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The Soltreian Chronicles Read & Download õ 100 ó Ten Thousand Years Under Sol is the opening anthology in the series The Soltreian Chronicles The story details the evolution of a young Barbadian Joshua Creed after the apocalypse only known as the Fall that Broke the Earth and Shattered the Sun Creed Awakens to find that he is now one Is new world Soltreus Creed unearths an evil so absolute that it threatens to destroy all that he holds dear Now not only does he fight for the life of the planet itself but for every being that has or will ever li. “I remember it as if it were yesterday”I began reading 10 000 years Under Sol in the summer of 2014 three months after it had been released by author and fellow Barbadian literary peer O A Kennedy It has taken me a year to finish reading it mostly because I was very busy publishing my own work but also because I wanted to give it a fair chance and a review that did it justiceBook Cover I really like the cover of this book illustrated by artist Shawn Alleyne of Pyroglyphic Studios Its uniue lines and style complement the uniueness of the work itself and is so very different from the standard photo manipulated fare that usually graces the covers of most sci fi novels The image and design of Joshua Creed brandishing his weapons on a lone stretch of beach with the broken sun raining down upon the ocean in the background is arresting and a little bit badass and the cock of his hip to one side as he makes his way towards the viewer suggests a certain swagger and style of his ownPlot This anthology opens up with a chapter in eual parts both commonplace and awesome A slice of Barbadian life scenario followed by the end of the world Non Barbadian and international readers will get a taste of the exotic while still hopefully finding it relatable and Barbadians will be enthralled at a reflection of their lives on the world stageThe end of the world without going into any spoilers or much details is stunning A dynamic sweeping highly imagistic cataclysm and a powerful way to start a story The scene is incredibly tense and intense and it leaves a lingering impact This would be considered a page turner opening and it is a phenomenal beginning for this workThat said I was initially of the opinion that this novel was going to be a single narrative For whatever reason the word anthology in the synopsis fell into a blind spot for me and so after the opening story I had a bit of a hard time confused as to why the perspectives and scenarios were jumping around without much coherency This is not a flaw of the work but of me as the reader and so I take the time to mention it here and now for those who are considering reading this work It is an anthological collection of separate stand alone stories that happen to take place in the same world There is no single narrative thread hereOnce I realized the nature of the work I got into it a bit from taking it chapter by chapter on each chapter's merits I find I enjoyed it overall as a work this way rather than trying to follow a single narrative thread amidst all the innumerable names and places of things I honestly enjoyed the final scene of The Immortalis The Scout and the Warden; the battle between the Members Immortalis and the Elder Gods in Wrath of the Gods is visually arresting very gripping and uite terrific as wellThere is a great scene in The Badmen that captures a rather bleak and barren moodscape which was good set up for the solid action and characterization to come later on in that chapterMy favourite chapter is The ueen of the Caves which read like an old folkloric tale meets a traditional ghost story With very minimal backstory it felt intimate and immediate in the flesh of the moment so to speak and Kennedy’s description of the Iron ueen is good enough to make me envy anyone their first time reading it Its execution and the way it lingered on my palette gave it the edge for meA close second to it is the chapter Ander’Sharyk – The Steel Donkey – which is pure unbridled imagination uite immensely and literally it blew me away Though not without its share of problems there is also some real tension in The Crimson and the Groen chapter as well making it worthy of mention and notePacing As I continued from the opening chapter the prose became increasingly expositional and a bit of an info dump as it went on It has a lot of facts and names and stories that could have easily been decompressed over one book rather than compressed into the two short chapters and several similar which follow and the placement of that information – in the middle of high intensity action scenes – only served to slow the flow of the story for me and compromise the momentsEverything was over explained with lots of telling through a summarized recounting of events and very little showing through dialogue real time action or exploration of the narrative character's inner landscape This makes it read like notes on a novel rather than a novel itself and lends itself to a really rushed choppy pacing as a resultIt also admittedly contributed to my slow progress through the work as trying to remember all those facts and how they fit and flowed together while also trying to find the story felt a lot like studying than recreation Despite this there is still a strong narrative voice some prose which when well placed and well paced is uite poetic and an intriguing and ambitious premise to compensate for the uneven pacePredictability I can’t say that there was anything in this collection of stories that I found particularly obvious or predictable despite the presence of some cliché I never guessed where the stories were going or how they would end as they were for the most part both imaginative and refreshing in an unexpected wayCharacterization Creed only really came into his own for me three uarters of a way through 10000 Years Under Sol He is probably every guy’s dream proxy but I can’t really say he has much of an impact on me personally I found certain moments memorable and interesting than him as the main character for example That is to say until the chapter The Immortal Code when I realized I was no longer relying heavily on Shawn Alleyne’s depiction of Creed to envision him as I read but that he was coming to life for me clearly in his own right To me his is a Barbadian James Bond – strong sexual smart and suave charming and a bit of a maverick a man’s man and a lady’s man too living an uncomplicated life but with a complicated past and an even complicated heart A bold fighter who always has the answers and an endless supply of beautiful female companions He’s rich has