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Eight Hundred Grapes Download ✓ 109 Í There are secrets you share and secrets you hideGrowing up on her family’s Sonoma vineyard Georgia Ford learned some important secrets The secret number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine eight hundred The secret ingredient in her mother’s lasagna chocolate The secret behind ending a fight hOrgia does what she’s always done she returns to the family vineyard expecting the comfort of her long married parents and her brothers and everything familiar But it turns out her fiancé is not the only one who’s been keeping secrets. minor edits some stuff was messed up haha45 stars rounded up Wasn't that the gift of a home You looked at it the same way but then when you needed it to it showed you all over again the many ways you'd been during the time you had been living there The many ways it brought you back to yourself The many ways it still brought you back to yourselfA lovely book that pulls you into the characters and the scenery it's easy to fall in love here thanks to the wonderful writing setting the stage for everythingThis sort of sums up the story better than me Synchronization my father would say This was a very big word for him Synchronization The coordination of events to operate in union A conductor managing to keep his orchestra in time The impossible meeting of light reflection and time exposure that leads to a perfect photograph Two yellow bugs parked in front of Lincoln Center at the same time the love of your life in one of themThe story starts with one event that leads to Georgia coming back home to her family's vineyard She's just found out as startlingexplosive secret her fiance has kept from her His isn't the only secret though her family each has their own as wellI was captivated by this right away and it was very hard to put down This family has their problems and issues but they are devoted to one anotherSometimes I was rolling my eyes at how stubborn Georgia was but I knew she had to get there on her own Which she does in her own way even if it takes her awhile to see clearly It's one of those 'steady' sorts of novels not moving fast or slow but at the right pace for the characters and the story Georgia'sMiss Dave's descriptions of the place made me feel like I was really there fell in love with Dan and Jen's place and with what they build thereI sensed what Ben's conflict was before Georgia did crossing my fingers for them to make the best decision for everyoneThe ending left me with a smile on my face as well Would recommend not a novel for everyone methinks but it was very enjoyableWell done Miss DaveA great review of the book here Bonnie's review

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There are secrets you share and secrets you hideGrowing up on her family’s Sonoma vineyard Georgia Ford learned some important secrets The secret number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine eight hundred The secret ingredient in h. Synchronization Everything lines up like a sign of where you are supposed to be But what do you give up Because you give something up As simple—and complicated—as the other line the other way your life could have been if you had taken a different path Synchronization Happens with reading too Sometimes a book lands itself in the hands of a reader who truly relishes the narrative journey Times just like this Eight Hundred Grapes and I met at the library by happenstance An afternoon dedicated to perusing the myriad of possibilities aligning this reader with a charming tale of love family and winemaking A women’s fiction pick with an ode to life’s many choices a touch of humor and did I mention wine Witty and nuanced Laura Dave’s style drew me in with little effort Her combination of words welcoming me into the heart of the Ford family and their multitude of secrets Starting with Georgia Clad in her wedding dress during the final fitting Georgia makes a disheartening discovery about her fiancé Ben Something he’s purposely kept from her while navigating his feelings A secret so life altering it warrants an impulsive nine hour drive from LA to northern California Seeking clarity Georgia returns to her two constants family and their winemaking at The Last Straw vineyard On the brink of one of the most important decisions of her life—bride to be or no longer—Georgia comes to find that every member of her family has issues of their own Her parents are on the precipice of extreme change—in ways than one—and for some unknown reason her older twin brothers are at complete odds Spelling drama and secrets galore for the Ford family While attempting to make headway through the family turmoil Georgia unwittingly takes inventory of her own life And faces the hard truth that we can get so caught up in living the life we think we want we fail to recognize when we’re unhappy Or unfulfilled The same can be said about those around us Each character in their own right proving disruption can be the catalyst for necessary changeMuch like a bottle of wine Eight Hundred Grapes is composed of a variety of notes Notes likely to leave a lasting impression on the palates of those readers who appreciate relatable women’s fictionFellow Elin Hilderbrand fans this one brought me back to holidays spent at the Winter Street Inn Completely different plot lines but a similar focus on family drama and life change Thanks to the FCPL for the borrowed copy

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Eight Hundred GrapesEr mother’s lasagna chocolate The secret behind ending a fight hold handsBut just a week before her wedding thirty year old Georgia discovers her beloved fiancé has been keeping a secret so explosive it will change their lives foreverGe. Miranda Lambert once sang about a house that built her entire being Georgia Ford's life soundtrack could be summed up in that song but it's than a house it's also a vineyardThis book was a gem I enjoyed every page and this family I loved the Ford Family They reminded me of mine in a way except my parents were split and I had one sister and no brothers The heart of this book reminded me of my own we have a beautiful farm that has been in our family for 100 years and if my dad tried to sell it I would be selling my kidneys to buy it The characters were perfect for this book and I could literally picture this book as a movie in my head as I read it Georgia is a strong and resilient woman who thinks she knows what she wants but in the end her past catches up with her and I can understand why My past as hers made me who I am My family farm made me who I am as the vineyard does for herSuch a magnificent read