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Bend, Dont Break (Irrevocable, #2) free read ç 9 ☆ Now available I thought I was done my EndI couldn’t take my eyes off her as the bullet tore through me leaving me with nothing but the hope that I had done enough to save her The darkness tried to engulf me—to brand me as its own and drag me to my fatemy DarknessWaking to see hEngulf me to brand me as its own and drag me to my fatemy DarknessWaking to see her tear stained face above me was enough to make my heart stutter I was alive and free from that place but not from th. ArgMuch of this book was actually not bad It was mainly mystery thriller police type material and I was very interested to see the aftermath for the MAN who had gone through the type of experience he had in the first book we freuently see women recovering from sex trafficking but what about male undercover cops who have been forced to play the other role I thought that should have been covered a lot seriously with significant conseuences but I liked the ideaBut then the author lost it and nearly made me throw my computer across the floor In the first book Our Heroine was gang raped twice the first time while tied to a bed and beaten with whip and cane and the second time while tied to a table So what does Our Hero do Ties her to a table and beats her gently with a spatula And supposedly she enjoys it SERIOUSLY PEOPLE Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Can we talk about Flashback City and PTSD CentralAnd throughout Our Heroine is fine with sex After being gang raped Twice Because of course our Hero has The Magic PenisSighI want to see a better author write a story with these characters

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E toll it had taken on my mind and body my StrengthMy story should have ended but one woman kept standing in the way of that The only way I could have her was to find a way to put the darkness to res. Read my review at Sinfully SexyThis is what I wanted at the end of Irrevocable I needed James’s POV I love that Skye Callahan didn’t just retell Irrevocable from James’s POV either Bend Don’t Break starts just after the raid happens We don’t merely get a story though we get James’s thoughts and feelings on everything that happened I really needed that Just as Irrevocable needed to be told from Rose’s POV Bend Don’t’ Break begged to be told from James’s POV With such an intense story I need both POVs and Skye Callahan did a great job bringing each in at the right timeThe pace and tone of Bend Don’t Break is slower and thoughtful than Irrevocable It’s slow building and it fits the story I’m actually relieved that the pace isn’t fast and furious Life after the raid is about healing and that takes time no matter how determined you are to move on I will admit I was a bit anxious and couldn’t wait to get to the point when James and Rose finally come face to face again I was half tempted to skim up until that point and not because the story was slow it was just out of pure impatience on my part I was dying to find out what really happened between that point and the Epilogue I have to stay the story Skye Callahan gave me is not what I was expecting at all There was waaaay to the story than Rose and James trying to get back to “normal” and getting to know one another I was definitely invested in James than Rose I’m pretty sure it’s because James had a difficult time coming to terms with what happened between him and Rose inside the Retreat Separating Silver and Kirk from James and Rose wasn’t as clear cut for James as it was Rose But then again was inside the Retreat much longer than Rose I really love James and Rose together I’m glad they didn’t allow others to deter them from pursuing a relationship Their “relationship” may have started under extreme circumstances but that doesn’t mean it can’t thrive under normal ones This is truly a must read for those that enjoyed Irrevocable An advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review

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Bend Dont Break Irrevocable #2Now available I thought I was done my EndI couldn’t take my eyes off her as the bullet tore through me leaving me with nothing but the hope that I had done enough to save her The darkness tried to. I just finished Bend Don't Break and what a way to finish this story I just loved it This is about Rose and James AKA Silver and Kirk from Irrevocable It picks up right after things went down at the retreat but from James point of view This is where you find out how things progressed from being on the inside and things even began I don't want to give much away since I had a few WTF moments but just saying you have to read this series You'll love itI understand why we had Rose's point of view in Irrevocable and James's in this one It makes sense and you see why certain things had to be done the way that they did You finally get your uestions and thoughts answered and I couldn't have asked for it any other way James is my guy He is still sexy and mysterious but now we know how he really feels about what he had to do You really see his feelings and how he tries to overcome some things He is just plain ole sexy Rose is still my girl She had changed so much from the very beginning but she had too She had to get stronger for what she had to put up with James and Rose for me complimented each other really well and wouldn't have asked for anything different with them I cannot wait to see what lies ahead or at least hoping crossing my fingers we get a story with Trent James's partner He added a lot to the story and it would be a shame if he didn't get his storyStory 5Sex 4Overall 5Reviewed by Beggin Shay from Mommys a Book Whore