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Free read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô Katie Hamstead E to James to do it Because deep down she can’t uite bring herself to let him go Now past and future are about to collide and Cadence has to make her final choice follow the uncertain path of a life with James or the one she came back to save with Austin In this emotional conclusion to the story that began in Deceptive Cadence relationships will be tested identities revealed and the past will overshadow the future putting the finishing touches on an unforgettable tale of courage sacrifice and above all lo. Like I mentioned in the review of the first book I'm going to be so random and all over the place with these reviews I just cannot even handle all the thoughts running through my head This story is so original This book was everything I'm not even kidding I feel the pace was a bit faster and I know that some people were upset because she was back and forth so many times but really what would you do She's completely in love with BOTH men How is that a choice to be taken lightly I absolutely believe that there is than just one person that can make you unbelievably happy and we get to see it here We start when she's landing at her college that's across the country from everyone she knows and loves I commend that she made the choice to take the hard road and actually continue on the path because it was the whole point of the second chance We get to see how tough and strenuous the long distance relationship is for her and James The whole time she knows she's going to eventually meet Austin but she just can't let James go I don't blame her he's amazing We had a whole book first one to fall completely in love with James In this second book we get to do the same with Austin I admit it's not as much as a whole book but at least we get a sense of why she loved him so much We then go through the agonizing events that lead up to her choice I wont lie I was so tempted to just look up the ending and see who she would choose I had no idea and I really couldn't stand the heartbreak of either guy This book is a lot fast paced and we get a lot character development from everyone I mean it takes talent to be able to keep tabs on so many supporting characters in a natural and unforced way I will admit that the ending of this book was wrapped up rather uickly I was half way through this book wondering how she was going to get through the rest of this story so uickly The last 13 of the book I was a mess This book tore my heart open and had it spilling all over my face tears The twists and turns of this story are fabulous and I promise you will not be disappointed Hamstead did a marvelous job with these characters and the way you just feel everything they are going through Cadence is a tough cookie because I honestly don't know what I could have done The way these characters grow and develop in this book is just amazing I honestly have not read a bookduology this good in uite a while In recap great duology and I highly highly recommend it Make sure you have both books on hand because you will not want to stop You will need to know what happens You will also give your husband and loved ones extra hugs and cuddles It really makes you appreciate what you have Tomorrow is never promised so always remember to treat every day like it is your last I will definitely be reading the next thing Katie Hamstead comes out withI would like to thank Katie Hamstead and YA Bound Book Tours for providing copies of these ebooks for review Receiving them free has not influenced my thoughts and opinions they are my own

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Diverging Cadence Cadence #2 Free download Ì 105 ☆ When Cadence Anderson woke to find her husband and infant daughter had been killed she thought her life was over Instead she was offered a second chance and sent back in time to do it all again She’s made the most of this opportunity repairing her relationship with the best frien When Cadence Anderson woke to find her husband and infant daughter had been killed she thought her life was over Instead she was offered a second chance and sent back in time to do it all again She’s made the most of this opportunity repairing her relationship with the best friend she lost the first time avoiding the romantic mistakes she made originally and even bringing her family closer together But she’s also done something she wasn’t planning on she’s fallen in love with someone other than her. Diverging Cadence is the second book and conclusion to the Cadence Series by author Katie Hamstead I absolutely loved the first book Deceptive Cadence but will honestly admit that I was both excited and terrified to read its conclusion At the end of the first book I had such mixed feelings on where I wanted Hamstead to take the story and how I wanted it all to end Who should Cadence end up with I was so swept up in the romance between her and James that throughout the majority of the first novel I was absolutely settled that I wanted her to choose him But then I’d think back to the beginning her absolute heartbreak over the loss of her husband and daughter and I’d wonder how could any mother honestly choose her current love over the future child she’s already loved and lost but now has a chance to get back See I just couldn’t decide who I thought Cadence should choose and therefore couldn’t see how Hamstead would make it all work in a truly satisfying and realistic way Thankfully it became clear that Hamstead did indeed have a plan from the beginning There were several directions she could have taken the story and in the end I was both happy and satisfied with the path she choseDiverging Cadence is of course the second half of Cadence’s story which spans her journey into adult life as she heads off to college to discover if she should continue on with the life she came back to save or perhaps forge a new path with the man she’s now in love with At the end of book one I wanted desperately for Cadence to choose James and my heart broke for him as he was left wondering why she wanted to leave at all But then once Austin was introduced in book two I fell just as in love with him and became even confused and panicked over what Cadence would do I loved all three of these characters; they were just so beautifully flawed and real each one crawled their way into my heart and it will be a very