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Luna: New Moon review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ The Moon wants to kill you Whether it's being unable to pay your per diem for your allotted food water and air or you just get caught up in a fight between the Moon's ruling corporations the Five Dragons You must fight for every inch you want to gain in the Moon's near feudal society And thHe twilight of her life Adriana finds her corporation Corta Helio surrounded by the many enemies she made during her meteoric rise If the Corta family is to survive Adriana's five children must defend their mother's empire from her many enemies and each oth. Reread March 2017 Still fantastic “Nothing tells you that you are not on Earth any than exhaling at one price and inhaling at another” This is easily my book of the year and so late Truly it is the most well written intriguing believable uniue science fiction I have read in a long time let alone this year and it is an absolute roller coaster to boot Luna New Moon the first in a duology Hooray for short and sweet series Now a trilogy damn and blast follows the lives of the Corta family a lunar Brazilian dynasty whose fortune is built upon the extraction of Helium 3 from the lunar regolith a la fantastic film Moon It hops between the 'present' the trials and tribulations of several different members of the Corta family and others and a retrospective account of the Corta's powerful matriarch Adriana's rise to prominenceAs literally everybody who has even sniffed the concept of this book has stated somewhat accurately Luna comes across largely as Game of Thrones but on the moon It's all there the complex political web of backstabbings and dealings in a setting where they aren't usually present a world based predominantly around warring familial dynasties rather than nations and a gritty sleazy world filled with violence sex and debaucheryLuckily unlike Game of Thrones this book isn't a heaping pile of overrated horse shit Whilst the similarities are there the Cortas and the Mackenzies of Luna strike far fear love respect and loathing into my heart than the Starks and Lannisters of George R R Martin's very extended bowel movement ever did Much like The Godfather the sheer emotion of the characters leaps off the page rather than screen as do the characters themselves for that matter I was living breathing the air of João de Deus feeling every slight and smirking at every revengeThe world is believable and fascinating to the extreme familiar AIs for everyone the entire concept of the Four Elementals; that you are paid with the air you breathe Get out of here that had me on the floor straight away Such an obvious idea but so well thought out and executed The different lunar strongholds and cities stunning Boa Vista and the ceaseless grinding Crucible the radiation soaked Palace of Eternal Light AmazingThe five powerful dynasties of the moon the Five Dragons are some of the most excellently conceived characters I've experienced From the strong hard dignity of Adriana Corta to the grotesue conniving and controlled hideousness of Robert Mackenzie Luna focuses not on the importance not of loyalty to country but to family Every Corta has a deep love for their family that transcends their differences and although they may scheme and plot against one another they are all sympathetic and interesting in their own ways Rafa the firstborn the golden child; Lucas the schemer the second; Ariel the lawyer the aristocrat; Carlinhos the fighter the claws of the Dragon; and Wagner the outcast the wolf Rarely have I experienced such rich characterisation and in so few pagesThe series that must not be named or probably finished lets be honest here feels to have covered less ground in its 6 7 volumes than McDonald has covered in this sole 392 page novel I felt like I was thrown from pillar to post reading this book Probably part of why it took me so long almost a full week Luna is brutal and I loved itA couple of slight annoyances did crop up the main one being some very shoddy editing A lot of odd little typos and grammatical errors that felt like they should have been caught and stuff like it being capitalised Mackenzies one sentence and MacKenzies the next nothing awful Also the persistent use of Portuguese throughout some parts of the book while awesome and flavourful were somewhat lost on me as a lowly English speaker Regardless it is fairly easy to extrapolate what they're saying just out of context and there's a helpful glossary and dramatis personae which I had to refer to a few times to help with some of the bizarre concepts and terms However this cast contains a couple of light spoilers ie what someone's role is later in the novel is mentioned and so on which could be a bit irritating if you read through the cast before the novelI didn't even touch on some of the weirder stuff the Lunar Wolves the Sisterhood and so on but I'm up til 2am finishing this book and my brain is starting to shut down Read it It's amazing Arrgghjfghfjgh I can't believe I have to wait for the second one

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The Moon wants to kill you Whether it's being unable to pay your per diem for your allotted food water and air or you just get caught up in a fight between the Moon's ruling corporations the Five Dragons You must fight for every inch you want to gain in the. When my assistant brought this book home as part of her grad school semester reading I thought I'd give it a try remembering how much I liked the author's RIVER OF GODS a couple of years ago Now I have to say that McDonald is one of the best world builders I've ever readThis is about the colonization of the moon by industrial entrepreneurs who supply an energy short Earth where jobs for human beings are scarce and expensive higher education is needed for anyone to get ahead The cast of characters is perfectly varied One is a woman newly arrived from the earth and on her way to starving of food and of oxygen before she gets a lucky break Other leads are members of one family the Cortas that is trying to claw its way onto the uppermost level of lunar rule having reached its very outskirts Most remarkable is the matriarch who came when the moon is first being colonizedmined and formed as a new social economic sexual and governing system based solely on gain and loss Others of her family