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Those Below The Empty Throne #2For centuries humanity has served Those Above god like Eternals who rule from their cloud capped mountain city They built a. I really enjoyed this book and thought that it ended The Empty Throne duology very well it tied up all of the loose ends However I did think that it ended very uickly and would have liked to have had information about the ending for each characterThe plot throughout this book is full of twists and turns and is very clever I was constantly being surprised by what happened I really enjoyed that Polansky wasn't afraid to let awful things happen which made the book much thrilling to read As Those Below takes place two years after the first book Those Above we get to see the development of each of the characters over time It also meant that the plot had time to simmer away and so the situation has escalated by the time we meet all of our characters again The character development was great and it's crazy to think about where the characters from book one are nowThe world development was good although without a map I found it very difficult to keep track of the smaller places mentioned throughout This book is very political and I enjoyed watching plots brew and seeing characters in different positions of power interactI would definitely recommend this book to adult fantasy fans a very uniue world that I am sure I will have to reread at some point in the future Thank you to Hodder Stoughton for sending me a copy to review after hearing how much I enjoyed the first book

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Began in Those Above comes to an explosive conclusion in this unforgettable battle for the hearts and minds of the human rac. 475 starsI really enjoyed this seuel and conclusion to Those Above I went into this duology with uite low expectations because of it not really being a hyped up book series but I've loved it to be honestI wouldn't change anything that happened in the story I just wanted there to be an epilogue

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review Those Below (The Empty Throne #2) 103 Ù For centuries humanity has served Those Above god like Eternals who rule from their cloud capped mountain city They built a civilization of unimagined beauty and unchecked viciousnessThey thought themselves invincibleThey were wrong The story that began in Those Above comes to an explosive conclusionCivilization of unimagined beauty and unchecked viciousnessThey thought themselves invincibleThey were wrong The story that. Originally reviewed here is due back at the library today I don't want to part with itDisclaimer This is supposed to be a review not uite It's like me processing a mega whopper case of book bluesI can count on one hand the books that broke me I don't mean a little book hangover I mean books that have made me uestion the point of life Not my life in particular existence in general Us as a species Why are we here Why do we allow each other to suffer What is the point of it all It's two hands now by the wayMost days I am able to drive these annoying sort of uestions away with typical cynisim Survive and reproduce that is the point Not today though Today and yesterday is for wallowing I shall embrace the emptiness Whilst I was wallowing I discovered the source of my book hangovers I delved in to it poked and prodded Deconstructed it I must confess to a passing interest in the human psyche and book hangovers have always puzzled me Why should I feel like this It's not even realAfter a bit of staring off into space I discovered I have felt similar emotions before Not uite the same but enough for me to recognize them Chiefly among them is grief Not grief like somebody died like they left and you will never see them again At which point you might say It's not real Well the brain doesn't always know the difference you are too lazy to follow the link here the gist of it 'The scans revealed heightened connectivity within the students' brains on the mornings following the reading assignments The areas with enhanced connectivity included the students' left temporal cortex an area of the brain associated with language comprehension as well as in the brain's central sulcus which is associated with sensations and movementThe anterior front bank of the sulcus contains neurons that control movement of parts of the body Berns noted Adding The posterior rear bank contains neurons that receive sensory input from the parts of the body Enhanced connectivity here was a surprise finding but it implies that perhaps the act of reading puts the reader in the body of the protagonist'So there it is real At least partially to my brain anyway This might go some way to explain why I sometimes feel completely desolate after some books I'm also like most book nerds way too introverted to deal with the real world too often I'd much rather disappear into myself It's safer and uieterAnd with me I shall have these amazing characters that I have grown to love warts and all I've watched them evolve and overcome I cheered them on against their foe I was there when they fell in love I was there when they made mistakes fought screamed fucked died And when I close the book they are gone Forever And that is why I feel like this It is also why I read