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Download ´ Darkness Visible ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ A dazzlingly dark novel by the Nobel LaureateAt the height of the London blitz a naked child steps out of an all consuming fire Miraculously saved yet hideously scarred tormented at school and at work Matty becomes a wanderer a seeker after some unknown redSchool and at work Matty becomes a wanderer a seeker after some unknown redemption Two lost children await him twins as exuisite as they are loveless Toni dabbles in political violen. Weird book course William Golding doesn't write bland literature I am 10 pages from the end and can't figure the point of the book other than weird things happen child molesters exist and people can be monstrous It's not an offensive book and the only thing that would make it a difficult read is that I can't figure out the 'point' It's a couple of biopics of people who's lives cross this poor strange man who was blown up or burnt in the London Blitz The cover says it's a mystery but well it's a mystery that there's no attempt to solve At the time due to his Lord of the Flies book this book may have been esteemed but it just seems like a diary of people who aren't very nice mixed in with one or two who are Times have changed and the monsters in this book may have been monstrous at the time when child molesting and gangster types were a lot rarerI think he was intending to shock but it's lost it's shock value with the degradation of Western Culture It's an interesting read and maybe gave me validation that a lot of bad things in my culture had it's roots in the 60's not in the 80's that I thoughtIt's very well written smooth and gentle and the insinuations of insight is interesting

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A dazzlingly dark novel by the Nobel LaureateAt the height of the London blitz a naked child steps out of an all consuming fire Miraculously saved yet hideously scarred tormented at. Golding's prose herein is of elemental force Apropos to the title this is pure darkness but infused with energy fleet and engulfing and laced with a humour utterly attuned to this spelunking of the visceral primordial reservoirs we all possess and bear the potential to tap into As always in books of this subject when handled by a master it awoke and evoked thought emotion and reflection in parallel and at a tangent to that sprung open within the primary characters—proved a fictive Rorschach test with revealed shapes that thrill and trouble Matty and Sophy made for a compulsive pair of enigmatic seekers—hunting identity and purpose mastering will and entropy in their redemptive spiritual uests in the midst of a world of muted tones and colors In particular the opening and closing set pieces of two of the novel's divisions—the image of Matty as a barely recognizable child emerging in ruin from the hellish furnace of a dockside London set aflame by Luftwaffe bombers an ersatz saint conceived enwombed and birthed from within the bleached blinding purity of an inferno's core; and that of Sophy and her father in a confrontation of the cerebral and the sensual the one set to peregrine paths and the other within scientificnumeric orderliness in which inflamed psychologically battered rejection instantiated into perched seduction is met with the caustic slashing negation of masculine hatred—could not be perfectly realized Indeed Golding had impressive ambitions throughout trying to sculpt from materials of an ineffable and abstract nature He couldn't uite pull it all together; I think he may have been surprised by where his own creations led him found them running away from his control As a story it doesn't work perfectly at all As a novel it is fucking brilliant If he'd been born in Athens circa 500 BC we'd likely be marveling at the tragedies of Goldinydes

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Darkness VisibleCe Sophy in sexual tyranny As Golding weaves their destinies together as he draws them toward a final conflagration his book lights up both the inner and outer darknesses of our time. I recently read Lord of the Flies and then happened upon this lesser known book by William Golding I am a slow reader but I read this novel surprisingly uickly and was drawn in and eventually absorbed by the characters their inner dialogues and their private universes Matty the Anti HeroMartyr represents many things for me a prophet in the wilderness a shaman a clown whom I would not consider to be evil; he is not vengeful violent nor is he vindictive And yet in his silence he can be frightening; he commits a grievous deed for which he turns to the Bible and then to spiritsspiritual guides in a uest for redemption There is a dreamy surreal aspect to the prose that occasionally left me confused as to the exact nature of whatever reality was being described at a particular moment; for example near the end of the book is Sophy one of two evil twins actually brutalizing the young boy that has been kidnapped for her or only suffering from criminal delusions of grandeur Is she merely imagining this violence I am impressed with the way Golding develops both the inner and outer lives of the two little girls Sophy and Toni who start out innocently enough as children Sophy and Toni grow up in an emotional vacuum nursing dangerous fantasies as a result of their father's neglect Nevertheless in the end both girls make their choices about the type of individuals they want to be Certainly the traumatic childhoods of Sophy and Toni contribute to their respective downward spirals into delinuency And yet others who in real life come from scarier circumstances than these two little girls can go on to accomplishment achievement and greatness in their adult lives Sophy and Toni are both very bright girls; at least metaphorically the twins resemble Regan and Goneril from Shakespeare's King Lear minus Cordelia Matty chooses his destiny as well; the difference being that I can sympathize with Matty as he and his life has been so literally scarred from the beginning Like uasimodo the archetypal ugly monster often has the biggest heart Matty's deformity also makes him stronger than either Sophy or Toni; he is resiliently independent from a very young age And as reclusive and mysterious as Matty is I believe him to be compassionate After reading this book which contains some Dickensian aspects particularly the character of Mr Pedigree in my understanding of the term I can see why Golding became a Nobel laureate Not only by means of his intellectual and creative gifts but also via the empathy and understanding he shows for his characters All of which Golding is able to elucidate in a prose that is often poetic and explicit when necessary surely this was much easier to do in 1979 when this book was published then it would have been in 1954 when Lord of the Flies was published I am looking forward to reading Golding's second novel The Inheritors There is a lot to be learned from this multi faceted writer