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The Man With a Load of MischiefAt the Man with a Load of Mischief they found the dead body stuck in a keg of beer At the Jack and Hammer another body was stuck out on the beam of the pub’s sign replacing the mechanical m. I was surprised to learn a new word before reading this It is me to a tee a completionist It explains how I shop I click into collect every kind mode Over ten years I filled in all but The Man With A Load Of Mischief 1981 Having started with the loveable Melrose Plant and Richard Jury I am keen about the next; goodness knowing I own it and expect authors to improve Series aside it is why I go in order of release By the end of this novel the construction of Martha Grimes' characters pays offThere were hilarious uips I re read to titter over anew When Melrose organizes a theatre scene to show how the pinnacle of crimes started his Aunt Agatha gripes over her short role and I could hear Melrose retorting We aren't trying for the Royal Shakespeare Company Just do your parts It is the only uip that surpassed his and his butler's explosion over Agatha's mispronounced names Martha proved an excellent plotter All information factored into her mystery The story is original three strangers in different pubs Why kill strangers The motives fit superbly filled in plausibly when an old employee is searched out There are gratifying clues to exploreWith countless series at home I can't guarantee liking I am making rounds with first novels to lift that mystery for myself I call Martha a success I ended her début feeling I could become a fan but can't overlook that it was tedious for uite a while Agatha's prattling received cumbersome airtime and chapters of description were heavy handed to the point of superfluity at first Vivian was lovely Richard's interactions with the Double children boosted his endearing personality and I for one would relish sitting down to the vicar's pub name lore

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An who kept the time Two pubs Two murders One Scotland Yard inspector called in to help Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury arrives in Long Piddleton and finds everyone in the postcard vil. You know you are in the hands of a master when a mystery is simultaneously complex lyrically written character richand hilarious This was Grimes's first in the Jury series and she went on from strength to strength which given how much time she must have spent in the pubs for which each book is named is almost miraculous In as sense Grimes mysteries are character studies and what a cast of regular characters she creates from thoughtful and handsome Inspector Richard Jury and his hypochondriac sidekick Sergeant Wiggins to the rest of the denizens of the village of Long Piddleton the name alone is a clue and it's resident toff Melrose Plant who has relinuished his title as Lord Ardry Somehow he becomes Jury's friend partner in detection and handy stand in for Jury at key moments The full range of the uirky characters who hang out at the title pub is too long to mention and indeed they grow as the series continues from this auspicious start But I am always glad to once again make their acuaintance Suffice it to say that surprises and also chuckles appear on almost every page As a British murder mystery writer myself I own every book in the series

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Summary î The Man With a Load of Mischief Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë At the Man with a Load of Mischief they found the dead body stuck in a keg of beer At the Jack and Hammer another body was stuck out on the beam of the pub’s sign replacing the mechanical man who kepLage looking outside of town for the killer Except for one Melrose Plant A keen observer of human nature he points Jury in the right direction into the darkest parts of his neighbors’ heart. 35 starsWell now this a nearly 40 year old mystery a debut novel the first in a long running series and new to me As a British crime series it’s in the genre that’s my reading cocaine Despite not uite knowing how to take the over the top aspects of the novel including naming conventions and dispositions of bodies satire farce irony whimsy and sophomoric aspects to the unfolding of the clues I found it readable enough and a largely competent mystery My disappointment is in the characters with the two male protagonists being largely indistinguishable except one drives a Bentley and the other commands some police resources Not related or known to each other before being thrown together by the circumstances of the crimes they are both remarkably clever good looking sensible insightful and sought by the ladies they stand in contrast with the bulk of the other characters who range in degrees of ineffectiveness from cringe worthy social climbing poseur aunt to hot and nervous secretary mistress to dim and beleaguered bar wench and vilified hypochondriac police underling I don’t think there was a female character who wasn’t pitiable or despicable or both The male characters were fairly acceptable or redeemable for the most part but all pretty sad dudes compared to our unintentionally twinned protagonists There’s potential here and I expect I’ll continue at some point to see what development there is in the series