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Read & download ↠ Obsession É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ A standalone dark romance you need to read sitting downWhen drowning one grabs the first lifeline thrown without regard to who holds the rope Harlow Masters is alone in the world after a tragic event in her life She finds comfEyes to the darkness surrounding her A forbidden attraction builds between them until decisions have to be made Does she stay with the older man and marry him Or does his nephew help her fleeNO CHEATI. 3 I Needed More Stars One man makes me feel safe and secure while the other scares me with his demandsHarlow Masters life is everything she never expected After watching her mother be murdered by the hands of her mother's boyfriend Harlow wakes up in a hospital under the care of Dr James Elliot LoveIt can break hearts and make messes out of orderly lives Having no one to turn to James is a savior for Harlow He brings her home and takes care of her and gets her back on her feet The care he gives her turns into an obsession for James James convinces Harlow to marry him He has her mind totally under his control He controls what she wears where she goes who she can spend time with LoveIt's the particles of dust that remain hidden in the air until light shines and illuminates them Until that time is spent with James' nephew Sinclair Sin Elliot Sin is everything Harlow should not want or crave Sinclair is coming to stay with James and Harlow for 4 weeks so he can clearkship at his uncles clinic Seeing him the first time is an emotional awakening from within The sparks that instantly fly are undeniable Meeting is about to send Harlow into a mind tale spin and opening her eyes to life she could have Getting to know Harlow in a short amount of time things are not adding up between his uncle and Harlow's relationship Sin has a feeling something bad is going on and he is going to find out what is going on to save the woman that has captured his thoughts and is twisting at his heart The secrets the Sin uncovers breaks the obsessive hold James has on Harlow and their lives are opened to a new path not expected by anyone LoveIt's a captor and I'm it's prisonerI liked this book I didn't like this book I loved the characters I hated the characters I am so all over the place with this story I can usually handle insta love story lines but this one was hard for me to grasp I can usually handle a weak woman to a pointbut Harlow had me wanting to slap her She had no backbone what so everI MEAN NONE The dialogue between them all felt very teenagerish and had me rolling my eyes a but I resorted to skimming the last 40% of the book because nothing really happened except for bursts of HELL YES moments only to be just brief moments of goodnessThe title of this bookI have no idea what it had to do with this story The Screw and the Kill parts are NOT what they seemOveralldecent book that just needed of the dark and less of the gooey insta LOVE

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A standalone dark romance you need to read sitting downWhen drowning one grabs the first lifeline thrown without regard to who holds the rope Harlow Masters is alone in the world after a tragic event. Can't wait to share this book with you It's a standalone that you need to read SITTING DOWN Watch for updates

Summary Obsession

ObsessionIn her life She finds comfort and safety in the arms of a prestigious doctor James Elliott but his love for her turns into a wicked obsessionWhen the doctor's nephew Sinclair visits town he opens her. 2 I’m all out of sorts starsIf you know anything about me is that is that I hardly post two star reviews A lot of factors come into my ratingFirst off I think I had different expectations going into this book When I read the premise I felt like I was going to go into this crazy dark physiological thriller I was looking forward to getting to know the two men and figuring out which one the Heroine will pickNo it’s not even closely about that It’s about a young woman a very weak sad and lonely women in a relationship with man she doesn’t loveSo I had to kind of change my frame of mind It’s a lighter book with a typical storyline but the guy she is with is kind of twisted which I likeBut there’s something about the main character that I couldn’t connect with I love a damsel in distress but a weak Heroine is hard for me to like She depends on her fiancé for everything He picks out what she wears who she goes out with what she does all the time and yes it bothers her don’t think it’s a crazy Domsub relationship no she’s very unhappyAnd what does she do Nothing but cryIt was a little frustratingThen comes the younger man The one that will save the day I couldn’t connect with the Hero and the Heroine I didn’t see nor feel the chemistry Maybe it’s because view spoilerTHERE’s ZERO sex Oh wait they do sleep together at the 95% mark hide spoiler