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Untold by Amy Spitzfaden Download Ô 0 ¸ With an alcoholic brother and a complicated friendship with her best friend's boyfriend twenty one year old Katie Winters has always used photography as an escape But when a teacher prompts her to explore the very feelings she's been trying to ignore Katie finds herself painting three mysterious words unLf painting three mysterious words under an abandoned bridge I miss you The feeling is real but after searching her memory Katie can't think of anyone who she could have meant Then Katie meets Robin an environmental enthusiast familiar to Katie in a way she can't plac. The book manages to combine an introspective mythological and Jungian sensibility and an understanding of how social and environmental activism works in the real world with elements of a romance novel I found the use of olfactory and tactile imagery fascinating The portrayal of college life and the anxieties it includes from a young woman's perspective is written in such a way as to draw me an older male completely into the story The book makes it uite believable that lessons from a past life or another life in a slightly different universe can inform our choices and growth here and now I learned of Amy Spitzfaden and this prize winning first novel in preparation to going to her book signing at our local independent bookstore the Toadstool in Peterborough The author had attended the same school as my daughter and her parents were somewhat familiar to me from past involvements in politics and meditation I was impressed with her insistence on writing about female female friendships that are mutually supportive I look forward to reading from her

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E His presence plagues her with the feeling that the last time they met something went horribly wrong In pursuit of answers Katie finds herself caught up in a world of secrets troublemakers barely legal schemes and images of a story that was lost long before her birth. In Untold Amy Spitzfaden weaves a love story unlike any other And I hunt for good love stories like the protagonist Katie hunts for the perfect fairy tale I like to add bits of the stories to my reviews Favorite lines and moments that stayed with me My copy of this book is dogeared like crazy and choosing only a few to share will be difficult Here goes Katie Winters is in her final year of college and given an amazing opportunity a photography intensive a one on one with a women named Geri “I want to take the joy of right now and turn them into little forevers kept on the mantelpiece” Meanwhile she’s struck by a longing A deep sense of emptiness and only the knowledge that there should be someone to fill it She knows she is missing someone a male someone who she has never met In an attempt to complete an assignment and impress Geri Katie ends up joining a somewhat radical environmental groupThis recurring theme of someone missing kept me completely intrigued throughout the beginning of the story Katie’s brother Jude an alcoholic complicates things and inadvertently sends Katie barreling towards her first clue as to who it is she is missing My footsteps echo my shame as I forge though the crowd Katie’s voice is so clear and though her character has gone through a lot she is clearly young There were a few times I was shaking my head and said out loud “Katie you are so young” As a reader I could see that things were a little strange between Katie and Michael her best friendroomate’s boyfriend But Katie is completely clueless“By the time we get back to campus discomfort is creeping up on me like an unwanted shoulder rub”I thought things would get steamy as soon as Katie finally meets her mystery guy But I found myself doubting if the point was for them to be together“Why aren’t we best friends Why can’t I confidently invite him back to the apartment to watch something we both like I don’t know what we both like and to have pizza and to stay until it’s way too late Why can’t the pinch I feel when he’s leaving be a normal crush on a normal guy that I have a normal friendship with” “I want to join in but that faraway look in his eyes is like a deadbolt door I don’t have access to what’s causing his laughter”“I brush my teeth slowly eyeing my selection of perfumes There are so many and I hardly ever wear them Would spritzing myself now be inauthentic”Which is followed by one of my absolute favorite lines“realizing not all guys like the smell of licorice Still I reason chewing not he brush ’s plastic bristles if he doesn’t like t then he can deal Never change yourself for a guy And with that I spit confidently into the sink trying to ward away unpleasant thoughts of a relationship doomed by licorice”Ms Spitzfaden’s voice is so clear and so compelling I knew the writing was good from the first page but by the end she had really come into her own “‘I don’t want it to be’ The images from the story swell in mind again the paint the screaming the wrong skin hot against mine I close my eyes ‘It can’t be’” As the story progresses you realize that who she is missing is only one piece of an intricate puzzleUnfortunately there were uite a few typos towards the end all books have some but there were missing and repeated words uite a bit Also I had the unfortunate luck of getting a copy with bad formatting This is beyond the author’s control and I feel bad that she had to deal with this for her first novel but it did make it difficult to fall into the story I will be purchasing through a local book store in an attempt to get corrected copies for gifts for my sisters Over all this was a great read If I had the time I probably could have finished it in one sitting but kids aren’t terribly understanding when mom is readingIf you are looking for the next book to leave you in that perfect book hangover this is it I feel complete having read the last page and yet longing for Amy has yet to publish another book but I am certain with this level of talent shining though in her debut novel another must be close by Crosses fingers

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Untold by Amy SpitzfadWith an alcoholic brother and a complicated friendship with her best friend's boyfriend twenty one year old Katie Winters has always used photography as an escape But when a teacher prompts her to explore the very feelings she's been trying to ignore Katie finds herse. The protagonist Katie is a young woman in her final year of undergrad She's struggling with the usual issues of a final year student capstone projects and what the heck she's going to do when she graduates Then she meets Robin a stranger that she feels like she's met before The two dance between uncertainty friendship and flirtation all the while dodging the nagging idea that they have performed this dance before When a student celebration and activism collide Katie's group of friends implodes and she's left floundering between a forgotten past and an uncertain futureI'm not much of reader of this genre so this was a definite foray outside my normal reading I wasn't sure about the book until I read an excerpt posted during the Inkfingerz contest The scene was uietly powerful and I knew I wanted to know the rest of the story The writing was a bit different from what I'm used to and sometimes awkward but the author shows a lot of potential She has incredible insight into emotions and the confusion around heartbreak friendship and loveThe story was fun moving and raw in turns I am looking forward to future books by Ms Spitzfaden