Dean's everlasting romance will melt your heart turn you on and enchant you with the power of a love to end all lovesReading OrderAROUSEALLUREAWAKENARRIVEBREAK THE SKYADOREALWAY. Come here beauty he says You need to be kissed One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me I seriously LOVED this book It was original captivating and the main characters Dean and Olivia managed to capture my heart to the point where I wanted to hug both of them and tell them everything was going to be alright after I made them sit down and address all the issues they had that isArouse is an intense and emotional journey of a married couple Dean and Olivia who still love each other deeply but who are now struggling to keep the cracks in their marriage from breaking them apart This uote by Pablo Neruda is the opening line to the story and to me it describes the beginning of Olivia and Dean's relationship perfectlyDean West Olivia Winter Dean West and Olivia Winter have been married for three years Ever since they met five years ago they've been happily in love Since the day we met I haven't wanted anyone but you Dean says Never looked at another woman he continues Never thought about one It's always been you OliviaMy white knight I reach over to sueeze his hand At the beginning their relationship wasn't always easy When they met Olivia was a twenty four year old student struggling to find her path in life; while Dean at the age of thirty three was a already a successful and well established college professor So there was the fact that their relationship might have been considered to be inappropriate in college terms But to Dean and Olivia that was never an issue What was of a struggle was Olivia's troubled past and the fact that she's never been nourished and cared for by her closest family members She's had a very rough childhood and she still caries around the dark memories of that time in her life But youyou might want to go I warnedDarkness flashed in his expression WhyMy eyes stung I swallowed hardHere be monsters I whisperedA heartbeat of silence brewing with danger filled the space between us Then Dean tightened his hold on me and with his thumbs brushed away the tears that spilled down my cheeksLiv he said his voice rough with tenderness you don't have to be afraidWhy notBecause I'll slay monsters for youDean manages to win over Olivia's heart body and soul He becomes her everything He becomes her knight in shining armor But due to a course of events Dean and Olivia slowly begin to fall apart without either of them realizing it at first And when they do Olivia begins to wonder what her life without Dean in it would have been like I love him to my bones but suddenly I'm wondering what I might have been without himDean and Olivia both have their flaws; she tends to be a little too dependent of has trouble finding something to occupy her free time aside from being the professor's wife Dean on the other hand tends to be a bit too overprotective which leads to view spoilerhim keeping secrets from her I could not believe he hadn't told her anything about his previous marriage If I would have been Olivia I think I would have reacted a lot strongly after finding out something like that I get that he was trying to protect her but keeping something huge like that a secret is just wrong hide spoiler