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Ghostly Thief of TimeThe EMU Club is called into action again when they realize that the school janitor is an evil ghost trying to disrupt the flow of timeThere's no mystery the EMU Club is a hit This is a fun funny adventure that kids will love to read Lincoln Peirce author of Big NateThe EMU Club inhabits exactly the world I always hoped to live in when I was 12 when the answer to uestions like 'Where did I put my toy' led to inevitably to alien conspiracies and secret underground tunnels A book for the curious and the adventurou. I'm sure you like me have seen a lot of stories in books movies shows etc where a rational explanation is found to a scary or suspicious situation It comes to my mind the old episodes of Scooby Doo always ending with the monster or ghost being unmasked turning to be only an unscrupulous person with a selfish interest in scaring the rest in order to get some particular benefit It always worked with Scooby and Shaggy but smart Velma with Daphne and Fred will find an absolutely from this world answer In GHOSTLY THIEF OF TIME the character will do all the contrary Stuart Brian and Violet with the help of Ferdinand an alien robot dog will find a supernatural explanation to an absolutely normal ordinary daily situationSomething is obviously happening with the time in Stuart's sixth grade room It's evident time goes slower the near of the end of the day it is and the closer to the back of the room you sit Why does the last half an hour of the school day seems to last two hours Who hasn't wondered about this at least a thousand times The EMU Club has a new mystery to solve Is the school janitor really what he claims to be Could be the janitor's closet a time portal You'll need to read this engaging story to find outThis book was a great shared read with my son It's very funny We laughed or grinned at almost every page It's visually attractive written in an EMU Club Report format with colorful pictures at least in the edition I read The characters are likable and they have a beautiful relation between them The time travel elements are easy to follow by the kids not confusing at all I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewCheck out children's book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog

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S Cory Doctorow author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Little BrotherAn adventure so funny you'll think it couldn't be true but if it isn't true then where did all those realistic looking photographs come from You'd better read this so you'll know what to do when the world ends Adam Rex author of The True Meaning of SmekdayMy name is Stuart Tennemeier and I'm the President of the EMU Club Exploration Mystery Unbelievable Club This is my report of our second missionOnce you've solved one great mystery. Aimed particularly at Wimpy Kid fans Ruben Bolling's Ghostly Thief starts out as a bit of a slow read for about the first half and then roughly midway through becomes speedy indeedMuch of that first halfspoiler alert is almost a meta story as it starts out as a story about kids trying to find something to investigate ie a story about trying to find a plot or a story And they decide to investigate why time seems to be moving slowly in the back of the protagonist's social studies classroom at the same time that the book itself seems to be moving somewhat slowly than the norm although that is probably an unintended meta coincidence End spoiler Because it's a seuel #2 there are a decent number of references to the first previous book in series enough so that the mentions in THIS book begin to feel less like bringing the reader up to speed and instead like product placement as it were Nonetheless once the book does get rolling it REALLY gets rolling at which point I couldn't put it down and I zipped along so uickly that I was almost skimming to get to the conclusion and find out how everything is resolved As a side note I very much appreciated the sciencesci fi aspects to the story and fun back matter Kids age 7 10 and their parents should enjoy Bolling's seuel immensely and so I'd give it a solid 35 But since there is no such thing as a 35 at Goodreads I've done a bit of grade inflation and raised my rating to a 4Note I read this book on my Kindle from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

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characters Ghostly Thief of Time é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ The EMU Club is called into action again when they realize that the school janitor is an evil ghost trying to disrupt the flow of timeThere's no mystery—the EMU Club is a hit This is a fun funny adventure that kids will love to read —Lincoln PInvolving alien cats and a robotic dog how do you find a second one that is just as awesome to solve Not huge crimes or weird stuff but everyday mysteries that happen to everyone like why does time seem to pass slowly right before school ends And at other times like when you're watching your favorite TV show it seems to pass really uicklyThere are tons of little mysteries all around us Sometimes if you look really really closely at them you find out some amazing incredible things And you just might save the worl. Ghostly Thief of Time was an excellent story to read with my 6 year old She was able to follow right along with it and loved the randomly included pictures and silly opinions interjected by the boysThere are some stories that are hard to read with your child but thankfully Ghostly Thief of Time was not one of them My child is easily amused but we both liked the book because the uniue format of 'hand written' notes with the pictures that were actually part of the story instead of being just illustrations This made it easy to keep the kiddo involved with what we were reading and I could count on a picture every few pages to draw her attention back to it if she started to wonderPlus it tackles one of life's great mysteries Just why in the world DOES time go so slow in certain places Now unlike the Scooby Gang the EMU club finds an unusual explanation but that's all part of the fun Every little kid I think wants to save the world and Ghostly Thief of Time definitely gives children that experience on an easy to understand scaleI highly recommend this cute fun EMU Club adventure book to any parents out thereVisit Scifi and Scary's Book Reviews for many other Science Fiction Horror Thriller and Kids' Books reviewsDisclaimer I Received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration