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Read & download ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Gail Shepherd Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing aboutA history loving girl Lyndon Baines Hawkins's relentless search for the truth puts her in direct opposition to her fusspot grandmother’s need to keep up appearances Lyndie knows lots about history she can tell you who President Lincoln’s best. With the help of her favorite librarian Lyndie B Hawkins devours Civil War history and she is starting to realize that some of the things in her history book are not exactly true And as much as she knows about the history of her home town Love's Forge Tennessee she is in the dark about what is going on with her dad She knows that he keeps drinking from the bottle he has hidden in his glove compartment that her mom spends most of the day sleeping and that they had to move in with her judge y grandmother Lady after Dad lost his job But why Fortunately Lyndie's friend Dawn is always there for her This year though Dawn's family has taken in a boy their age DB who might be trouble and seems to be taking up Dawn's time and attention If only she could talk to Dawn about everything that is going on She can't though because prim and proper Lady insists that nobody needs to know their businessI enjoyed the growing friendship between Lyndie and DB They're smart kids and their conversations were clever I also enjoyed Dawn's loyalty to Lyndie She remained steadfast although it was not always easyLyndie's dad was a Viet Nam veteran suffering from PTSD His behavior became increasingly dangerous and self destructive While some middle grade readers need to see their experiences reflected in literature others might be upset by these scenes

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Free download ✓ The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing aboutA history loving girl Lyndon Baines Hawkins's relentless search for the truth puts her in direct opposition to her fusspot grandmother’s need to Friend was the gruesome diseases of Civil War soldiers and where her Hawkins ancestors built log houses near her home town of Love’s Forge Tennessee But when it comes to her Ma and Daddy her knowledge is full of holes Nobody talks about what happened to her veteran Daddy during the Vietnam war and why he. ARC provided by the publisherLyndie is not happy that she has to move into her grandparents' house along with her mother and father in 1985 Her father has lost his job under circumstances she doesn't understand and seems to be drinking than her grandmother Lady would deem wise Her mother who normally takes great pride in gardening prefers to stay in bed Lyndie has to head back to her private school that's where nice girls go says Lady where she has a good friend in Dawn whose family is heavily involved in doing good works Right before school on the very first day Lyndie finds an injured fawn and takes it to the family barn to help it which does not get her year off to a good start She ends up in detention where she meets DB the boy Dawn's family is fostering DB has had to leave his last foster home under sad circumstances and doesn't really understand the social s of Love's Forge Tennessee School is hard enough but Lyndie's biggest concern is her father's increasingly erratic behavior He had fought in Vietnam before Lyndie was born and has long struggled with the after effects of that but the recent suicide death of an army buddy has made these problems worse Her grandmother's controlling presence and her mother's disengagement don't help and Lyndie soon realizes that she is not able to save her father in the way she was able to save the fawn and that professional help is needed Strengths It was refreshing to see a book where troubled parents have a support network and are remanded to professional help even if Lady doesn't approve of itSo many middle grade books show dysfunctional families and completely fail to model good ways to deal with situations The different story lines meld well together and the auxiliary characters are interesting Poor Dawn and her knitting The topic of PTSD is a timely one and there are few novels about it DB's delinuency and foster placements are realistic and add another dimension to the understanding of how PTSD can affect families Weaknesses I've been lately thinking about how different the 1980s were from today and there were few historical details I would have almost preferred the story be set in the modern day While the level of details in Hood's She Loves You are exemplary there's something to be said for inclusion of details about food clothing technology current events and popular media to set a story firmly in a time periodWhat I really think This has a good cover and I need stories about military families so I will purchase this for next year

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The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins“came home different” or why her Ma stays locked in her room for days or how come they had to sell the house Lyndie grew up in and move in with her strict grandparents And Lyndie’s grandma Lady is determined to mold Lyndie into a “nice” southern girl who knows how to keep uiet about family secrets. Richie’s Picks THE TRUE HISTORY OF LYNDIE B HAWKINS by Gail Shepherd Penguin Random HouseKathy Dawson Books March 2019 304p ISBN 978 0 525 42845 9“Anger is a response that you learned early in life to help you cope with pain”“The only thing true and indisputable when you feel angry is that you are in pain and trying to do something about it”“Expressing anger temporarily helps you overcome feelings of helplessness and lack of control But it disrupts relationships and makes you feel even helpless and out of control a vicious cycle”“There are many ways to discharge high levels of stress besides anger Some of them are healthy some are destructive” from WHEN ANGER HURTS UIETING THE STORM WITHIN by Matthew McKay PhD et al 2003 “We had no cameras To shoot the landscapeWe passed the hash pipe And played our Doors tapesAnd it was darkSo dark at nightAnd we held onto each other Like brother to brotherWe promised our mothers we’d writeAnd we would all go down together” Billy Joel “Goodnight Saigon” 1982“Mean Miss Smitty marches over holding a stack of math tests reeking of mimeograph ink She’s glaring at me Obviously I’m going to have to really buckle down if I want Miss Smitty to forgive my truancy‘Lyndon The pastor will see you He’s on the phone now with your grandmother’ She pauses to let the horror of this sink in ‘You can go in when he’s finished DB we need to get you a Covenant Academy uniform We have strict regulations About hair too’ She scrutinizes DB with no evidence of any goodwill ‘The earring will have to go’ she says ‘You might as well take it off now And denim is a forbidden fabric’ She stalks off and rummages around in her desk’‘A forbidden fabric’ DB chortles ‘I like the whole notion of that’ He tosses a red jujube into the air and catches it in his mouth‘So what’s DB stand for’‘Damned Brilliant’ He fiddles with his earring takes it off drops it in his jacket pocket‘Not much evidence of that yet’ I say ‘More like Dingle Berry’‘Very funny’‘What’s it stand for then’‘Disturbed Boy’‘Oh Well I was thinking you seem sort of well adjusted Considering’‘It’s a ruse’ he says shrugging He peels off his blue jean jacket and folds it neatly over the back of his chair He’s wearing a T shirt printed with the words Frankie Says RelaxDB darts a glance around the office and lowers his voice ‘So what do I need to know about Covenant Academy Other than what fabrics are forbidden’‘What Dawn didn’t fill you in’‘Dawn loves school I need the uick and dirty’”In the fall of 1985 in Love’s Forge Tennessee seventh grade history buff Lyndie B Hawkins is spinning out of control Her Vietnam vet father has lost his job and his behavior is becoming and erratic and dangerous Her former war protesting mother has been locking herself in her room complaining of headaches Her parents are forced to sell their house and the three of them move in with Lyndie’s paternal grandparents As her father reminds her Lyndie and her grandmother Lady have butted heads “from the first time she held you and you puked on her new dress”On the positive side Lyndie will be living close to her longtime best friend Dawn Spurlock But she and Dawn haven’t been close lately and now Dawn’s family is fostering a juvenile delinuent for the school yearIt turns out that that juvenile delinuent DB is in desperate straits He’d accidentally lit his former foster family’s house on fire and he’s since been incarcerated in Pure Visions Reform Academy a juvenile reform facility that has repeatedly been under investigation because of teens dying there He is attempting to be a perfect student and a perfect guest so that he can somehow manage to avoid returning to the dangerous reform school Both Lyndie and DB are under incredible levels of stress Paired up in their Advanced English class for a term project they will learn secrets about one another that can never be shared in their final presentations Meanwhile Lyndie and Lady go at it on a daily basis as Lyndie’s father descends into a hell of alcohol and what we today refer to as post traumatic stress disorder In response to being taunted Lyndie gets angry enough to break a classmate’s noseIn a preface that makes so much sense by time you’ve reached the end of the book Lyndie muses about “honorable lying” What is one to do when torn between loyalty to family and facing up to ugly truths that could tear your family to shredsMix together a damaged vet a hound dog an injured fawn some shoofly pie an elderly lawyer a couple of cops a champion kickboxer a good hearted delinuent a hot headed young woman and a couple of jaw dropping surprises and you have one of those books that will keep you up way way past your bedtime dying to know how it is all going to turn out Richie Partington MLISRichie's Picks