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Heroes Are My WeaknessFor the man a reclusive writer who dwells in Harp House the mysterious mansion that hovers above the cottage When she was a teenager he betrayed her in a way she can never forget or forgive Now they're trapped together on a frozen i. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating C We open with Annie who is trying to find her “legacy” at her late mother’s home on Peregrine Island She doesn’t expect to run into Theo Harp a man who as a young boy made Annie’s life a living hell and almost killed her He now writes grisly horror novels which fits his personality according to Annie and he’s staying at the Harp House near the cottage of Annie’s mother Theo’s twin sister Regan had been a close friend of Annie’s growing up but Regan’s death followed by Theo’s wife killing herself has all added to Annie’s belief that Theo is unstable and she wants to stay far far away from him Yeah right There’s much to Theo and their past together than Annie realizes and not everything is the way she believed it to be As the truth comes out her feelings for Theo change no matter how hard she tries to fight itAnnie was a struggling actress for years and has since starting using puppets and being a ventrilouist as a way to pay the bills Because of this she often thinks in the voices of her puppet’s personalities that she’s created Thisis annoying I know it’s supposed to be charming and a way to get into Annie’s head a little bit as each of the puppets plays on her thoughts and emotions but it came off as Annie just having multiple personalities it was annoying and didn’t read all that smoothly This is especially bad in the beginning when almost all of the conversations on page are between Annie and her puppets Thankfully as Annie starts to meet people and get involved with Theo her talks with her puppets dies down although not completelyI found Theo’s story and history to be the most interesting piece of this book and really would have liked to have been told from his point of view He’s misunderstood but he keeps the truth about so many things hidden playing on his psychobad guy persona that people have labeled him with He’s on the island temporarily to try and finish his next book and he’s not having much luck Instead he finds himself drawn back to Annie and acting as the island’s medical expert even though he’s only ualified as an EMT Annie’s influence brings life back to Theo and he goes from an anti social grump to a man who finally has a ton of weight lifted off his shoulders when he’s able to let some things outThere’s a small suspense storyline surrounding someone trying to force Annie off the island I wasn’t able to really get into that portion of the story I like that it served to bring Theo and Annie closer together but the resolution to this storyline felt a bit weak and easyI struggled with the romance There was a big lack of chemistry on page between these two especially in the bedroom and it’s unfortunate because I know Susan Elizabeth Phillips can bring it for her couples and it just was a letdown here Their first time having sex almost seemed to come out of the blue one sentence they’re kissing the next BAM on the floor having sex and fade to black In general I was left wanting a lot not only when it came to their romance but the relationship in general I just never bought into them as a couple in love with each otherI was ultimately letdown with this story I enjoyed Theo and seeing his progression on page Annie has some fun uirky moments but it wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with her or them as a couple The first half of the book was struggle to get through as the pace felt incredibly slow The second half picks it up a bit especially when about Theo comes out but it ended up being a book that was easy to put down

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Down on her luck actress Annie Hewitt has arrived on Peregrine Island in the middle of a snowstorm She's broke dispirited but not ready to give upAnnie couldn't be ill prepared for what she finds when she reaches Moonraker Cottage or. 45 StarsFirst third of the book Almost DNf'd it several timesSecond third of the book 4 starsLast third of the book 5 stars

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READ & DOWNLOAD Â Heroes Are My Weakness ☆ Down on her luck actress Annie Hewitt has arrived on Peregrine Island in the middle of a snowstorm She's broke dispirited but not ready to give upAnnie couldn't be ill prepared for what she finds when she reaches Moonraker Cottage or for the man a reclusive writer who dwells in Harp House the mystSland along with a lonely widow a mute little girl and townspeople who don't know how to mind their own business Is he the villain she remembers or has he changed Her head says no Her heart says yes It's going to be a long hot winter. This is the second romance book I've read by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and I'm happy to say I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first one Ain't She Sweet in case you were wondering I'm not typically a fan of contemporary romances but this one really worked for me as I liked the characters the romance the humor in the story and even the tiny bit of drama and mystery we got in the story While this did have a few dark and touching moments it was mostly a soft romance story with some comedy to help keep the tone lightAnnie Hewitt is a unsuccessful actress turned puppeteer to make ends meat who has fallen into debt after spending most of her own money on her mother while she was sick and dying Now that her mother is gone Annie decides to visit her mothers old holiday home in a remote island off the coast of Maine to see if it has any valuables that might be worth selling to take her debt down as her mother was a famous actress in her own day A bizarre stipulation in the lease of the house means it reverts back to her old stepfather's family if the home is not occupied two months out of every year All that means Annie is stuck on the island for two months What could have been a fun break is complicated by the fact that Theo the son of her mothers brief lasting second husband has also returned to the island and is her nearest neighbour on the remote island The pair have a complicated history and are soon pushed together by necessity This is a romance so you guys can guess how it all played out I felt like this was a fun enemies to lovers tale I liked Annie a lot and her puppets both real and imaginary brought a lot of fun humour to the story As this was told mostly from Annie's POV Theo started out as a bit of a mystery but despite his dark past and history with Annie he did not take long to grow on me and seemed a likeable guy once we got to know him a bit better I liked both characters and did enjoy their romance as they seemed like a good pairing by the end of the story This story had a few dark moments and a tame bit of mystery and tension but was mostly a fun uplifting romance I enjoyed it a lot and found Phillips writing uite engaging This story held my attention from start to finish which is always a great sign Rating 4 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Erin Bennett and I felt like she did an excellent job with the audio She really got the tone of the story and was great with the voices