long time before I can let them goI devoured this book in just over a day; I couldn’t bring myself to put it down until I figured out how it would all end If I could have done anything differently it would have been to read these books back to back luckily we didn’t have too long to wait in between I actually went back and re read the last few chapters of Deceptive Cadence to put myself in the proper emotional state and to reconnect with the story before starting Diverging Cadence It worked too because I was an emotional wreck throughout book two and cried many many times In the hands of a lesser author this story could have really fallen apart or fallen flat but Hamstead expertly weaved a conclusion that was torturous and heartbreaking yet perfect absolutely perfectI would highly highly recommend both Deceptive Cadence and Diverging Cadence for anyone who loves a heart wrenching new adult romance But than that this is a truly original story and like nothing I’ve ever read before Cadence’s story will make you think; about karma about our choices and about all the “what if’s” in our lives A perfect choice for Book Clubs I cannot recommend these enough so please just stop what you’re doing and go read these books like right nowOnce again thank you so much to author Katie Hamstead for providing me with a complimentary advanced copy of her this book in exchange for my honest review And a special thank you to Tiffany at REUTS Publishing for putting on an amazing Blog Tour

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Diverging Cadence Cadence #2Future husbandStepping onto a plane and flying across country to attend university is the hardest decision she’s had to make But unless she follows through with it her future with Austin might never happen And what becomes of her beautiful baby if she stays with James the man she was never supposed to loveThe only thing she knows for certain is that she has to see Austin again and she’s intent on reliving that part of her previous life exactly like she did the first time Even if that means she has to li. ARC kindly provided by Katie Hamstead via YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review Review ‘Diverging Cadence’ is the last novel in the 'Cadence' duology and one I couldn't be happier to read After the great FIVE STAR first novel 'Deceptive Cadence' I had high hopes and great expectations for this seuel I am so EXTREMELY glad that the author chose to do a duology; I don’t know how I would have survived if she didn’t 'Diverging Cadence' starts right where 'Deceptive Cadence' left off Cadence is really conflicted in this novel She loves James who has dominated her life and with whom a future is uncertain but her hearts still remembers Austin who offers her the life as lost and the one she has travelled back in time for to rebuild But as she falls deeper and deeper in love with James and starts to seriously consider marrying him she has to make a big choice Stay with James and risk losing Melody her beautiful daughter or wait for Austin and never risk losing herThis time round reading from Cadence's perspective was not so strange or weird for me She had grown up and was older so I felt comfortable reading from her perspective and about her romantic life I remember being slightly weirded out because I felt that the stuff that Cadence did in her first novel from the age 14 and onwards was slightly too mature for her It all even out in the end and I was left happyPlot progression was justWOW The author created such an enchanting story and planned out everything to the detail I felt like there were no loose ends when I finished reading and literally DESPAIRED with its conclusion This series completely enchanted me and I grieved its ending There were also so many surprises in this novel that reading it was no bore There seemed to be a twist and turn at every corner of the novel A big MASSIVE secret about an identity of a character was revealed and I laughed out loud with joy and then wiped away a tear when I found out who it was The thing was I NEVER suspected Seriously the author is like the mastermind of hiding secrets in plain sightKatie Hamstead is an evil woman and author She left me wondering who Cadence was going to end up with for sooooo long I was left on the edge of my seat wondering like CRAZY and I could NOT put the book down until I finished it There was a constant dramatic suspense that lingered all the way from the beginning of the novel till the end I COULDN'T COPE WITH IT ARGHHHHHH It was either James or Austin Austin or James And then all of a sudden the author would lean the character towards one and I would KNOW but thenshe CHANGES HER MIND I think I pulled all my hair out trying to figure out who it was going to be and going absolutely NUTS in the process Seriously this woman could write one epic crimethriller novel if she wished Pray that she doesn't because I swear to you you will not live sanely until the endKatie Hamstead was also a master manipulator and conveyor of emotions There were so many times I looked like a total weirdo grinning at my kindle app when something sweetromantichilarious would happen There were also many times that I would tear up whenever Cadence would cry or something tragicemotionally touching would happen to her I felt her conflict between choosing James or Austin as if I was trying to choose myself Seriously this author is likea writer genius or something One thing that upsets me about this series are their covers I feel like the covers aren't deserving of these novels Though they do perfectly capture the essence and atmosphere of both novels I feel like they could have been The grammar was outstanding and there were no spelling or typing errors that I could spot I have to commend the author for her great prose as it made the novel so much betterCongratulations to Katie Hamstead on publishing a spell binding seuel in the ‘Cadence’ duology I can’t wait for of your writing Rating Plan1 star Strongly did not like the book writing and plot was bad Idea of the book was against my liking2 star Didn't like it didn't find it interesting or gripping Seemed to drag on to me3 star An average book Wasn't bad or good Everything else was well done Original idea4 star Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting5 star I LOVED IT I stayed up late until 3 am Author is a genius characters plot idea development EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR