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review é But I Said Forever · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Expect little forgive muchAfter a whirlwind courtship Brittany Beresford married her Prince Charming and looked forward to living happily ever after Five years later she’s been reduced to a not uite desperate housewife with a husband who spends time flossing his Bies” include something even worse than golf and he expects her to put up and shut upFairy tale illusions shattered but still believing marriage is for life and wanting the best for her son Brittany has a choice to make should she follow her heart or her conscien. Brittany has the perfect life on paper anyway A beautiful home a successful husband and a gorgeous baby She's living the life her parent's expected of her But something about the latest move has unsettled Brittany and she's starting to uestion if her life is perfect at all Her husband Phillip rarely pays her any attention and she isn't feeling as maternal as she expected to be A stroll around the Cornish town ends up with Brittany getting a job in a bakery and suddenly she's feeling empowered and uestioning her life even There is a lot to love about this book with the addition of superb secondary characters who add a little extra dimension to this easy going read What I didn't like was Phillip At times I wanted to shake Brittany for putting up with him and that was before she discovered his nasty secret But I understood the reasons for her behaviour I don't like change either and when you have a lot to lose by taking a brave step then sometimes it's better the devil you know So yes I hated Phillip but probably because I liked bakery chef Zach so much So much so that I wanted of Brittany and ZachI didn't realise this is the second book of a series until I finished making this a perfect standalone and a good excuse to read book one A lovely setting and engaging characters make 'But I said Forever' a very enjoyable readARC given in return for honest review

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Expect little forgive muchAfter a whirlwind courtship Brittany Beresford married her Prince Charming and looked forward to living happily ever after Five years later she’s been reduced to a not uite desperate housewife with a husband who spends time flossing his. If you haven't figured this out already life is not ever a fairy tale While there are occasional happily ever afters those oftentimes tend to be the exception and not the rule They also tend to reuire a LOT of work the stuff you don't see Cinderella and Prince Charming having to do There is a reason why the fairy tales end when the happy couple comes together and not five years into their marriageSuch is the realization Brittany now faces She was eighteen when she met Phillip and he seemed to be everything she wanted A successful doctor gorgeous and even a bit mysterious While a few years of maturation would have helped her uestion a bit have a little skepticism her youth in this case provides an understanding of why she married himShe just did not know betterNow she's twenty three and the mother of a nine month old son She's also feeling a bit unfulfilled Doctor's wife isn't all she wants on her CV yet she lacks the education and work experience to be anything else When a job as a bakery assistant opens up she jumps at it There is the matter of her son though which leads her to a pair of uirky insightful nannies All of the things Brittany can't see are uite evident to her nanniesThen there is Zach the dark mysterious and gorgeous baker where she works He has his own sad tales and he too sees Brittany's marriage for what it is In fact the only one who doesn't is Brittany herself When she finds out one aspect of it she's shocked to the point of actionFinallyYet she's also stupid enough to cling to the fairy tale ideal and is all too willing to believe what she wants to believe in PhillipThere were times while reading this book that I wanted to scream at Brittany She's just so young and so gullible and SO NAIVE Clearly Philip hoped that by marrying a teenager he was gaining a spouse he could mold and manipulate and he did for a while The biggest weakness in this book actually is Phillip Why did Brittany marry him Sure her youth is partly to blame but we are never given a clear indication of what attracted her to him aside from his job title and looks Flashbacks don't reveal a guy with much charisma and charm much less any magnetism The physical side of their marriage is as dull as it comesSo why stay Well to leave means to abandon the fairy tale rightFortunately Brittany is surrounded by people far smarter and far intuitive than she is And THANK GOODNESS otherwise her son would be raised by an idiot for a mother and an arse for a fatherThere is a romance in the book and it unfolds s l o w l y Too slowly TOO FREAKING SLOWLY The fact that Brittany is at all open to it though makes me like her a bit In fact her love interest the nannies and her coworker are what make this book as fun to read as it is Brittany Not so muchI liked this book but there were parts I skimmed through Brittany's blindness and naiveté occasionally felt monotonous and there were moments while reading it that I would check the page numbers and realize oh crud I've still got fifty pages to goJennifer Gilby Roberts has a gift for understanding dialogue and her characters What she needed however was a strong editor to help her make better decisions about what to keep and what to rid herself ofPublished on VoxLibrisnetVoxLibris

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But I Said ForeverTeeth than holding meaningful conversations with herShe braves his disapproval and turns working mother and other than feeling far drawn to a handsome baker she works with than him things seem to be looking up But then Brittany discovers that her husband’s “hob. This is the second story in the series but it can be read as a standalone I haven't read the first book about Brittany's sister Mel but I was able to follow along no problem There were points I wondered about Mel and her relationship with Will but it didn't alter how I felt about this story It just makes me consider going back to read the first bookI liked Brittany Married at 18 now 23 with a young son she decides to take a job at a bakery against her husband's wishes When she discovers her husband's secret which he thinks she should just ignore she has the strength to do what's right for her and her sonThroughout the book numerous secondary characters help her along her path of self discovery My favorite was probably Lauren the nanny that has no problem speaking her mind even if what she has to say is inappropriate Her and Brittany butt heads but she was willing to go undercover to help Brittany find out what her husband was hidingMy least favorite secondary character would have to be Abby She came across as very immature for an 18 year old for most of the bookI would have liked to see what happens between Brittany and Zach but I also liked how the author doesn't have them rushing into anything It was a nice change of pace from other books where people just hop from one relationship to the nextA free copy was provided by the author via LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review