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Smaller and Smaller Circles Summary Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ This harrowing mystery winner of the Philippine National Book Award follows two Catholic priests on the hunt through Manila for a brutal serial killerPayatas a 50 acre dump northeast of Manila’s uezon City is home to thousands of people who live off of whatKup for police efforts Together with his protégé Father Jerome Lucero a psychologist Saenz dedicates himself to tracking down the monster preying on these impoverished boys Smaller and Smaller Circles widely regarded as the first Filipino crime novel is a poetic masterpiece of literary noir a sensitive depiction of a time and place and a fascinating story about the Catholic Church and its place in its devotees’ lives. 3 stars It was goodA fairly predictable mystery but I really enjoyed the Filipino cultural inclusions in the novel I had also never read a murder mystery where Jesuit priests are collaborating with the police to solve a case which made for an intriguing juxtaposition Favorite uote We are powerless when we wait for other people to act on our behalfFirst Sentence Emil is running after his slum kids panting in the noonday sun loosening the high collar of his shirt as he goes

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This harrowing mystery winner of the Philippine National Book Award follows two Catholic priests on the hunt through Manila for a brutal serial killerPayatas a 50 acre dump northeast of Manila’s uezon City is home to thousands of people who live off of what they can scavenge there It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in a city whose law enforcement is already stretched thin devoid of forensic resources and rife with. Kudos to F H Batacan for writing the only contemporary detective Filipino novel in English She who now resides in Singapore made a breakthrough with this book as it proved that Filipinos do read and appreciate good books outside our usual genres love romance family drama humor politics and comicsWell aside from the fact this book being a reuired reading in some colleges particularly in Philippine Literature courses I think there are still some of us who read this for pleasure I think Filipinos reading our local books are not still not totally extinctThe book is a legitimate mystery detective crime novel I would not say that it is at par as those of Agatha Christie's Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's or Raymond Chandler's Still it is uite a good try especially as it is Batacan's debut novel The first half is very interesting Characters are built thoroughly the milieu is described vividly the situation is clear and engaging the prose is direct and almost no frills Almost because the irritating phrases in different languages spoken by one of the secondary characters are proven in the end to have no purpose but for Batacan is she a polygot to show off The type of killing of the unknown in the first half serial killer is also too close to what has been shown in the 1991 Oscar Best Picture winner The Silence of the LambsThe second half of the books seems to have been rushed through It is as if Batacan took a sweet time going through her first half and she is afraid to exceed the prescribed number of pages so she just tied up the loose ends haphazardly Too bad because she is able to engage me thoroughly in the first half only to piue interest in the second The identity of the author is also revealed too early ie right at the start of the second half that is atypical of the writing convention for mystery novels That made the last few pages anti climactic if not unneededOverall again this is a breakthrough book I had never read something like this in the Philippine literature until now I hope to read Batacan novels very soon Thank you Kristel for giving me a copy of this book Mabuhay ka

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Smaller and Smaller CirclesCorruption So when the eviscerated bodies of preteen boys begin to appear in the dump heaps there is no one to seek justice on their behalfIn the rainy summer of 1997 two Jesuit priests take the matter of protecting their flock into their own hands Father Gus Saenz is a respected forensic anthropologist one of the few in the Philippines and has been tapped by the Director of the National Bureau of Investigations as a bac. 10 9 8A circle is formed in the middle of the ground Those found outside are dead Ravaged by unknown beings in the darkness Those that remain in the circle lives7 6 5 But the circle grows small More and people fall off the edge and is smothered by the dark flames Makes you want to think Is this hell But the silence in the darkness just covers your voice You sueak now and then you realize all that remains is you alone The circle continues to shrink below your feet until I does not even fit your own shadow You wanted to seek your own corner and hide there for eternity But the curves tell you other wise 4 3The circle suffocates you now Heaving large drops of sweat falls Heaving2 1 SCREAMZero Wake up now It was a dream after all You sigh in relief A relaxed smile forms the corner of your eyes blurs with tears readying to fall You may laugh now you tell yourself It was only a dream you comfort yourself But your laughter is drawn in by an unexplainable thing You see a circle is forming in the groundYou can't run awayThe circle has no endBefore I considered surrendering myself to being a physician I wanted to become a forensic psychologist and this book dissected the two in creating the main characters A Psychologist and an Anthropologist Odd they had to be priests so can't really try crushing on them without feeling any guilt But I love them anyway So how could two religious people do a job that called for science The curious one in me savored the complexity of their character development I see how they err as humans and see their divinity in the end And I was eually satisfied by the supporting casts I liked the twist in the mind of the suspect and the attempt of his family for retribution The only person I was seriously doubting regarding her role is the reporter Her existence in the story even after knowing her prestigious background does not contribute anything in the plot except maybe for having a third party to witness the relationship dynamics of the two priests This book is well written and well researched Even the contrast of the settings from Payatas to the rich subdivisions of Makati was well portrayed A story set to thrill you although not uite to stir you in your dreams but real enough because of the scene's familiarity these are its strong points And when you least expect itthe circles they come