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The Potemkin Mutiny Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Hailed as an important contribution both to history and to sea literature when first published in 1961 Richard Hough's book gives a dramatic blow by blow account of the June 1905 mutiny on board the Russian battleship Potemkin The revolt immortalized in SOut the Russian Revolution twelve years early His balanced recounting of events including the killing of many Potemkin officers and a civil uprising in Odessa uelled by the Cossacks who slaughtered thousands show the protagonists not as symbols but as human beings reacting under powerful tensio. Brave sailorsAn interesting account of events tracing the Mutiny on board Russia’s biggest and most dangerous vessel with its 12 inch guns The account offers little by way of analysis and despite the details of events it’s not clear exactly why the crew capitulated They all faced horrendous punishment from the Tsar and his Government many of which were carried out Despite a promise of ‘balance’ the author finds it hard to restrain his view that the illiterate ‘mob’ led by ‘tub thumpers’ and ‘Marxist rabble rousers’ deserved their fate but that may always be a problem when Westerners write about Russia

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Was considered by the Soviets a glorious moment in the people's fight against a tyrannical czarist government but for others it was a sordid little rebellion over bad meatHough chronicles events from the first rumblings of discontent to the closing scenes of the uprising that nearly brought ab. I remember when history was basically taught as a set of events and facts It was interesting only if you liked history but an absolute bore to the rest But over the years with better research has been learned and it has become personified; in the since the people who either played a role in that historic event or were a witness thereof have been brought into teaching of history and given it a much needed personalization History has never been about just events and facts For without the people who partook of led therein who conveyed their feelings and thoughts for prosperity history would not even occur For it is all about the people of that day that event which make history I am so appreciative to see history being presented today with such a personalized perspective For without the thoughts feelings and beliefs of those who took part in any historical event history would be truly lost to us; and that would be catastrophic for all humanity “The Potemkin Mutiny” is a good example of history coming alive from the voices of those who actually took part in this event It brings to life a mysterious and obscure event which has been told in so many different ways for the political passings of so many agendas and whose relevance to history has been relegated to the back dusty pages This mutiny by the crew of the Russian navy has been covered up by the embarrassment of the Czarist Russia epitomized by the Bolsheviks under Lenin who directed a movie be made of Potemkin rebellion of course told from perspective of the Soviet heart to obscurity under after the fall of Soviet Russia Richard Hough in resurfacing this event of history dragged through the political objectives of so many regimes and political leaders had no dubious or insignificant challenge to recover and bring together the real story of the Potemkin and giving life back to both event and those who were involvedMr Hough’s efforts achieved this purpose The relevance of the Potemkin Mutiny was no small or insignificant matter as revealed by the efforts of Lenin and the bolsheviks to bring esteem and honor to those who participated in the mutiny Separating fact from embellishment recovering the accounts from the Czarist regime finding the personal papers of those few personal documents and correspondence of the leaders of the rebellion who could even read and write are all no small accomplishments For Mr Hough to achieve this purpose and bring this historical event to light again is no small feat A delight to read the account of the mutiny in first person To understand the challenges apprehension joys and dismays of the leaders and members of the crew As Mr Hough takes you through the retelling of this event I found myself actually captivated and intrigued as to how this was all going to end up Was the Potemkin to be sunk by the Imperial fleet With the joining of battleship George the Conueror going to lead the rest of the Russian Black Sea fleet to also join in the mutiny These and so many other uestions came to mind as you turned the pages of history back to rediscover the fateful event of the Potemkin You will have to read this engaging and captivating short book to find out for yourself I do wish Mr Hough has provided insight and biographical information as to the main characters What has led them to their convictions Were there specific events in their personal lives which lead them to this time and moment in history I found myself asking this about a few of the main characters putting the events into perspective Additionally Mr Hough could have provided a bit background as to the climate of Czarist Russia at the time of Potemkin Mutiny which would have given the reader a deeper understanding and significance of the this eventOtherwise Mr Hough has done a good job bringing this slice of history alive and adding to it an unbiased perspective through the eyes of those who were involved A good read especially for the history enthusiast

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The Potemkin MutinyHailed as an important contribution both to history and to sea literature when first published in 1961 Richard Hough's book gives a dramatic blow by blow account of the June 1905 mutiny on board the Russian battleship Potemkin The revolt immortalized in Sergei Eisenstein's famous motion picture. 45 stars a tragic taleI really really enjoyed this book Completely out of left field for me I found it strangely compelling and could not stop reading The fact that these events actually happened only added to the dramaThe Potemkin Mutiny tells the story of the misguided mutiny on the Russian battleship Potemkin in 1905 the events surrounding it in the immediate aftermath and in the context of the Russian revolution At the time Russia was waging war in the Far East it had just lost the Korean peninsula to Japan and had little credibility as a naval power Of its three fleets only the Black Sea fleet was still intact and the Potemkin was the biggest and strongest warship of them allThe mutiny was ostensibly over the rotten meat that was being foisted on the crew but in reality it was part of a larger plot that was to kickstart the revolution Unfortunately things did not go according to plan and reading about the tragic aftermath that unfolded both in Odessa and at sea was heartbreaking Things were not supposed to get violent yet they did and the crew of the Potemkin were eventually betrayed by all and sundryLooking back on these events from today's perspective I can only wonder if we have learnt nothing When people are downtrodden enough and hungry enough who is to say there will not be other revolutions Thank you to Endeavour Press for providing me with a copy of the book for an honest review