characters Kristy's Great Idea 107

characters Kristy's Great Idea

characters Kristy's Great Idea 107 º Kristy thinks the Baby sitters Club is a great idea She and her friends Claudia Stacey and Mary Anne all love taking care of kids A club will give them the chance to have lots of fun and make tons of moneyBut nobody counted on crank calls uncontrollable two year olds wild pets and parents who don't always tell the truthKristy thinks the Baby sitters Club is a great idea She and her friends Claudia Stacey and Mary Anne all love taking care of kids A club will give them the cha. I am using the first Baby Sitter's Club to represent the approximately I don't know 100 plus BSC novels I not only read but owned in my late elementary early middle school years I was in love with these novels and even belonged to the BSC Book Club where two novels in seuential order were mailed to me every month or bimonthly I don't really remember I was gifted the BSC board game which was terrible but amusing My sisters and I even used these novels as textbooks when we played dorm room I know what weird nerdy kids we were Looking back I realize that these novels were terribly written However they illustrated to a young and somewhat impressionable child that it was okay to be any type of girl one wanted to be sporty into fashion about saving the earth etc and the members of the BSC entertained me for hours on end Note The BSC novels are ranked five stars simply to emphasize the many hours of reading bliss and entertainment they provided and should not be misinterpreted as a reflection of their literary value

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Nce to have lots of fun and make tons of moneyBut nobody counted on crank calls uncontrollable two year olds wild pets and parents who don't always tell the tr. Like so many '90s kids I was obsessed with The Baby sitters Club OBSESSED I still have most of my collection I sadly got rid of the many doubles I had but I haven't really revisited the series as an adult I was afraid that they'd feel really dated and it would tarnish the memory I have of them But yesterday the nostalgia got too much for me and I decided to pick up Kristy's Great Idea for the first time in about 20 years And while aspects of the plot certainly are dated so much of it hinges on the use of landlines I was surprised by how much I still enjoyed the book – and especially how much I enjoyed the character of KristyI was never really a Kristy girl I had little in common with the outgoing sporty boy hating president of the BSC Her big mouth and bossiness annoyed me at times But as an adult I've got to say I actually loved those things about her From the very first line of the book she hooked me The Baby sitters Club I'm proud to say it was totally my idea That line feels audacious in a way it probably shouldn't I mean we're still having conversations about how female protagonists are freuently criticised for being unlikeable yet here is Kristy Thomas bragging about her intelligence from the first page and being lectured by her teacher for lacking decorum on the second and not really giving a fuck about any of it except that it means she has extra homework She's a 12 year old girl who doesn't care what others think who speaks her mind who not only comes up with brilliant ideas but puts them into action who makes mistakes and is sometimes rude and messy but tries to learn and grow What a gift of a character – even if I didn't fully appreciate her when I was youngI also loved that there was space for Kristy's complex feelings about her family and friendships I got the feeling that The Baby sitters Club was as much a desperate attempt to keep her changing friendship group from splintering as it was about trying to make money or solve her mum's problem of not being able to find a sitter So yeah I may have gotten a little emotional at the last line I hoped that Mary Anne Claudia Stacey and I – The Baby sitters Club – would stay together for a long time BECAUSE THEY DID YOU GUYS THEY DIDAnyway I didn't expect to get so soppy about this book so let me uickly sum up some other random observations I had while reading• This very much feels like an origin story where the characters we know and love are yet to reach their most well known forms Like Kristy never once wears jeans and a turtleneck She wears skirts and blouses with knee high socks oh my • Speaking of clothes there were 4 detailed outfit descriptions two Claudia two Stacey and they were all as delightfully bonkers as I remember My favourite is Claudia's when she wears a baggy yellow and black checked shirt black pants red jazz shoes and a bracelet that looked like it was made from telephone cord Her earrings were dangling jointed skeletons • Also at one point Claudia tells Kristy she still dresses like a baby and when Kristy points out Claudia is wearing sheep barrettes this happens 'Sheep' Claudia informed me witheringly 'are in' Incredible• On the subject of Claudia and Kristy a big undercurrent of the book as I mentioned above is the growing divide between them best summed up in this amazing description of Claudia She's wearing a bra and the way she talks you'd think boys had just been invented There are several mentions of Claudia's obsession with boys and Kristy's utter lack of interest in them meanwhile Kristy tells Claudia she’s beautiful And on one hand this is all a very normal part of growing up and people developing at different stages and in different ways and on the other hand I think we can all agree Kristy DEFINITELY has a secret crush on Claudia • Even though this is a Kristy book I love that all the girls go on their own journeys and by the end Mary Anne is standing up to her dad Claudia is negotiating time spent on art vs homework with her parents and Stacey tells the other girls about her diabetes which leads to a really nice moment where Kristy tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of • I totally shipped Stacey and Kristy’s brother Sam when I was young and I still do tbh I mean Sam thinks Stacey is a “foxy chick” and she thinks he’s a “gorgeous hunk” It’s obviously meant to be Even Kristy thinks so – she has the “BSC is a success” slumber party at her house party so Stacey can see Sam again Nothing but respect for MY president • I feel VERY OLD saying this but I was shook that Stacey at age 12 is allowed out until 10pm on weekends and David Michael age 6 walks home from school by himself and has his own house key Don’t even get me started on 12 year olds being left alone to care for small childrengoing to houses of families they don’t know At one point when Kristy shows up at a house and there are no kids around even SHE begins to think she might get murdered It turns out that she’s there to care for two dogs but it COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE and it feels like this prospect is just never addressed again I guess as the series goes on they actually know all the families BUT STILL• BTW the fact that Kristy bans pet sitting after the dog job was perhaps her worst idea excepting the one in book 100 Kristy’s Worst Idea because it’s an easy way they all could have made money • Speaking of dogs Louie the collie made me weirdly emotional I vaguely remember that he dies at one point and I'm not ready for it should I continue rereading this series Is that ridiculous Do I care• I got to the end of the book and discovered I’d filled in the notebook pages using my suiggle pen at age 11 Highlights include me believing I was most like Claudia wishful thinking and saying that if I ever wrote a BSC book it would be about “boys” I was as boy crazy as Staceyand still am tbh Also the fact that I wanted to start my own club called the “Pre teen Sensations” where we’d have no officers and no meetings but a lot of fun • Of course the character I am really most like is Boo Boo The fat cursed attack cat who looks like “a pillow with legs attached” and doesn’t like to be touched by strangers A legend

