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Take This Regret Free read ê 104 ☆ This is a previously published edition ASIN B00KTR19IThere are some mistakes we make that we will regret for the rest of our lives For Christian it was the day he betrayed Elizabeth Christian Davison has a plan for his life He is determined to become an attorney and to one day take his place as partner in his fatOrn child After Christian cuts her from his life Elizabeth spends the next five years struggling to provide for her daughter and willing to sacrifice anything to give her child a safe comfortable life For five years Christian has regretted the day he walked away from his family and will do anything to win them back just as Elizabeth will do anything to protect her daughter from the certain hear. I want to start off by saying that this review is completely biasedit is solely based on my personal experience and therefore my emotional status I mean absolutely no disrespect towards the author or anyone who enjoyed this bookI debated with myself over whether I would write this review or not but I have to because this story hit me hardit got personal This is not was good reviewers do Good reviewers take the entire book into consideration Good reviewers analyze the writing the plot the character development Good reviewers take in the entire book I got past the first three pages and had already developed an extreme hate for this book Guess I am not a good reviewerat least not today Take This Regret is the story of Elizabeth and Christian Elizabeth gets knocked up by Christian Christian decided he doesn't want the baby because fatherhood would get in the way of his career plans so he gives Elizabeth an ultimatum him or the baby Six years later and Christian is a lawyer Elizabeth has her life together their daughter is 5 years oldChristian has never seen her talked to her asked about her but somehow he gets a surge of fatherly instinct that makes him want to barge into his daughter's life Like I said before this book got personal but then again good writing and story telling is meant to get deep inside your skin and make you feel somethinganythingeverything and nothing at the same time AL Jacksonmission accomplished Lets get the technical out of the way The writing was good I will give it that The characters were well thought out and while their personality was very one dimensional they were realistic in some cases while completely unrealistic the next The concept of book is relatable as you can tell by how it affected me and it has a naturalistic validity that few books have Ok Now I have to breathe Please understand that I wish I was ok with this book I wish it didn't make me mad I wish it didn't upset me the way it did I wish I didn't want to tear my e reader apart But wishing never gets anyone very far I hated this book I hated it right down to every word every sentence every period I hated it to its core Maybe because my fatherly issues are ones that DrPhil would love to have an entire series of shows over or because I am the typical emotional brat that girls like me tend to be; whatever the causeI just know that I regret even opening this book I despised Christian I did not feel sorry for him Even when he expressed his sorrow his longing for his daughter his love for ElizabethI despised him I despised Elizabeth I wanted to smack her face off when she said she still loved Christian I hated how unstable she was around this man who decided it would be a good idea to walk into a 5 year old's life out of the blue as if he was the fucking ice cream man You see unlike Elizabeth I never got past his abandonment It's weird I know because these are fictional characters but god be damnedI wished I had magical word rearranging powers so I could re write the story and make Elizabeth not be with Christian The author does write Christian as someone who deserves a second chance someone who feels like shit after abandoning his child someone who is gorgeous and successful but empty and full of regret He should feel like the vermin of the Earthhe should feel guiltyhe shouldBut I don't believe in second chances I don't believe I should receive themI don't believe I should give them Harsh I know but that is how I view the worldand this book just made me crawl back into that deep place where I am incapable of forgivingas if it were something to be earnedit isn't I know but I also know this is one of the things that I will never get past I tried to handle Elizabeth's weak knees her swooning over Christian but the entire time I was thinking You stupid bitchI couldn't shake that thought When it comes to the way the plot progressed I found it to be uite realistic Of course Christian had a right to see his daughterlegally at leastand yes I understood why the author wrote Lizzie and Chrsitian's interactions the way she did I get it but I don't like itand I guess that is part of my big issue with this book Since this book is not real life and the characters are fakeit can be said that Christian was genuinely sorry for leaving his childbecause the author wrote it that way so it must be sobut as a reader I linked it to the physical worldin which people leaveand should not be allowed back in Sogood job AL Jacksonyou are one of now three authors who has been able to dig deep into my soulyou have talent I must saybut for now I'll suck it up and just take this regret

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This is a previously published edition ASIN B00KTR19IThere are some mistakes we make that we will regret for the rest of our lives For Christian it was the day he betrayed Elizabeth Christian Davison has a plan for his life He is determined to become an attorney and to one day take his place as partner in his father's law firm Nothing will stand in his way not even Elizabeth Ayers and their unb. 4 stars This book THIS BOOK pulled such strong emotions out of me It broke my heart I fell in love with the hero who I didn’t think I would like in the first chapter and I’m not sure I’ve ever been so frustrated with a heroine in my life The first half of this book was a solid 5 star read for me and it has so much potential to stay that way I was in love with this book Unfortunately the actions of a certain character made it difficult for me to stay in love with it Rewind five years Christian Davidson is a man with a plan He’s got a girl he loves they’re both almost done with college and preparing for law school Life is pretty much perfect Until his girlfriend drops the bomb on him She’s pregnant Christian has a callous if not normal reaction He doesn’t want the baby but he still wants Elizabeth Elizabeth can’t handle that They part ways Almost as soon as it happens Christian knows it was a mistake As time passes he realizes it was the worst mistake he’s ever made So many times over the past five years he’s wanted to find Elizabeth and his child He knows he doesn’t deserve them but he wants them Then fate steps in After moving cross country for a job that happens to be in Elizabeth’s home town he spots a little girl in a store Who looks just like him Christian is able to get to know his daughter Lizzie slowly He is in love straight away and consumed with regret “What do you want Christian”
