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Te but the Paige gets to know Lennox the she begins to uestion her beliefs Maybe the labels given to ourselves and to one another prevent the best connections Will Lennox be the person to teach Paige that when it comes to love the heart does not discrimina. So i actually had to dwell with this one's rating There are many things i had to take into account and finally that's what made me decide against a 5 star review But i have to say it was a great book I started reading it and couldn't put it down it took me about 4 hours to finish the book and was left with some feelings and thoughts i have to share First i'd like to say that as other reviewers pointed out it does have a wicked ; sex scene actually the book is really sexy and i like how it takes you through those scenes without giving away too much so you can imagine the rest The story itself is very entertaining and the settings are great; i could picture every place without trouble Here's the thing and these are the things that troubled me I had no empathy at all with the main character actually i didn't like her very much i don't know why but if i pictured her as a real life person i thought she'd be someone i don't like and thats all i could see throughout the book Lennox however i did like and thought she was really well written The other thing that kind of bothered me was the language used by the author I'm not american English in not my first language so i got stuck on some words while reading and thats annoying I spent some time in the USA both studying and traveling and none of my conversations ever used some of those words and i'm 24 so I'm close to the characters' age group and it didn't feel like they were my age All this said there's still a topic i have to address bisexuality And yes i think the book tackled the topic in a good way I'm one of those lesbians that does believe in bisexuality and i've always been supportive of any kind of sexuality so i like that by reading this book and people will understand that love is love it's as simple as that

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Never the SameEntering junior year of college lesbian blogger Paige Galner is known around campus as the voice of wisdom about all gay girl issues publicly expressing her opinions about everything from lesbian politics to tips on navigating the dating scene in a predomi. 3 stars God the pretentiousness just oozes out from this book No one uses language like that in real life No one It's like the author sat down with a thesaurus opened next to her to come up with this dialogue Too many times it took me out of the story despite me liking the actual plot and characters Further the author should have wrapped up some of the secondary storylines instead of leaving them hanging in the air I still have uestions with no answersThe actual romance is pretty nice though and it's a pretty decent read overall I just wish the use of language wouldn't be so offputting So instead of 4 stars I'm leaving it with three Might be worth your time if you can get past the pretentiousness

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Download ¶ Never the Same ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ì Entering junior year of college lesbian blogger Paige Galner is known around campus as the voice of wisdom about all gay girl issues publicly expressing her opinions about everything from lesbian politics to tips on navigating the dating scene in a predominantlNantly heterosexual setting She advises readers to avoid bisexual women at all costs that is until she meets Lennox At first Paige tries to deny her attraction to the captivating openly bisexual woman for fear that her followers will think she is a hypocri. Wow So to cut to the chase if nothing else read this book for an amazing sex sceneOk now that that's out of the way on to some details First of all one of the major themes of this story is overcoming biases against bisexuality which I agree is a great message that is definitely not tackled enough The author handles it well and it's pretty much resolved as a non issue by the end of the book impressive in and of itself The dialogue is really great You basically feel like you're watching a movie I loved the interactions between the two main characters as well as among the group of friends Each character is developed pretty three dimensionally so you can actually tell them apart They come to life in a way that you know who is talking just based off what they are saying Rivera represents different personality types too so it's not like each person is a carbon copy of another After reading all of this author's works I'd say this is where she shines best as author This translates into a very raw connection to the story and actual emoting when you're reading Obviously this is a huge win Storywise the book leaves you all warm and fuzzy throughout It's a romance definitely but it also goes into friendship trust and hope too You get to watch the main character grow and evolve and you genuinely feel proud and happy for her by the end I loved this book and I'm glad I got to read it Highly recommend