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Money Logging review ´ 103 º Money Logging investigates what former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called “probably the biggest environmental crime of our times“ – the massive destruction of the Borneo rainforest by Malaysian loggers Historian and campaigner Lukas Straumann goes in search not only of the lost forests and the people who useMoney Logging investigates what former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called “probably the biggest environmental crime of our times“ – the massive destruction of the Borneo rainforest by Malaysian loggers Historian and campaigner Lukas Straumann goes in search not only of the lost forests and the people who used to call them home but also the network of criminals who have earned billions through illegal timber sales and corruption Straumann singles out Abdul T. Despicable would not be strong enough I ran the gamut of negative emotions outrage disgust sorrow To use every day descriptive vernacular would invite censoring Through the years I have often heard news of the shrinking rain forests around the world I attributed it to the increasing world population I also heard briefs on Palm Oil Plantations and envisioned farms as one might see in the bread baskets of the world If half of the stories in Money Logging are true the desecration of our planet by these criminals far exceed disasters such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill or the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 Imagine if you can Eden where the indigenous people live entirely on the bounty of the rain forest No need to raise crops or farms of livestock for consumption Try to envision the spectacular species of flowers birds butterflies and other exotic gifts of nature Now read Money Logging and find how graft corruption greed and every despicable human characteristic known to exist has been and is destroying these very natural resources Day to day warnings of global warming stories of droughts floods mudslides and other so called natural disasters can likely be traced in part to the destruction of these rain forests Unknown and perhaps gone are the plants waiting for discovery that may produce medical cures Gone are the trees known to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins And can it be genocide when an indigenous population is deprived of their ability to obtain sustenance Maybe not genocide by definition but perhaps extermination by deprivation All this for the uest for power and wealth of a few of the world’s bad characters many of whom are of an extended family These people make recent dictators of the Middle East seem like good Samaritans The lot of them should be exiled to a snake infested Island so they can live out the rest of their lives with their resident relatives This book should be mandatory reading for every literate being in the affected countries

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Gives the portrait of a clan of kleptocrats who through the granting of timber concessions and export licenses have managed to become billionaires“ – Neue Zürcher Zeitung“One of the most comprehensive and brutally honest investigations into the intrigues of the Malaysian and international timber Mafia“ – Süddeutsche Zeitung“A uniue way of life in the rainforests has been destroyed in a single generation Read this book and weep But then get angry“ – Wade Dav. Hope for the Rainforest The rainforest of Sarawak is one of the ancient rainforests explored by British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace 1823 1913 a contemporary of Charles Darwin It contains some of the most diverse flora and fauna on the planet It has been a home of the nomads for many generations —until the loggers cameStraumann describes the helplessness of the Penans as they watched from the sidelines heavy machinery cleared the rainforests The last “noble savages” of Southeast Asia were robbed in a broad daylight – right before their eyesAs of writing and publication of the book Straumann has suggested the removal of Taib from power But even so what is done cannot be undoneIt could be said that the logging industry does not monopolize environmental destruction but Sarawak is symptomatic of a bigger issue of our time The coal seam gas rare earths and other resources industries have been drilling and extracting to satisfy insatiable greed for profits The Great Barrier Reef in ueensland the Arctic in the North Pole and the Pacific Ocean’s bed are but few other examples where multinational companies are destroying the environment Grassroots around the world are now standing in the gap to pressure governments and banking institutions to stop the madness once and for allJames Lovelock came up with Gaia hypothesis which posits that the planet is a self regulating entity with the capacity to keep itself healthy by controlling the interconnections of the chemical and physical environment He likens the planet to a nurturing mother capable of renewal and regeneration But with the scale magnitude and pace of destruction scientists predict a bleak future Humans have been destroying the planet’s life support system beyond its capacity to regenerateAustralia’s leading scientist Tim Flannery in his book ‘Here on Earth’ 2010 pleads a cause for planetary justice He argues there is a new awakening of humanity that can give hope to the survival of the planet He suggests people need compassion and to care than ever beforeStraumann however grapples for a solution Perhaps the motto of the White Rajahs for the original inhabitants of Borneo would somehow help “Dum spiro spero As long as I breath I hope — for what dies last is the hope for justice and a better future”The Malaysian government wanted this book banned Taib already lodged a full probe into its allegations Straumann nonetheless is unfazedFull Review here

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Money LoggingAib Mahmud current governor of the Malaysian state of Sarawak as the kingpin of this Asian timber mafia Taib's family – with the complicity of global financial institutions – have profited to the tune of 15 billion US dollars Money Logging is a story of a people who have lost their ancient paradise to a wasteland of oil palm plantations pollution and corruption – and how they hope to take it back Translated from German“In thrilling chapters historian Lukas Straumann. I have long known about the continuous destruction of rainforests in Sarawak but little do I know the extent of it as described in the book As a Sarawakian myself I grieved upon reading the detailed accounts of the desecration of the rainforests not only in Borneo but around the world as well If you care about the rainforest especially if you are from Sarawak you need to read this Lukas Straumann did a great job in presenting the details of how the illicit timber trade has brought about the destruction of rainforest in Borneo and the plight of the indigenous population affected