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Tagged Ashed Sterling Shore #2 Review ß PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ The cunning predator the willing prey and a weekend neither of them will be able to forget ever Ash Branderwood was told one thing before going to her best friend's brother's wedding don't get TaggedThere's always thatL is she doing at Wren's wedding with BityTag is almost furious when he sees Billy Prize brought a girl as stunning as Ash considering Tag doesn't feel as though Billy deserves such a thing He has to have her at least once possibly twiceIt was supposed to be a weekend of fun one she'd remember just long enough to forget But she uickly realizes there's one thing for sure she's never going to be able to forget Tag Masters only it isn't for reasons one might thinkAll hell breaks loose when secrets emerge but when Ash's life is endangered Tag has to put aside his own issues to keep her sa. 2nd reviewNote to selfDo not reread this book The miscommunication the lies the deceit and just basically the second half of this book will drive you insane Ash's choice in lying and withholding a very important fact from the hero will piss you off Pregnant with his babyand tells him to his face it isnt his out of fear and some misguided sense of heroism when really its playing the poor victim and stripping Tag of his choices NO SIR That is not my cup of hot chocolate It started off promising but derailed into a mess you ended up feeling very meh about Regardless I'll leave it as 3 stars It was alright and I was able to finish it1st ReviewTag and Ash didn't go about their relationship in the best way Lies Deceit Secrets It's how they started and that just led to a whole messy debacle And the fact their messiness spanned over a year or so All this a month later 7 months laterwithin all these months they were either avoiding the other in denial or both Not a complete bust of a read I'll definitely continue with this series

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Into consideration when she starts fantasizing about the man she can't possibly tame She's a good girl well good enough She's never really taken any chances or done something irrational or foolish Tag is just the person to rectify that for herTag has never done anything but take chances He never had anything to lose so he risked it all and built his name up in Sterling Shore Meaningless sex is one of his many hobbies and he's not looking to settle down any time soon After all these are the best years of his lifeBut one look at Ash and he almost forgets his own name And what in the hel. DNFing this after just a few pages This is so badly written I can't go on with it I will just start on the new Penny Reid's book instead Why can't we get decent romance writers like her

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Tagged Ashed Sterling Shore #2The cunning predator the willing prey and a weekend neither of them will be able to forget ever Ash Branderwood was told one thing before going to her best friend's brother's wedding don't get TaggedThere's always that one guy you shouldn't want but you just can't help yourself He's going to be horrible for your health he'll probably break your heart but he's going to be so much fun while he's doing it Stay away Ash Branderwood can't seem to heed such logic when she meets playboy millionaire Tag MastersWeddings always seem to create a false sense of intimacy but Ash doesn't take that. I've been enjoying this authors books lately She's a good new find but unfortunately this one was a bit of a let down It feels like the author rushed this and didn't take enough time over the plot which was very weakWe met Tag in book one We know he's a player Ash is best friend to Billy also from book one who is in love with Rene and wants to use Ash to make her jealous but Rene wants Tag There is a big collection of friends in this book as well as them all been close to the mother Melanie I therefore found it odd that over the years Billy and Ash have been bestfriends she has never met Tag of the big collection of friends later When Billy asks Ash to attend his brothers wedding as his pretend girlfriend she agrees but he warns her not to get 'Tagged' meaning don't be attracted to Tag but as soon as Tag and Ash meet they have an instant attractionThe beginning of the book takes place over a few days Tag and Ash play a game of 'Truth' The answers set up a lot of the plotline I knew what was coming after that A small misunderstanding at the end of the wedding sends Ash running and then the book fast forwards 6 weeks Then something happens and the book fast forwards 7 months then another few months This part of the storyline was very weak as back to the collection of friendsit didn't seem possible that they wouldn't intervene and try and get Ash and Tag to reconnect over that time nor did it seem believable that Ash's 'secret' was known by only two people and that when the others did find out they were so willing to believe her 'story' especially TagThere is a stalker storyline that was just so very over the top and unbelievable that it was actually laughable but it's a set up that allows Tag back into Ash's life and then the story picked up again There were some good parts to the story and I liked Tag and Ash but this one wasn't as good as book one however I look forward to book 3 and hope it's an improvement on this one