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Read À The Masque of a Murderer (Lucy Campion Mysteries, #3) 108 ☆ In Susanna Calkins's next richly drawn mystery set in 17th century England Lucy Campion formerly a ladies' maid in the local magistrate's household has now found gainful employment as a printer's apprentice On a freezing winter afternoon in 1667 she In Susanna Calkins's next richly drawn mystery set in 17th century England Lucy Campion formerly a ladies' maid in the local magistrate's household has now found gainful employment as a printer's apprentice On a freezing winter afternoon in 1667 she accompanies the magistrate's daughter Sarah to the home of a severely injured uaker man to record his dying words a common practice of. Find this and other reviews at find it amusing that I'm reviewing Susanna Calkins' The Masue and the Murderer on the tails of Mist of Midnight as I think the two make very good companion pieces There are a lot of similarities between the books and I thought that brought a fun dynamic to my experience of both but compare contrast is a topic for another day Calkins' uses the diversity of seventeenth century social stratification to her advantage which is something I found very appealing From the stigma attached to those who'd escaped service to the subjection of women Calkins paints an illuminating picture of the London and her inhabitants over the course of her narrative I was eually impressed with her treatment of the uakers and how she wove the religious sect and their customs into the fabric of a murder investigationI ultimately liked how the story played out but admit the pacing was a little slow for my tastes Calkins also spends a significant amount of time on Lucy's personal life and while I enjoyed the perspective that brought her character I often felt the effort diverted attention from the mystery at the heart of the storyThe Masue and the Murderer was not my first Lucy Campion mystery I read A Murder at Rosamund's Gate in Jan 2013 but I was very aware I'd skipped From the Charred Remains These books are not written as standalones but that said they are intricate and puzzling whodunits that have proved uite enjoyable to this particular reader

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Lucy feels compelled to seek the truth with the help of the magistrate's son Adam and the local constable But delving into the dead man's background might prove dangerous than any of them had imaginedIn The Masue of a Murderer Susanna Calkins has once again combined finely wrought characters a richly detailed historical atmosphere and a tightly plotted mystery into a compelling read. Normally I don't particularly care for mysteries which are plotted around religious sects so at the start I was thinking I'm not going to like this but I did I thought it was another well written book by Calkins The story kept me intriued and guessing throughout I really thought Adam and Lucy's relationship would take off in this book but it was not to be I just hope she doesn't get into a relationship with the Constable I want to see her with Adam and the Hargraves

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The Masque of a Murderer Lucy Campion Mysteries #3The time The man having been trampled by a horse and cart the night before only has a few hours left to live Lucy scribbles down the uaker man's last utterances but she's unprepared for what he reveals to her that someone deliberately pushed him into the path of the horse because of a secret he had recently uncoveredFearful that Sarah might be traveling in the company of a murderer. THE MASUE OF A MURDERER By Susanna Calkins is the continuing story of Lucy Compton as she struggles to create a life for herself and her brother Will The author creates a story that comes to life in vivid color as she describes life in London after it has been ravaged by the Great Plague and the Great Fire of the 1660’s Readers learn Lucy’s background and are given additional updates from Calkins’ as needed Calkins’ creates a mystery plot in the middle of the events following the Great Fire The author develops her story and skillfully introduces historical events as Lucy pursues answers to the intriguing events occurring when Lucy goes with her uaker friend Sarah Hargrave to visit her fellow uaker friend Jacob Whitby who has been injured in an unusual accident In those days a young woman doesn’t go un accompanied to visit gentleman’s home Readers learn the backstory of all of the well developed characters as Calkins’ introduces them to her compelling mystery THE MASUE OF A MURDER storyline starts out at a fast pace and never slows down until the very end Lucy is compelled to pursue the circumstances behind the death of Sarah’s friend when he whispers in her ear that he has been murdered She uses her job as a printer’s apprentice to research his death and find out who has betrayed and murdered Sarah’s friend Calkins’ suspenseful story of murder betrayal and manipulation leads Lucy on her uest to find answers Readers will enjoy Calkins’ murder mystery tightly woven in the history around events in 17th Century England The author keeps the reader on edge the entire story as find themselves pulling for Lucy to find the answers in time to keep others she cares about from becoming the next victim THE MASUE OF A MURDERER is a unputdownable murder mystery with an unforgettable ending A must read earning a 5 star ranking