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Free download Trapped Trapped #1 ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë Recommended for readers 17 New adult romance A sweet steamy romance that will leave you fully satisfied Ana Goodreads My life has turned out to be such a cliché And not in a good way It’s not exactly Sixteen and Pregnant but at eighteen my only aRecommended for readers 17 New adult romance A sweet steamy romance that will leave you fully satisfied Ana Goodreads My life has turned out to be such a cliché And not in a good way It’s not exactly Sixteen and Pregnant but at eighteen my only advantage is a high school diploma And if that’s not enough the father and I use that term loosely couldn’t have hightailed it out of my life fast enough I thought I really knew him Unfortunately my boyfriend of three years transfo. 4 stars Let me use this review to get on my soap box and preach about the amazingness that is Goodreads A lot of people talk shit about this website and how it's only haters on here I disagree This website has helped me discover so many new authors and books that I would have never heard of beforeCase in point This book If I had not seen this 8 word review by a friend I would not have read this book I would have no clue this book existed So thank you Supreet for your short reviewAnyways this book is a trope I love where the girl gets pregnant the guy leaves her but then comes back wanting forgiveness I felt this book was very well done I didn't see either parent making bad decisions once dad came back in the picture everything that was done was done with the intention for what was best for the child No keeping the kid from one parent or using her for advantages Both parents had the child in mindIt's also so wonderfully angsty Omg I ate it up I do wish Paige had made Mitch work for forgiveness a little bit because I am a huge fan of groveling But honestly the author did a great job with this one I need of my book friends to read this author and this book

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S one thing but letting him back into mine isn't going to happen Because the biggest mistake of my life has a name and that name is Mitchell Aaron Kingsley And he's one mistake I don't ever intend to make again TRAPPED can be read as a standalone book but for a fuller reading experience you'll want to read the free preuel THE TRAP Connecting series Unforgettable You Only For You Book 1 Olivia Zach All Over You Book 15 Rebecca Scott Always Been You Book 2 April Troy Late Fall 201. I really enjoyed this book It picks up when Bree is 7 months old Paige is working going to school and raising her daughter She has always had the support of her mom her bestie Erin Mitch's sister Diane and her longtime strictly friends only Trent Mitch is still away at college He left Georgia when Paige was 10 weeks pregnant and hasnt come back No calls nothing With Diane's conniving Mitch comes home The moment he lays eyes on his daughter Bree he knows he's home for good Insta love with his little girl sighsPaige isnt the girl he left behind than a year ago She's stronger she's hurt she's cautious Even though he deserves to pay she wont deny him the chance to be Bree's father Luckily there isnt any bullshit drama This was Mitch's chance at redemption The chance to be a father The chance to win back the ONLY girl he has ever loved It's not going to be easy It's not just Paige he has to win over It's everyoneincluding a little girl who doesnt know who the hell he is And Mitch is up for the challengePaige lets him in little by little And Mitch is loud and clear his intentions to Paige I absolutely loved that there wasnt any games played They actually communicated pretty well with each other Paige was hesitant rightfully so but she did express her feelings to Mitch How it felt that he left her left their child I was so angry because guys have the option to leave or stay but the girlwe don’t have a lot of choices Not if we’re not willing to have an abortion or give our babies up for adoption”The conversation they had when they both broke down almost broke my heart When I look up into his face and see the tears spilling over his lashes the rage drains from me If it's true that the eyes are the windows to the soul then Mitch's soul is torturedNow at 93% there's a little bomb dropped No worries it's nothing Mitch has done but I gotta say I actually didnt see it coming And I'm not sure why it was even included so close to the end of the book I honestly could have done without it but it didnt spoil the rest of the story Yes this is happily wrapped up in a well deserved HEA

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Trapped Trapped #1Rmed from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde once he realized his carefree childless days would be coming to an end I’m over him now though The real love of my life is chubby has gum than teeth and stands a little over two feet tall She may not have been planned but I’ve never regretted having her She is the center of my world A world that's turned upside down when my ex returns ready to earn the love and trust of the child he abandoned before birth Letting him into my daughter’s life i. 35 StarsI'd definitely suggest reading the preuel novella The Trap before reading this one I enjoyed it a lot and I think getting some earlier perspective on Paige and Mitch's big blowout is key to grasping the magnitude of Mitch's doucheiness Basically Mitch and Paige have been together through three years of high school and part of Mitch's first year in college Paige stops taking her birth control for reasons that are sort of explained and Mitch surprises her one day when he comes home for a uick trip One thing leads to another and they have unprotected sex Months later Paige is terrified to announce to Mitch that she is pregnant Mitch is livid that she went off birth control without telling him and proceeds to basically lose his ever loving mind He accuses her of cheating on him of trying to trap him and basically turns into the world's biggest nightmare of a boyfriend Paige is left alone and scared to have a baby by herself It was a very sad beginning to what could have been a beautiful if scary thing Now it is about a year down the road and Mitch is having second thoughts I should have come home when you called I should have been there when she was born If there's one thing I could change it would be that It'd been the pivotal point A time when I could have undone some of the damage He knows that he's blown his chance with the girl who was previously the love of his life He ran scared when he should have been supportive His daughter was born without him there and she's now seven months old He's never laid eyes on herUntil nowMY THOUGHTSI enjoyed this but not as much as the preuel There was a whole boatload of predictable behavior from both sides of this predicament I imagined going in that Mitch would not only beg to be allowed back into his daughter Brianna's life but that he would realize what a good thing he had in Paige and try to weasel his way into her good gracesand her bedagain I figured that Paige would put up an initial token resistance and eventually cave knowing that Brianna deserved to know her father and that everyone deserves forgiveness The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach but they way to a woman's heart is to be good to her child But I can never let him get close enough to mine to let him hurt me again Putting aside the predictability the sentiment behind the plot was a good one Because truly even deadbeat dads with newly opened eyes are allowed to change their minds The anger that Paige shows toward him her moments of complete rage her memories of how utterly alone and frightened she was struck a chord with me She mentions how when a woman gets pregnant a man can just walk away but a woman is stuck with the conseuences Too true To say that I hate you would be giving you way too much importance in my life I'm just trying to do what's best for my daughter Another thing that I liked was how Mitch didn't run back to college and turn into Mr Football slutpuppy He really went back to college to uietly freak out for a year not to compound his mistakes with There were a couple of timing issues like canceling a meetingstudy date because of a ten minute interruption It just interrupted the flow and seemed used to create a dramatic moment Aside from a couple of minor continuity issues like that and the predictable nature of the plot it was enjoyable and tugged on my heart a bit I was able to understand if not agree withMitch's panicked actions Of course I was still pissed off at him and I do think that Paige should have take a little longer to allow him liberties with both her and Brianna But she's very young and aside from her loneliness while he was gone she did have a fantastic support system from her mother and from Mitch's sister and brother in law Definitely not a book to read if you're not uick to forgive and forget but it was a nice story and the author's depiction of having a babywhile a little romanticizedmade me wish I could get my babies back to snuggle and drool and sueal ARC provided by the publisher for review