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summary New Zigon The Founder's Curse ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ John can't help that his last name is Brown or that he is a farmer It's not his fault that his only shoes are work boots and that his wardrobe consists of overalls and thin T shirts Even if Father and Mother are strict and detached at least he has Ue freeing a girl named Diana who had been trapped in stone for centuries His choices from that moment forward turn his life upside down Should he have turned Diana over to the authorities instead of sneaking her home and hiding her in the loft of his barn Maybe Should he have told his parents instead of Widow McNeally and two of his sisters Possibly Should he have run the other way when Diana showed him the things she can do with her mind and the amulet of crystals around her neck No one would blame him if he did Instead he allows h. I definitely recommend this book Both my 12 year old son and I read it and we both found it to be an enjoyable and compelling story I really liked the characters Mrs McNeally was my favorite The adventure and sci fi are interesting and I found myself wrapped up in the story The book was clean in that the worst words used were crap as in oh crap used twice and bastards used once They're bastards all of them The themes were conservative meaning controversial topics were not referenced It is a safe read for younger sensitive readers like my son and the strong characters and storyline make it an excellent books for adults I have difficulty finding books for my son that I enjoy as well and this one is now at the top of my list I can't wait for book #2

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John can't help that his last name is Brown or that he is a farmer It's not his fault that his only shoes are work boots and that his wardrobe consists of overalls and thin T shirts Even if Father and Mother are strict and detached at least he has his eleven sisters and Widow McNeally on his side He thought he was okay with it all really However something made him trip that bully of a classmate at the museum making him number one on the goon’s hit list During the ensuing hunt those blasted boots caused him to break a priceless stat. In place of a review I'd like to share the driving factors that went into the development of this story If you get a chance to read New Zigon The Founder's Curse and I hope you do then you can tell me if I've missed the mark on any of these objectivesBELIEVABLE SCIENCE FICTION It is important to me to be able to defend the science mythos introduced New Zigon's science stems from a combination of the force from Star Wars huge fan here and the modern day God particle theory The underlying concept is that there is a thingelement that fills the in between spaces called the “Pleovis” In Latin that loosely translates to “filling power” It is fluid constantly moving making various patterns in nature If you can learn a pattern and push that pattern on the Pleovis you can change the world around you INTERESTING CHARACTERS I created my characters first and then came up with situations to challenge them My favorite character to write was Mrs McNeally the widow a few farm houses down the road from the main character John She has a huge heart with a big old soft spot for John but she can be eccentric and she loves to play to human nature to get her way She can manage John’s father like a master violinist which is a good thing or John would never get out from under his chores to go on their adventuresCLEAN CONTENT I want a twelve year old to be able to read my story without having hisher parents go into cardiac arrest APPROPRIATE FOR BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS My book is from a fourteen year old boy's POV He is a Pennsylvania farm boy who goes to church and is riding the line between thinking girls are weird and noticing they can be pretty This makes for some interesting internal struggles that boys should be able to relate to without getting embarrassed and that will make girls sigh knowinglyGOOD READ FOR ADULTS – I am an avid reader and most of my favorite books are young adult novels I aimed for a balance between action and discoveryscience reveals with a sprinkle of humor and foreshadowing The majority of my “test market” fell in the adult demographic and all thoroughly enjoyed the book Were they biased Possibly you will have to decide for yourself

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New Zigon The Founder's CurseImself to be pulled deeper and deeper into Diana's world doing crazy things like breaking into an insane asylum traveling through waterfalls confronting a Fourteenth Century warrior battling an old hag and worst of all lying to his parents That’s a lot to deal with for a sheltered fourteen year old farm boy Travel with John and Diana and a diverse cast of characters through an adventure of discovery loss and rebirth as friendships are forged and old debts are revisited in this tale where “mind over matter” has a whole new meani. This is a fun bookI really enjoyed reading this book I guess it is science fiction because as Diana says It is science not magic I loved the science behind it Highly recommend