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REVIEW ´ Paul is Dead ↠ Paul McCartney is not a celebrity himself but works on the edges of that industry unhappily toiling away at a tabloid devoted to famous deaths and the public's ongoing fascination with them But one day he discovers a mysterious red button on a back wall of his new house which when pressed causes the immediate death of a celebrity someFans of Will Self or Chuck Palahniuk You might not think a book about death would begin with the word life written 27 times in a row but then you have yet to enter the strange but compelling world of Paul is Dead Best approached with caution and with tongue firmly in cheekDownload a free copy of the ebook or order the trade paperback at cclapcentercompaulisdead. Stephen Moles has perfected the art of being his own straight man and in this novel the dual nature of writerly reflection becomes part of the plot To read this book is to press a big red button that causes an invidious and superfluous part of ourselves to kick the bucket Good riddance Without our inner celebrity clogging up the moralistic works we are free to walk a joyful turkey walk of literary delight Gobble

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Paul McCartney is not a celebrity himself but works on the edges of that industry unhappily toiling away at a tabloid devoted to famous deaths and the public's ongoing fascination with them But one day he discovers a mysterious red button on a back wall of his new house which when pressed causes the immediate death of a celebrity sometimes half a world away And. DISCLOSURE I am the owner of the small press that published this bookHey check out what CCLaP will be publishing this January 26th It's a darkly funny absurdist tale in the style and tradition of all those great bizarro authors I've had a chance to meet over the years through Goodreads even though Stephen's has a little of a Will Self style mainstream sheen to the subject matter An unhappy employee at a celebrity gossip mag discovers a big red button on the back wall of his new place and a random celebrity somewhere on the planet dies every time he presses it; but that's just the start of his problems a tale that delves heavily into dopplegangers alternative realities psychic eyeballs in glass jars and all kinds of other fun stuff Stephen's an amazing writer at the start of his career who deserves a bigger audience than he currently has so I hope all of you get a chance to check out this funny smart thought provoking yet deeply weird novella of his which can be read in its entirety in a single afternoon And speaking of this we are handing out free ebook copies of this title to each and every Goodreads member who wants one in return for your promise to post your honest thoughts about it here after you're done; so just drop me a line at ilikejasongmailcom if you'd like one or simply send me a message here


Paul is DeadWhat does this have to do with the eyeball in a glass jar that his biggest fan has recently mailed to him Find out the darkly hilarious answer in this full length debut of British absurdist author Stephen Moles A rousingly bizarro exploration of fame identity and mortality this novella will make you laugh and cringe in eual measure a perfect read for existing. When I saw Bizarro and Paul I automatically assumed this was going to be a sort of Alt Lit autobiography about the actual Paul McCartney And I was honestly surprised to see this in the catalog of CCLaP at first I thought Why would CCLaP publish bizarro Since most of the books they publish cater to the literary genres slice of life genres from what I read so far But then I remember that Scott Navicky's novel Humboldt and The Power of Positive Thinking was one of their weirdest novels So of course I was wrong they would publish this Paul Is Dead is a sort of rare novelnovella in the bizarro genre It's fulfilling meaningful and has a balanced amount of humor absurdist magical realism and it somehow gave me that warm feeling of I read a really good and meaningful book The only ones I can think of at the moment that fits that criteria is CV Hunt's Thanks For Ruining My Life and Caris O'Malley's The Egg Said Nothing The main character is named Paul McCartney He's not actually Paul McCartney but the music of The Beatles the song All You Need is Love dictates his heartbeat and apparently his life This music is not my generation and I only heard and liked the album Revolver so I'm now listening to this on repeat as I write this Unlike the real McCartney who is apparently filled with love especially since he can't remain single I'm not saying you can't be married at 68 or 72 but Observing the same morbid observing the same morbid obsessions and hypocrisies passing daily through the glossy pages like faecal matter had caused him to feel permanently disgusted at himself and the worldAnyway this Paul is a misanthrope He hates everyone and maybe doesn't trust anyone he's socially awkward and isolates himself He gets some money and lives in a house filled with turkeys his only friends He hates everyone at his job where he is the writer for a Celebrity news magazine that is dedicated to writing mournful articles about dead celebrities and most of all he hates celebrity culture and the people who fawn over itDid the maker of the button and sign not realize that their forbiddance was like an enticementThis is when the bizarro kicks in out of nowhere and for no reason at all there is a red button where he lives amongst his turkey friends At first he ignores it but then decides to press it And guess what happens celebrities die by his hand And that's enough for plot discussionHe was the black cloud of the office always seem to be raining on any parade he drifted over while he viewed his ability to flood conversations with negativity as an excellent way of exposing the lack of depth of his coworkersUnlike most bizarro novels the prose is full and lurid at times containing a musical rhythm Moles' writing doesn't contain the monotone voice of the Alt Lit generation not hating on Alt Lit but Tao Lin prose is getting tired I was able to build scenery which was something that hasn't happened for awhile with me lately I've been having the hardest time building imagery in my head as I read The prose and voice are strong enough for me to get absorbed in the book The whole offbeat humor of this novella was such a nice change in my recent readings Although for a good portion of the novella I kept imagining the main character as the main guy from Freddy Got Fingered I wasn't sure why except for the reason that this novel contains the dark satirical brow lifting humor much like that movie The beat of a lonely heart reflecting itself spells deathMoney Money MoneyCan't Buy MeLove Love LovePaul Is Dead contains some giggles but also has a moral lesson to it Yeah some people will roll their eyes But it's like a movie where the anti social Paul finally realizes how much of an arse he was and realized that hating himself and everyone else will not give him love There's an eyeball and a dude named Ramon who teaches him that Trying not to spoil stuff This little tome which is odd for this genre was deeply personal in its gut punch way of telling someone that love is indeed the acceptance of yourself killing off forms of you that are in a sense useless because they prevent mental and physical growth murdering all of your flaws to love To love you To love everyone Because you know love destroys all including you but only the bad stuffRating 55Originally posted here