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review Grave Robber for Hire (Grave Robber Series, #1) 100 ´ Reasonable rates Do Family legends hint at lost family treasures Have writing from ancestors I can use to jump time Call me Angel Meyers No psychic readings or ghost exorcisms that’s not my gig Angel Meyers loves cheesecake and hot men possesses I catch cute guys cleavagLast man to know the painting’s whereabouts Angel feels a malevolence coming off the pages and realizes Clyde was pure evil But the evil doesn’t remain with the dead it’s here now and it wants the same thing Angel does the Rembrandt and maybe her soul Can Tyreal the Private Investigator Angel found too hot not to hire and Viggo her guardian angel protect her from herself and Hell’s evil. Interesting book I think it was pretty ok and there were some good things about it I do think it needs to be filled out better in certain spots like the whole time travel thing What I love about UF is that its not necessarily centered on romance There is some in them but still the story and world building are the focus points This had romance in it than I'm used to in UF I liked Angel's character though This is a series that continues so not everything is in just 1 book I read through it pretty fast so it wasnt disappointing just needs improvement in spots

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The writer dead or alive lets her delve into the past and locate lost family treasure for her clients When she’s hired to locate a Rembrandt lost one hundred and fifty years ago Angel sees a whole bundle of dollar signs If she finds the painting her fee would be enough to buy her much dreamed of animal rescue farm There’s just one tricky bit when she touches the writing of Clyde Owen Jones the. Welcome to the world of Angel Meyers a time traveling physic who can travel back through time by just touching something She along with her guardian angel Viggo and the new Private investigator Tyreal are in for the challenge of a life time To get back a Rembrandt painting that will set her up in her animal rescue mission Everything isn't as it seems as they fight demons and a homicidal brother to get to the happily ever after There are some hilarious characters in this book Angel is a kick butt girl that has a heart as big as all get go She loves cheese cake and hot sexy men She also helps people out and loves her job She also loves animals and helps them out as much as she can At the beginning of the books you will find her hilarious and it just keeps going She is so out of her element most of the time but she gets through it There is a scene in the book where you will split a gut cause she is so out of her element OH and she doesn't listen to anyone who tells her to stay safe and not do anything Viggo is such a cool character He is her guardian angel and well doesn't speak much English and is jealous of any man that comes near Angel He also loves to take apart electronics and figure them out He has ruined many a cell phones and laptops He is always there for Angel helping her and taking care of her Now Tyreal what can I say about him He is sexy as sin and invested in keeping Angel safe Most of the time she is actually saving his butt most of the time He is also a stalker in a way not going to tell you any about him other then he is fine in a pair of leather chaps and can melt your kindle OH but the best character in the book is Tina She is a apple stealing beer guzzling horse who can escape her pen This is the first book I have read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed it The book is packed full of twists and turns that will keep you reading There are some great hilarious aspects of the book especially anything to do with the animals There is so much going on between the demons and the murderous brother To the time traveling through the pages of old ledgers There were a few parts where I felt that just kind of dragged a bit but over all I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read book two in the series

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Grave Robber for Hire Grave Robber Series #1Reasonable rates Do Family legends hint at lost family treasures Have writing from ancestors I can use to jump time Call me Angel Meyers No psychic readings or ghost exorcisms that’s not my gig Angel Meyers loves cheesecake and hot men possesses I catch cute guys cleavage and is the only person she knows with her gift Her talent for touching handwritten documents and connecting with the mind of. OkI'm not going to crosspost it to my usual venues because there is no need to go any farther than here out of just plain first reads courtesyWhy don't I just get to the point huh Too much purple prose The work reeks of sexual frustration The low brow dialogue mixed with the flowery pretentiousness creates a very bipolar atmosphere of a scatterbrained impossibility to follow along with what appears to be a lack of continuity Ya kinda like thatI sighed by page eight because I knew it would be that way until the bitter end and I have a policy of never pulling a DNF with giveaways so I did follow throughThe premise of the plot is great and %80 of the visualization of the interactions between the protagonist and antagonist are really grippingBut everything in between is a horny bipolar erratic mess Damn it was hard to follow But overall it was a good three star read And I would recommend it to folks that like crazy horny demonic shit