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Chains of the Heretic (Bloodsounders Arc, #3) Free read ✓ 4 ↠ Men are easily broken than mythsEmperor Cynead has usurped command of the Memoridons—Tower controlled memory witches—and consolidated his reign over the Syldoonian Empire After escaping the capital city of Sunwrack Captain Braylar Killcoin and his JackSounder to part the Godveil leading the Jackals to the other side There they encounter the ruins of human civilization but they also learn that the Deserters who abandoned humanity a millennium ago and created the Veil in their wake are still very much alive But are they gods Demons MonstersWhat Braylar Soffjian Arki and the Jackals discover beyond the Godveil will shake an empire reshape a map and irrevocably alter the course of histor. I've been keeping a list in my head of the best books I've read regardless of publication year in 2016 I've read a bunch of great books this year but these are books that really left a mark Up until now I've had DG Valdron's The Mermaid's Tale and Anthony Ryan's The Waking Fire on that very short list I have now added a third book Actually an entire series I think I read all of 'em in 2016It is a good day for crossbows Syldoon A very good day

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Men are easily broken than mythsEmperor Cynead has usurped command of the Memoridons Tower controlled memory witches and consolidated his reign over the Syldoonian Empire After escaping the capital city of Sunwrack Captain Braylar Killcoin and his Jackal company evade pursuit across Urglovia tasked with reaching deposed emperor Thumarr and helping him recapture the throne Braylar’s sister Soffjian rejoins the Jackals and reveals that. Let me start this review with nothing less than the truth and the truth is that Bloodsounder’s Arc is a criminally underrated trilogyThis is the second time I’ve rated a conclusion to a grimdark trilogy with 5 stars the first one being Last Argument of Kings in October 2016 Yes it’s been one and a half years since I read any conclusion to a grimdark trilogy that deserved this rating It also has been an entire month and eleven books in a row since I had a 55 stars read However this book truly deserves my full rating Chains of the Heretic is an outstanding conclusion to the Bloodsounder’s Arc trilogy by Jeff Salyards The first two books were great but this one blew them out of the park; it’s by far the best installment in the series During my time of reading this trilogy I had this reoccurring uestion “Why the hell is no one reading this trilogy” That uestion was even prominent during my time reading this book This series’ lack of attention is ridiculous because it is so much better than tons of popular grimdark fantasy series out there Despite being first released in 2016 currently there are less than 100 reviews for this book on Goodreads Are you freaking kidding me So many people say “I’m a grimdarkmilitary fantasy fan” but very few even give this trilogy a try Seriously to all fans of the genre you’re missing out on something really great if you neglect reading this trilogyThe story once again picks up immediately after the end of the second book as if it was a simple chapter change Salyards has created something fantastic here Honestly speaking from the first book alone I never would have expected for the storyline to ever turn into something this grand and intense in the last installment The first book is seriously just an appetizer for the greatness to come within this final book This book also resolved every plot line wonderfully while at the same time leaving some room for the future if the author ever decides to revisit this world I need to also restate that even though this is the last book of the trilogy there are still plenty of revelations for the readers to encounter After all this is where readers will finally learn about the Deserters the Godveils and the BloodsounderImbued with excellently compelling dialogues intricately crafted battle scenes incredible world building and most of all some gradual but spectacular character developments Chains of Heretic was a magnificently written page turner I finished this book in two days; I had to steal a lot of reading time during my working hours and it was so worth every secondI’m risking sounding like a broken record by repeating things I’ve stated in my first two reviews but I really must say this again the character development is just amazing Arki’s development from a simple scribe to a warrior while also becoming the trusted companion of Captain Braylar Killcoin and a treasured member of the Jackals was exceptionally well written “Joining the Syldoon was surely the most remarkable adventure I could have embarked on no matter how things turned out” Part of what makes this trilogy so uniue is that even though the entire trilogy is told from solely from the perspective of Arki in first person POV narration Salyards still manages to make it feels like a multi POV book In my opinion he achieves this by implementing a lot of compelling and at times humorous dialogues between the characters making sure everyone has distinct personalities and always have a role in the story even though readers get to see them only f

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Chains of the Heretic Bloodsounders Arc #3Commander Darzaak promised her freedom if she agreed to aid them in breaking Cynead’s grip on the other Memoridons and ousting himImperial forces attempt to intercept Braylar’s company before they can reach Thumarr The Jackals fight through Cynead’s battalions but find themselves trapped along the Godveil Outmaneuvered and outnumbered Braylar gambles on some obscure passages that Arki has translated and uses his cursed flail Blood. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum am stunned on so many levels To call Chains of the Heretic one of the finest pieces of dark fantasy I have ever read would be a gross understatement It is simply phenomenal an incredible masterpiece and outstanding achievement for Jeff Salyards There’s also no doubt about it this series has come a long way since the author’s debut novel Scourge of the Betrayer the first Bloodsounder’s Arc book that started us on this epic journeyJust like the series’ protagonist and narrator Arkamandos Arki for short it amazes me to think back to the beginning and see how far things have come If you’ve read my review of the first book you’ll know that I liked it plenty But it was the seuel that really opened up the world for me Veil of the Deserters drove home for me what Salyards was trying to achieve and made me a diehard fan of the series and then to have this third book come in and shatter all my already sky high expectations It was an unparalleled surprise to say the least It goes without saying that these are my favorite kinds of trilogies the ones where each book just gets better and betterNot to sound deliberately cryptic but this series has always been about being secretive and extremely cautious about revealing its intentions If you haven’t read the first two books almost everything I say about the story of Chains of the Heretic could be regarded as a spoiler so I’ll keep my descriptions of it brief This book picks up right where the last one left off following Captain Braylar Killcoin and his band of Jackals after their narrow escape from the Syldoon capital with the shaken Arki in tow Trapped between the Godveil and the Imperial forces on their tail the company is forced to make a desperate gambit All they have to go on are Arki’s incomplete translations of some ancient and obscure texts which are spotty at best but the choice is simple pass through the mysterious Veil and maybe die or stay to be cut down by Emperor Cynead’s far bigger army and die for surePutting his trust in Arki’s findings Braylar decides to take a chance on the crazy plan using his magical flail Bloodsounder to lead his men and women into the unknown But though this move takes them beyond the reach of their enemies what awaits them on the other side of the Veil is arguably even terrible What they find will shake the foundations of life religion and history for everyone living in the EmpireYes you heard correctly At long last we get to cross the inscrutable Godveil that ominous piece of the puzzle that has been teasing me from day one I can practically picture Salyards sitting behind his keyboard as he wrote this book rubbing his hands together in a villainous fashion while chortling with maniacal glee as he finally unleashed all the secrets he has been sitting on since he first started writing this series I have to hand it to him though the wait was well worth it Plague me but I was riveted by all the strange things our characters discovered on the other sideAs ever though what I loved most were the characters I am and will always be a “character first” kind of reader Of course in an ideal situation characters world building story and writing will all be perfectly balanced but without the first it’s generally difficult for me to get into the rest That’s why I was really thrilled when Chains of the Heretic delivered splendidly on all fronts with characters scoring a perfect ten The choice of Arki as the narrator has always struck me as a brilliant choice—he is the Jackals’