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Anna embittered by the unusual behaviour of Robert and the cold war against Hassan is considering the opportunity to return to Earth When death strikes amongst the five inhabitants of Mars Anna finds her only possible choice is a solitary escape But Mars has got an incredible discovery in store for her a key to a mystery hidden in the depths of Valles Marineris. Molto bello uesto secondo capitolo che dosa bene alcune risposte a domande lasciate aperte nel primo libro a nuovi misteri L'autrice riesce ad alternare bene presente e passato così come le vicende che hanno luogo sulla Terra a uelle su Marte mantenendo sempre un buon ritmo Interessanti i personaggi tutti in ualche modo un po' ambigui e misteriosi a cominciare dalla protagonista Non vedo l'ora di leggere il terzo capitolo

FREE READ Deserto rosso - Abitanti di Marte

Deserto rosso Abitanti di MarteSecond book in the science fiction series “Red Desert” After 995 days on Mars the enthusiasm of the Isis crew has turned into frustration and intolerance Their research hasn’t provided the hoped for outcomes the resources at their disposal are insufficient and NASA had previously cancelled the launch of a second mission which would have brought colonisers. Mars the fourth planet in our solar system and one that holds so much mystery for mankind It is a planet that many feel is where man should next explore with manned craft This is what author Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli is doing for her readers through her knowledge of the technical scientific and biological The next book in the Red Desert series People of Mars will reintroduce the reader to one Anna PerssonThe first book in the series Point of No Return saw Anna apparently running from the Isis module in a rover She was being called from mission control back on Earth and her ex was trying to get her to turn back Hassan had followed her briefly in another rover only turning back when he was at the point of no return Anna kept going and it became obvious to so many she was probably out to kill herselfPeople of Mars does not open with what happens with Anna but takes the reader into the last moments of another woman Michelle is her name and she is in an airlock Her hands are bloodied and she begins to have flashes to what had happened to her She had been slapped over and over again before she must have lost consciousness The buzzing was bringing her back to reality and helped her realize where she was The problem she’s in that airlock and not in a suit The doors are going to open and all she has tried isn’t stopping them Will she get out Yes there is someone there looking in on her Is this her help her salvation or the one who put her in the airlock sealing her fateThis opening will show the reader that things are not right within the station There will be tension in not just personal but sexual and professional Abuse is happening within those walls and it’s not like the inhabitants can just go and take a long walk or move They are stuck with each other and there is even a chance a second mission could be terminated This would cancel the introduction of new staff and a possible way home for Anna What is one to do with so much perceived mistrust with those she lives withAnna does stumble onto a potential break through that could change so much for those within the mission and maybe guarantee the second mission The discovery is uestioned as there is a potential of contamination in the tests and thus another group of samples must be taken It is upon this second sortie that Anna discovers something additional and although unknown when it becomes clear will lead to that faithful rover tripAuthor Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli continues with great character development with in People of Mars She will take the reader into the past of Anna and other characters She will show prejudice hate fear longing and so many other raw emotions within the different characters You add this to the pure mystery of Mars and the book will become hard to put down As discoveries are being made about the planet there are even to be made within the pages of the book

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SUMMARY Deserto rosso - Abitanti di Marte 109 é Second book in the science fiction series “Red Desert” After 995 days on Mars the enthusiasm of the Isis crew has turned into frustration and intolerance Their research hasn’t provided the hoped for outcomes the resources at their disposal are insufficient and NASA had previously cancelled thAnd euipment to the planet Relationships among the five members of the expedition have become difficult Station Alpha is home to a complex web of conflicts secrets alliances and rivalries Now a new launch window is about to open but the news from Houston isn’t reassuring at all While the finding of a possible ice sac might give a positive turn to the events. uesto secondo episodio di Deserto rosso mi è piaciuto leggermente meno del primo La competenza tecnico scientifica dell'autrice rimane sempre su livelli notevoli e la capacità narrativa resta indubbia ma per il mio gusto personale la scelta di indulgere nelle dinamiche psico emotive tra Hassan e Anna e in alcune descrizioni prettamente scientifiche pone uesto episodio un gradino sotto al precedenteLa passione dell'autrice per le serie tv la scienza e per la scrittura di ualità traspare dalle pagine in maniera tangibile e per un lettore esigente è un piacere poter fruire di un prodotto editoriale limato in ogni sua parte a partire da un'impaginazione perfetta e l'assenza di refusiAzzeccato l'uso del flashback per creare aspettativa nel lettore e notevole anche la resa psicologica della protagonista coi suoi dubbi le lotte interiori la frustrazione e un'insofferenza neanche tanto dissimulata verso il genere maschileOriginale la scelta dell'autrice di non farne un'eroina in cui immedesimarsi né tantomeno una donna impossibile o una Wonder Woman di cristallo Anna Persson è un personaggio che ha una dote che pochi personaggi hanno la capacità di far prudere ogni tanto i pollici al lettore e non certo per darle una pacca metaforica sulle spalle Le ultime 30 pagine lasciano l'acuolina in bocca in attesa del terzo episodioVoto 4