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Fear You Broken Love #2To give in to fear once or suffer the deadly conseuencesBut Lake experienced what it was like to submit to the dark and demanding boy who invaded her dreams Now she’ll experience what it’s like to fight himWhat happens when he wants Keiran Masters has a past that is both shocking and dark Once enslaved he now has demons he can’t escape demons that have follo. WHAT 18 YEAR OLDS IN THIS BOOK DOINGHAVE BEEN THROUGH → teacher calling their student bitch infront of their face where are the parents→ some secret crime organization's coming after them → they killed their mother because because of said organisation forced them to→ they were part of this organization for years cause their father sold them for money → got a full training to become something close to an assasin → killed don't know how many people→ their father's trying to kill them and their brother → one's been shot and needs a lung→ one's being charged for two murders→ skipping school too many times and the guardians don't give a shit → part of a gun fight where the other one has been shot → got kidnapped and held at gunpoint THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE WHEN I WAS THAT AGE → graduated high school→ ate fried scorpion→ went sky divingIn comparison it's like I haven been really alive What a shame Shoutout to my parents for not selling me to some crime mafia cuz I'd be dead before they could ask where the money is #1 Rape Fear Me ↠ 1 star#2 Fear You ↠ 105 starsThe05 extra is for the fact that the H stopped raping the h in this book There is nothing better than a good ✨character development✨

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Fear You Broken Love #2 Free download Á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ What happens when she’s had enoughLake Monroe has given in to her childhood tormentor too many times She knows it he knows it and even their enemies know it When he returned after being found guilty of a crime he didn't commit—a crime Wed him for ten years demons he blames his beautiful obsession for He promised to make her pay He promised to make her breakBut after Keiran had conuered her body and tasted her submission he found a new addiction instead one he has no intention of giving upAs secrets unfoldIdentities are revealed Danger closes inAnd they both discover what it really means to fear. ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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What happens when she’s had enoughLake Monroe has given in to her childhood tormentor too many times She knows it he knows it and even their enemies know it When he returned after being found guilty of a crime he didn't commit a crime he thought she set him up for he returned darker than ever demanding her body and her submission To survive him she knew she had. 5 The Dark Lord stars from me Dear Diary It’s been a long time now and I miss my parents I wish they would change their mind and not leave me behind Every day I go to my new school and every day he makes me cry I think I’m supposed to hate him but all I want to do is help him God what a difficult and emotional ride was thatAnd imagine that i thought that the first book was tough This one broke my heart in tiny million pieces again and againHow much pain can bare a soul How can you witness such things and to stay untouched Keiran's past made my tears to fall unstoppableKeiran and Lake's present was so damn hard and frustrated me as hell It was so difficult for them to come to their redemptionAs for their future together Thank God that i finally manage to crack a smileIn this book we finally received the answers to a million uestions from the first book and even that they were created during the second installmentWe saw new people and already known to us people We realized the how and the why's of the actions that led in some interesting factsWe saw the tables to get turned hidden feelings to come to light old and new enemies to seek for revenge and in the middle of all this madness was Keiran and Lake The tormentor and his victimThe boy which for ten years inflicted fear to an innocent girlBut what if the big bad wolf was the one who was scared of the innocent and pure lamb “There were many times I’d come close to giving in to the torment in Monroe’s eyes but never didI never would eitherBecause she was also the only person who could destroy meShe just didn’t know it I already told you how much i loved Keiran in the first book He was an asshole he liked to inspire fear and he was beyong the average teenage boy He was ruthless and bad and he wasn't hesistate in front of anything Yep i know that many of you will think that it is extremely unrealistic to exist a person like that at this age But i think that nothing is impossible in real life especially when you were forced to live the first years of your life like Keiran was forced toONE MAN'S GREED IS ANOTHER MAN'S TRAGEDYIn the first book we were having only Lake's POV but in this one we were having both POV's and mostly from Keiran's side and that was sooooo interesting and enlighteningIt was amazing the experience to be inside his head but his memories were unbearable They were killing me and they were making me so sadHis life wasn't full of rose petals but full of cutting thorns so he had to grow up sooner than the other kinds He had to be in control all the time and he had to not feel because feelings were meant weaknessThat's why he was hated so much Lake Because he made him feelI think that this book was dedicated mostly to Keiran It was only for him and it was worth it “I may not have a heart but if I were you I’d be afraid of what beats in its place” I won't lie to you Lake and Keiran frustrated me so much that sometimes i felt furious with themAt the end of the previous book we left them apart and Lake made something stupid that led Keiran in prisonNow he is pissed off and he wants to take revenge even than before But there are some holes in his plansFirstly she made him feel something unknown and secondly he can't be near to her without touching herOH Except the above the little smooth kitty turned out to be a tiger His little victim stood up and she is starting to confront him all the timeAnd that is turning him on and pissing him off at the same timeSo between them is starting for once again a small war but at the same time they surrounded them many dangers So where they will have to focus “Then you’d better be ready to pay the conseuences You don’t want me the way you think you do and you definitely don’t want me as an enemy This isn’t going to end with love baby This is just another tragedy waiting to happen”“Like Lily” she asked “Was that really her tragedy or yours and whose will it be this time Yours Or mine”“It will be both of ours” Yep as you read above Lake started to fight back and i was proud of her but at the same time i was feeling a little bit angry Why i felt like thatI think that she decided to fight back a little bit late and she made it for the wrong reasons It pissing me off that she had made cause of her life to land Keiran in jail Sweetheart first you should now for sure that he did what you accussed him that he didYep he was far from a saint but he didn't deserved this treatment And i think that she should have fight back back then in the previous book before the things comes to that ugly point “Stop calling me Monroe My name is Lake and I wasn’t aware I was supposed to make anything easy for you Should I show you the same mercy you showed me”I grabbed her face with my hands and held her eyes “I want you to realize what’s at stake here if you keep pushing me”“You never played fair before” she whisperedFuckI let her face go Those twinkling blue green eyes were pure torture to my dick “I don’t know what I want —to kiss you or kill you” For once again there was so much denial in this book No Keiran and Lake weren't having feelings for each other that's why in every opportunity they were jumbing each other's bones Ugh hu Keep thinking thatI will admit that their scenes together were hot as hell but they were much less that the first book I wanted Keiran and Lake together What can i sayI'm a very sick person but don't judge me They are just fictional characters In real life i really don't know how i would reactBeyond that the story was well written and it was having so much suspense and agony You didn't know what to expect in every turnYou didn't know what will chase them and how they were gonna overpass all those dangerous people that they were after themAlso i would like to say that i loved all the other characters that they were surrounding them especially Keenan and Sheldon Willow and DashAnd because their lives also turned upside down i would like to see them find their happiness tooAnd now it is Keenan's turn who had a difficult time with what happened to him and all the secrets that split his world apart I really would like to see Keiran's and Keenan relationship to get healed They deserved itThe scene with Keiran and his mother i think it cracked me downIt's true I'm addicted to this series and especially to Keiran and i honestly don't know how i will survive without him Yep he was the monster the bad guy but he got into me really deepAnd together with Lake they give another meaning to the term Broken loveMore broken that this could not ever exist “I want to be yours but are you sure you can live with a broken love like ours”“I think it’s been proven I can take whatever you throw at me Love is much powerful than fear”I couldn’t deny what we had was born out of darkness but instead of pulling her into my dark world she led me to a light I wasn’t sure I even deserved