“I want my family” 
Even though Elizabeth irked me from the beginning with her actions and attitude towards Christian I sympathized She’s been through a lot the last 5 years and had no help from him I can’t imagine how that feels I know she loves her daughter and wants to protect her As the story goes on Christian steps it up In a big way There is no denying his devotion for his daughter Even those on the outside who don’t like him some of her friends and family recognize it It’s also fairly obvious he still has feelings for Elizabeth Christian will do anything to get his family back To keep his daughter in his life He’s missed so much already he doesn’t want to miss another moment Things between Elizabeth and Christian develop slowly And she fights it every step of the way Like I said earlier the first half of this book near perfect for me 50 75% I’m a little aggravated but it’s still great That last 25% there is this part that upset me so much my husband asked me if I was going to ‘rage uit’ my book I wanted to throw my kindle I sent my friends angry texts and VM’s This heroine infuriated me like no other I haven’t been this upset with a fictional character in the longest time especially one I’m supposed to like And this is why some spoilers read at your own riskview spoilerAt first I understood Elizabeth’s hesitancy to let Christian back into her and Lizzi’s life At times I didn’t agree with her but I got it I sympathized But after ALL my boy did to prove himself the hell he’s been through recently and she does him that way No just HELL TO THE NO You guys slept together We all knew it was coming He still loves you You love him deep down He treats your daughter like a princess and loves her than life So what do you do after you sleep with him You freak out which happens and AND not only do you kick him out of your house but you keep him from your daughter essentially cutting him out of her life too And you can tell that poor baby girl is devastated YOU did that YOU devastated your child I can’t even CAN NOT EVEN describe how mad I am at Elizabeth What Christian did when he was young was terrible But he owned it He repented for it And he than made up for it How long are you going to make him pay And if it was just him I might not be as upset But dude you destroyed your kid I can’t deal with that hide spoiler

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Take This RegretTache she believes Christian will bring upon them When Christian wrestles his way into their lives Elizabeth is faced with asking herself if it is possible to forgive someone when they've committed the unforgiveable and if it is possible to find a love after it has been buried in years of hate Or are there some wounds that go so deep they can never heal They say everyone deserves a second chanc. O Gosh I am having a mental breakdown so much anger and emotions were sucked out of me and for me to really be a satisfying read there need to be a balance of good and bad and in this case the bad was heavier than the good partTHIS IS NOT A ROMANCE BUT A TRAGIC STORY OF A MAN WHO ABANDONED HIS OWN CHILD FOR HIS OWN SELFISH REASONS This story is of a child not to be wanted and a man who did not want to face his own mistakes who did nothing and could have done nothing still just because he was moved to work by his father' law firm to the town where heroine and his child happens to live near by he only then considered pursuing them again Christian I could not warm up to him even though the author was trying to make him redeemable I felt his effort to change was forced the attempt was not by any means sincere and emphatic and the author did not succeed in convincing me THAT CHRISTIAN REALLY WORKED HARD TO FIX HIS MISTAKES AND REUNITE WITH HIS CHILD AND A LOVE OF HIS LIFE ELISABETH When he found out she was pregnant he wanted her to have an abortion or she must choose between him or to keep the baby but without him so how come he loved her then if he even did not try to find a way and still support heris that what they saying love is for good and bad Elisabeth decided to keep the baby and I respect her but guess what he did whilst she was pregnant he did nothingapart from drinking and sleeping with other women and that was like A SLAP ON MY FACE Were was his love for her in between another women's legs She was pregnant and sick and he was having a good time During the party someone has told him he's a father so he went to the hospital and saw Elisabeth on the bed sleeping and her best friend touching her cheek and he made his own assumptions that she will be loved and take care of so he does not need to be there HOW STUPID IS THAT IF HE WAS A REAL MAN HE WOULD FIGHT FOR HER He even did not wanted to see his new born baby Then during those five years he still slept with women yeah he loved her but did nothing to find them and his pathetic excuses for not wanting to intrude in their life for goodness sake he's the father of his child by delaying the reunion he is hurting his own flesh and blood by denying his daughter her own father He did nothing to support them financially another pathetic excuse yeah if she wanted his help she could always find him on the internet and call his number WHAT A JOKE Then when he saw his daughter he ever so suddenly felt in love with her and again it felt like fake it was forced and not realistic to love her so much after seeing her one time There needs to be a bond between the child and a father to create such strong profound feelings and it needs time for this to grow so I was not convinced on that account Then he threatened her with the court if she did not cooperate and she nearly got a break down by his threats and then he asked her why she was so angry with her Then again when he bought his daughter an expensive doll for her birthday he rolled his eyes at the price BUT EXCUSE ME HE PAID NO MAINTENANCE WHAT SO EVER NOT EVEN A PENNY GOT HIS PRECIOUS LAW DEGREELIVED IN LUXURY AT HIS OWN CHILD EXPENSES AND HE'S NOT HAPPY HOW MUCH MONEY HE NEED TO SPEND ON HIS DAUGHTER HE SHOULD SET UP A TRUST FOR HIS CHILD EVEN IF HE DECIDED NOT TO PARTICIPATE AS A FATHER ROLE HE COULD SIMPLY PASS HIS TRUST TO Elisabeth but he did nothing of the sort so for me its too little too lateThe only positive side of this story is Elisabeth she worked very hard to create stabilization for her daughter and even managed to get her own degree She loved her daughter and did not trust Christian when he suddenly appeared out of the blue demanding impossible after how he throws her out of his life Then there was her friend who stood by her even after when her daughter was 5 years old he still was a very present figure in their life's and she should stick with him and not with Christian I wish I could have a friend like ScottIt is common in our days for people to expect someone else is going to clean up their mess simply because they forgot to put a condom or did nothing to protect themselves during sex and far too many children are becoming a victim of it