good tastes and dresses impeccably He never gives up always always wins and yet still manages to have a keen sense of justice and what matters most I cannot tell you why these characteristics don’t work for me in Creed Just know that it’s a matter of personal preference and that they may very well work for youDialogue The believability of the dialogue was an issue for me Some of it didn’t sound uite natural or really read naturally as what someone would say under certain circumstances and by that token was one of the weaker aspects of this work I’ll let it speak for itselfExample 1“Shut up” she screamed This time it was Creed who was taken aback “You immortal bastard You just came here for the clue about the Raven didn’t you You don’t give a damn about us You don’t care if we are blown all to hell Warden you were right The Immortalis wouldn’t give one jackass for us”Example 2“Brass bowl” she heard him shout “Jakezeia’s tits Somebody kill this bitch nuh She broke my gods damned face”Example 3“If I am going to die today I refuse to go drinking this piss Bring me some stout and mix it with some wine The red wine No the white The white I want some wine chased with stout Or some stout chased with wine I don’t give a damn I just need a stiff drink” Granted in this last example the guy was dying and in a great deal of pain but still it’s cringey Melodramatic and overwrought it comes across less as convincing relatable dialogue and as if the characters are overacting on the pageFavourite Line Even then the reverberations of their battles remained a constant reminder that our world was not our ownWorld building This was a double edged sword for me On the one hand it’s very exhaustive and consistent on the other hand it’s eually exhausting consistently so It’s a lot of plot and backstory ideas and thoughts and tons of superfluous detailing but it was very difficult to get immersed into because all of these things don’t tell a story; they are the tools of story telling but they are not a story in and of themselvesThere is so much information crammed into this work in an attempt to bring it to life that it washes ashore a bloated caricature of the author’ good intent Rather than painting the sensuous imagery of the world with his words and building it that way to show it to us Kennedy has whole paragraphs – that act as microcosms of the chapters and the work in its totality – consisting of four or five different subject matters with tenuous unobservable connections to the topic sentence that introduces them They then just serve to tell us about the world instead of show usThe setting is vaguely reminiscent of a world inspired by Caribbean and particularly Barbadian landscapes but with the author focussing on lines like this “ she was now commanding the massive Golden Flank of the Imperial Army’s Zigmas Troika ” – a title mentioned once with zero explanation and therefore has no meaning – there isn’t much in the way of time or attempt to visually describe that settingOnce again it comes down to pacing and decompression showing not telling Less cramming of ideas into small narrow spaces and taking the time to paint vivid visual three dimensional images with words This way the world building isn’t about scope and scale as far as ideas are concern but about the subtle natural nuances that make said world believable immersive and enjoyable for the readerSensuous imagery lends itself to world building that is contextual meaningful and intricate and it is the best way to show a believable story rather than just tell itWriting style I have to say Kennedy’s real time action oriented prose is his greatest strength His style is accessible simple and solid with a few moments of true poetry Unfortunately his reliance on clichéd phrases throughout the work weakens his writing It would’ve been nice if he had kept his use of language as fresh as his ideas Impact The Soltreian Chronicles 10 000 Years Under Sol has its moments It has good workable elements but the learning curve is far too high There is a ton of in world terminology that is not only over or under explained at the expense of good short stories well told but treated as interchangeable with them too Not only does this pervasive tendency to info dump make it difficult to stay focused or to remember what exactly all the things are but it also makes it difficult to retain good otherwise memorable moments as well These issues are even further compounded by the sheer scope of the work Moments lose their potentiality to linger when they are constantly circumvented by and spliced with long winded historical essays overstuffed with names and places that are only mentioned once in passingThat said I also happen to think that this is a very ambitious attempt especially for a debut novel It isn’t perfect but that’s nothing a revised 2nd edition couldn’t fix and I know this author has what it takes to improve upon both this and future works

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The Earth and Shattered the Sun Creed Awakens to find that he is now one of the twelve Members Immortalis a race of immortals that has lived amidst mankind for two hundred thousand years After choosing to defend th. The Soltreian Chronicles is a must read for every Sci fi enthusiast It is an amazing book written by a very talented author It chronicles the adventures of Joshua Creed who achieved the status of immortality when he Awakens after the apocalypse that ended life on earth as we know it This book is well written exciting and very entertaining Once I started to read I simply could not put it down Five stars without a doubt

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The Soltreian ChroniclesTen Thousand Years Under Sol is the opening anthology in the series The Soltreian Chronicles The story details the evolution of a young Barbadian Joshua Creed after the apocalypse only known as the Fall that Broke. I have just started to read this novel and can not seem to put it down for any length of time What makes this book truly uniue and refreshing is that the protagonist is a Barbadian As someone with Barbadian Bajan heritage in my family it is exciting to see a strong character from my parents' homelandThe book is a mix between science fiction and fantasy and has its share of explosions really big explosions soul and philosophy yes philosophy I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this genre It does away with traditional cliches and tells a fresh story with a Caribbean underpinning I am currently one hundred and sixteen pages in and am eagerly awaiting this author to hurry with his next volume Five stars Easily Keep up the good work