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Angel in Training Louisiangel #1Ctive Joshua Walsh There's no denying the attraction between Angel and Joshua only Michael has pretty strict rules no drinking no drugs and certainly no relationships with humans Thankfully she's got other things to deal with like trying to convince Joshu. More reviews available at my blog Beauty and the BookwormAngel in Training is the first book in the Lousiangel paranormal fantasy stories I'm not sure how to classify it other than as just paranormal It's not paranormal romance which is where the paranormal genre tends to go It involves angels who roam the streets of New Orleans delivering messages mostly or protecting charges in a few cases and converting potentials into angels sometimes Our main character here is actually named Angelina aka you guessed it Angel This is the subject of some joking in the book but honestly it just made me grind my teeth because I hated it Luckily the book is written in first person I'm usually not a huge first person fan but in this case it kept me from having to read Angel the angel or something every few linesAngel is stabbed during a night out with her friends and when a shadowy figure asks if she'd like eternal life or eternal happiness she says that she doesn't want to die without uite reading the fine print She wakes up six months later as an angel in training sort of possessing her old body which was never found She's essentially been missing ever since that night Now as an angel in training she should have enhanced strength and speed but keeps being told she's too hung up on still being mortal to actually use them Her new boss is the archangel Michael and there's another archangel in residence at the convent where she now lives too Cupid Yes that Cupid Angel also happens to be the only female non cherubim who are apparently like angsty teenagers who do housework but heavenly in the place There's really no good reason given for this She's also the only angel in training and the only person who might be on track to some day become an archangel She is indeed a #specialsnowflakeNow I know I'm complaining But honestly I think it's warranted I almost dropped this book because the whole setup was just so hokey Once the plot actually gets going it does improve somewhat but I'm not sure it ever recovered from the eye rolling at the beginning Angel has a sassy personality which is cool but not necessarily atypical for female characters in books like this And her side job aside from training is where I think the strengths of the book are Her side job Protecting a detective in training Joshua who is investigating a murder that looks strangely like Angel's own Of course Joshua doesn't believe Angel is an angel Do you see why this got annoying uickly In order to win his trust she decides to help him investigate the murder which ends up being not one murder but a string all of them different on the surface but with an underlying commonality As Angel and Joshua follow the leads Joshua continues to hit on Angel which she both likes because he's super hot and doesn't like because she's not allowed to get involved with anyone let alone her own chargeThere's also something floating around the background here about different types of supernatural beings derived from angels like the Fallen and the Nephilim but that's another thing that's not fully developed and I don't feel like the good main plot ever reached a really good conclusion again the tie up felt a little half baked And then there's the AngelMichael thing I'm not sure why it was included because there's no indication that it's actually going to develop into something Very strange I'm also struggling with why they use swords and bows in a modern urban contexteven though bows made of wood from trees in the Garden of Eden is a cool concept And why the heck didn't Angel have a cell phone This seems like a terrible oversight on everyone's part that was just to contrive the plotOverall I think this book and this series have potential Maybe the future books once Angel is out of training will be a little stronger in plot and a little lighter in running on treadmills I liked Angel as a character though she had her whiny moments and I do hate her name Joshua was cool and I really actually like Michael; I would love to see him play a prominent role But I'm not convinced that this book on its own was great With the contrivances and some really awkward sentence structures throughout I think it could have used another re think and polish before going out Still I have hopes for the future books and haven't written this series or this author off3 stars out of 5

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After a night out turns fatal a misunderstanding with the Archangel Michael presents Angel with a chance at Eternal Life the opportunity to earn her wings and one day become an archangel herselfAngel is given the task of protecting her charge trainee dete. I love urban fantasy so I'm always on the hunt for something a bit different and I spotted this I picked this up and read it in a day as I was so curious as to how it would end Now I realise there's a whole lot to come but what a ride it isSo there is Angel on a girls night out and what do you know someone mortally stabs her She doesn't see her attacker but she does see and hear the beautiful man who comes to her rescue Offered the choice of eternal happiness or eternal life Angel chooses life but waking up dead is not what she expected Angel is an angel in training and in order to earn her wings she has to help save Joshua but how on earth can she do that Then there's the whole issue of being pure no drugs no smoking no sex and no alcohol Ok I won't lie and Angel has no trouble with the first two but the last two on that list are kind of problematic because there's so much eye candy everywhere From the gorgeous archangel Michael to the almost too perfect messenger angels and dont get me started on Angels feelings for her hot charge Joshua So the uestion is just how can Angel help JoshuaI liked Angel particularly as she gives as good as she gets and her interactions with strict and somewhat stiff Michael had me laughing She's written as uite normal really not exactly perfect but not a bad girl either She clearly loves life and embraces challenges but I did wonder why it took her so long to start uestioning her own demise No spoilers here but it's perhaps not as straightforward as it first appears but clearly part of a much wider story arcSo I've already briefly mentioned Michael but there are one or two other characters that stand out Cupid yes that one is fun and so far a good friend to Angel and then of course there's the Cherubim Veronica with her emo ways and a huge chip on her shoulder Last but not least I have to mention Joshua he's young he has a sad history but I can't help wondering just why he is exactly where he is There's a brief mention of how he came to be doing the job he is and I'm imagining all sorts of evil doings but to say would ruin the fun I feel a little like those two children following a trail of breadcrumbsThis book is ideal for those seeking a story that doesn't rely on endless sex scenes to titilate the reader Perfect for fans of young adult stories and whilst it's about angels I didn't feel bogged down by too much religious detail which I know puts some readers off Book two is already available so I'm off to pick that up and see just what Angel gets up to nextI was gifted a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

CHARACTERS Angel in Training (Louisiangel, #1)

READ & DOWNLOAD Angel in Training (Louisiangel, #1) · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ After a night out turns fatal a misunderstanding with the Archangel Michael presents Angel with a chance at Eternal Life the opportunity to earn her wings and one day become an archangel herselfAngel is given the task of proteA New Orleans has a serial killer who is preying on other angel potentials like herselfAngel must uickly learn that when keeping someone safe doing the right thing is not always the easiest especially when you've got an archangel looking over your shoulde. Angel in Training by CLCoffey Louisiangel #1 Angel in Training by CLCoffey Louisiangel #1 tells the story about how Angelina Angel for short earns her wings as an angelOne night after Angel was out drinking with her friends she is stabbed and left for dead Archangel Michael comes along and asks if she wants eternal happiness or Eternal life Angel chooses eternal life so Michael takes her back to the convent he acuired and starts her training Michael assigns her a charge who is a police detective named JoshuaAngel tells Joshua that there is a serial killer in town so they try to connect the dots During this time Angel connects with Joshua but she knows she cannot do anything with him because Michael has given her rules and that is one of the top ones Also there is an underlying connection between her and the Archangel MichaelJoshua ends up kidnapped by another angel and Angel comes to save him and all hell breaks looseThe plot of the story was very good and the character development was on point The characters were definitely uniue and very interesting I think my favorite character is Cupid He was just a hootDefinitely can’t wait for the next in the series 40