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READ & DOWNLOAD That One Night (That One Series 1) 107 Ö All it takes is just one moment to change the course of your life For me it was one perfect nightI have always had a thing for my brother’s best friend Ben When I found him on my parents’ couch drowning his sorrows in a whiskey bottle my attempts to comfort him uickly turned iHe might feel the same way I do But Ben wasn’t there to stay and I woke up the next morning alone with a broken heartI attempted to forget the guy with a smile to die for and a touch that sets me on fireI thought I was over himI thought he was gone foreverUntil eighteen months later Ben returns and learns my secret Now he is hell bent on w. Arc from Author for visit Literary ly ObsessedThis book was nothing like what I was expecting in fact this book starts many months after this ‘one night’ I was a little gutted that I wasn’t able to read the build up to this moment however you are soon caught up to speed also it was your typical one night stand but Wright spares no details it will no doubt leave you than a little hot around the collarFrankie the MC has never gotten on with her family to say there was a slight ‘rift’ would be an understatement She is clearly the black sheep of the family and is treated horribly by her parents so she is dreading spending the Thanksgiving weekend with her family The last person she expects to see is Ben her brother’s best friend The last time she seen or spoken to Ben was 18 months ago after having slept together and she woke up naked alone with nothing but a note saying ‘sorry’ I think it’s safe to safe Frankie is than right to hold on to some deep rooted anger towards himI can’t say too much about the plot of the book as I would give away a major spoiler and there’s simply no way to talk around it but rest assured you are clued up at the beginning Ben gives no explanation to Frankie or her family as to why he disappeared for 2 years but Frankie pretends not to notice or care she just wants to make it through Thanksgiving and get home to her friends Freedom is finally in sight but when Ben is determined to follow Frankie back home and fight for a chance at redemption and to win her back what is she to doI really enjoyed the story and the relationship between Frankie Ben Ben was an amazing MC and his willingness to take whatever Frankie throws at him and still fight for her is commendable Frankie on the other hand did start to irritate me a little The book was a little too predictable for my tastes but the dark twist 34 of the way through had my heart hammering I would really recommend for lovers of romance and fans of HEA’s All in all a wonderful debut for Wright and I look forward to her future work

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All it takes is just one moment to change the course of your life For me it was one perfect nightI have always had a thing for my brother’s best friend Ben When I found him on my parents’ couch drowning his sorrows in a whiskey bottle my attempts to comfort him uickly turned into a night of raw and intense passion My foolish heart hoped. That One Night is the first book published by Josie Wright I won’t lie I needed some time to get my bearings in the story In the beginning Frankie had so much anger and frustration bottled up she was hard to love or connect withEighteen months ago she had a wonderful and steamy night with her lifelong crush her brother’s best friend and then he left the morning after never to be seen again His “sorry” was such a poor excuse certainly when Frankie realized she was pregnantTo say her parents reacted badly is a euphemism as they called her a whre suspecting she did not know the father’s child as she was “known” to sleep around As I don’t like girls selling their charms or jumping from guy to guy I know if it’s a man he is a womanizer and is seen with envy and admiration Unfair Yes my feelings were conflicted for what was the female lead character of the story Not a good sign right But that was before I saw what a good mother she was to her son Archer Frankie was very courageous not relying on her parents and still studying to get her degree and make a future for her son Frankie was helped by her chosen family of friends I loved that family her best friend Dean with his mate Alex and a tattooed wise woman all living together in a big house They also got their neighbor’s help She was an older woman they “abruptly” met for the first time”We nearly ran her a over when she shot out of nowhere on her inline skates in front of the moving truck forcing us to hit the brakes and hold our breath hoping we hadn’t killed an old granny Turned out it was her second time on inline skates and she wasn’t uite there yet”That’s my kind of old lady Now Frankie is back for Thanksgiving as she wants Archer to know his grandparents Surprise surprise Ben the prodigal son and Archer’s father is also back and is sleeping in her house for the holidayThe last time they interacted was that famous night He was drinking whiskey alone in the dark telling he’s been lied to his whole life He was shaken and broken As he left ” after the deed” abandoning Frankie I did not like him eitherFrankie never told who the father was but the cat is soon out of the bag and Ben is shocked to learn he has a son Now he did not turn tail but decided to “man up” and follow Frankie to live in her house and learn to know Archer He wants to win Frankie back and prove he can be a good father” You don’t trust me and that’s okay Because I’ll fight for you and I will win back your trust I will win you back”If Frankie got my respect uite uickly once she stopped being angry all the time and showed her nurturing and caring side Ben was difficult to “grasp” and soto connect with He was very helpful as he had “magic hands” and could work on renovating the house He also took his fair share of Archer’s “duty” playing with the little boy watching over him giving bath etc But as he remained closed off hiding the reason he left eighteen months ago and kept so many secrets he did not only kept Frankie out but me too I did not trust him and never knew what to think of him Don’t worry he redeemed himself and ended being a really good guy and a great dadIf I needed some time adjusting in the beginning maybe because the author had not yet found her “mojo” it flowed effortlessly soon enough and I ended immersed in the storyWhat will you find in this book a second chance at love story with a single mom I love that kind

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That One Night That One Series 1Inning me back He plays dirty And he won’t stop until he gets what he wants meBut he has secrets of his own Secrets that could destroy everything we might have and everything we areNot suitable for under 18's due to strong language violence and sexual contentThis book is an interconnected standalone and first in the seriesapprox 86000 word. Loved this #secondchanceromance blurb grabbed me a few weeks ago when I added this one to my to read listI want to start by saying reading the blurb will have most thinking they know how this one on folds and on some level yes you do but the secrets are layered in this one making for a wonderful readHaving said that I am going to try to keep the review to only what is revealed in the blurb which is that Francine Frankie is the mom to a young son from “That One Night” with her brother’s best friend BenI am going to pause here and say I loved Ben I know I know a man who had sex and ran a man who leaves a childhood friend alone and pregnant should have me pissed but there are reasons and there were so many times my heart hurt for BenSpeaking of things I loved I adored watching Ben learn to become a Daddy and his easy way with Archer his son captured my heart I also loved Ben’s mom and in the end the use of her spoke volumes to this author's ability to weave a story togetherThe connection Ben and Frankie share is tangible to reader and as they reconnect it was so enjoyable to see them create a family before they jumped back into bed oh and when they do yes this book gets hotThat One Night did an amazing job with the theme of mental illness and the fear that surrounds it Those who know me know this theme is close to my heart Ms Wright did this theme justice and then some How it was handled and the why truly allows the reader to feel that Ben Frankie and Archer will be happy together nope not explainingIf you love second chance romance or friends to lovers stories I highly recommend this one