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Kristy's Great IdeaUth And then there's Stacey who's acting and mysterious Having a baby sitters club isn't easy but Kristy and her friends aren't giving up until they get it rig. The Baby Sitters Club was a success I Kristin Amanda Thomas had made it work Kristy accepting the 1986 Mahatma Ghandi Award for Most Humble 12 Year Old EverWas Claudia described as having almond shaped eyesSurprisingly no Although she was described as exoticWas Mimi's accent described as rollingNopeHow many times was the word incredulously usedTwiceWhat Would Claudia Wear Short very baggy lavender plaid overalls a white lacy blouse a black fedora red high top sneakers with no socks A baggy yellow and black checked shirt black pants red jazz shoes a bracelet that looked like a telephone cord and dangling jointed skeleton earrings An outrageous red felt hatWhat About Stacey Stacey was wearing a pink sweatshirt with seuins and a large purple parrot on the front short tight fitting jeans with zippers up the outsides of the legs and pink plastic shoes A matching top and skirt made out of gray sweatshirt material with big yellow number tens all over it hair clips shaped like rainbows and little silver whistles dangling from her ears Red plaid wool pants with red suspenders What the fck is it withthese girls and suspendersuit letting 12 Year Olds Watch Your Goddamn KidsOh my gosh I cried I forgot It's TuesdayTuesday is my day towatch David Michael I'm supposed to beat him home Otherwise he getshome first and has to watch himself David Michael is my 6 year old brotherSo what about this baby sitting club Well I replied After much discussion and negligence We were interrupted by a thump and a wail Jamie had fallen off one of the swingsAwwwwwwwwwkwardAre your parents divorced too I askedNope They've been married for fifteen yearsMine have been married for twentyMy mother died when I was a baby said Mary Anne uietly She had cancerStacey looked embarrassed Well I really better goBitchI'm sorry Watson I mumbled I walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs When I was halfway up I yelled over my shoulder I'm sorry you're a terrible fatherReally Kristy A sweater with snowflakes and snowmen on it You look like a four year oldWell you've got sheep barrettes in your hair I yelled You thinkthey're adultSheep Claudia informed me witheringly are inAre you accusing my mother of lying Stacey criedI thought for a moment I guess soSrsly EwOver fondue Watson made this rule that if your bread fell off your fork and landed in the cheese you had to kiss the person sitting on your rightAnd then it happened I was just sticking my fork into the pot when my bread fell off and landed in the cheese Guess who was on my right WatsonKiss daddy kiss daddy cried Karen