are as diverse as the culture itself Carlos the roughneck surface miner and fighter; Lucasinho the spoiled darling son who bakes cakes has sex with anyone who allows it and struggles to defy his family; Lucas the obedient son who desires than anything to run the family company and Ariel the brilliant attorney who aspires to lunar not family power Arrayed with these people are their servants their mates the women who carry bear and nurse their children and the people who maintain their machines and their industries in addition to their many cyber and human guards Against them are the four great families of the moon who despise them as social and business climbers with no right to the affairs of the government's top tableIt only takes a few small battles a few small betrayals and one shift in the power structure for everything to change and there's no way to tell if it's for the better or the worst You'll have to read for yourself It's fascinating the cultures McDonald has created in this world Sex is anything goes for anyone There is an entire group of people that is born with a body chemistry that responds to phases of the moon and prefers to associate and run with one another during some of those phases There is a Christian Church that ministers to people here but there is also a Sisterhood that is comprised partly of South American religions with other elements many of the immigrants to this moon came from Latin America the first part of the world to lose jobs and education to computers and robots The world is built in layers tunneled down into the rock and tunnels are adapted to luxury habitats for the wealthy Everyone has a fixture in their eyes that registers how much air water food and information they have paid for and the gods help them if they run outBest of all McDonald is one of those rare sf writers who does not over indulge in info dumps Some are unavoidable in a story about technology industry and the medicine of the future but I am green with envy over how much he conveys within the stream of the story I've ordered at least three of his books yes hardcover plus my own copy of this one to join what I expect will be a growing Ian McDonald shelf

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Luna New MoonMoon's near feudal society And that is just what Adriana Corta didAs the leader of the Moon's newest dragon Adriana has wrested control of the Moon's Helium 3 industry from the Mackenzie Metal corporation and fought to earn her family's new status Now at t. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pieThat’s aDean Martin certainly sang how we see the the moon here on Earth It’s a brilliant light in the night sky that is the symbol of romance as well as a tantalizing beacon of wonder and discovery that inspired one the greatest scientific and engineering achievements in human history However that’s looking at it from a distance On closer examination it’s a lifeless hunk of rock in a vacuum that is irradiated constantly by the sun And since people suck when you send a bunch of us there it only gets worseIn the future the moon has been opened for business and after a couple of generations it’s now developed into a feudal state where the five families aka the Five Dragons who control its most profitable businesses reign supreme under the watchful eye of the Lunar Development Corporation The Corta Hélio company mines helium 3 for Earth’s energy needs but the founder and matriarch Andriana Corta is elderly and ill She fears that her children will fight for control once she dies and their most bitter rival seems to have made an assassination attempt on one of the family that could turn into open warfareIt took me a while to warm up to this story but eventually it did grab my attention thanks to its well thought out sci fi elements as well as detailed ideas about how a human society would function in that environment I was particularly intrigued by the notion that their are no laws on the moon only negotiations where everything is controlled by contracts with a court system dedicated to parsing the fine print and where a duel might be used to settle a dispute Another interesting aspect is that since oxygen and water are the most precious of commodities that everyone is charged for every breath and every drop of water So having a contract that allows you to pay for these things is very important and unemployment could turn into an extended death sentence Everything from the health effects of living in low gravity the future version of the internet fashion trends sexuality and the best way to make a cocktail are brought up ways that show that McDonald put a great amount of thought into this story The one piece I felt short changed on was a sub plot that involved one character being a ‘wolf’ who seemingly gains extra intellectual and physical prowess when the Earth is in certain positions Obviously this is meant to be a kind of reverse werewolf thing but it really seems to come out of left field and is never as fully explained as most of the other detailsThe story has invited comparisons to other works like Game of Thrones Dune and The Godfather and you can certainly see elements of all of those and in this but the one that really caught my eye was in an interview that McDonald did where he cited the old TV show Dallas as one of his main inspirations That makes a lot of sense because for big chunks of this I was thinking that it felt like a soap opera with a big wealthy family fighting each other and outsiders and like a soap opera you’ll find yourself rooting for and against various characters So that’s what this is Dallas on the moon and just as Dallas once captivated the country with its ‘Who shot JR’ cliffhanger McDonald tries a similar thing here by not wrapping anything up and leaving the reader with multiple storylines hanging That’s not a fatal flaw especially since this is supposedly going to be just a two book story Although the sheer number of characters suggest that McDonald may be hoping for a TV deal of his own Still it’s irksome to read all of this and end in such an open ended wayI’ll call it three stars for now while reserving the right to adjust once I read the second partOn a side note isn’t it weird when you get through a whole book and don’t realize you read something else by the author I got all the way through this one without realizing that I had also read his Brasyl