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DOWNLOAD Driving the King ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ A daring and brilliant novel that explores race and class in 1950s America witnessed through the experiences of Nat King Cole and his driver Nat WearyThe war is over the soldiers are returning and Nat King Cole is back in his hometown of Montgomery Alabama for a rare performaA daring and brilliant novel that explores race and class in 1950s America witnessed through the experiences of Nat King Cole and his driver Nat WearyThe war is over the soldiers are returning and Nat King Cole is back in his hometown of Montgomery Alabama for a rare performance His childhood friend Nat Weary plans to propose to his sweetheart and the singer will honor their moment with a special song While the world has changed segregat. 35 Though Cole lived in Montgomery until the age of four his parents moved to Chicago where he was exposed to Chicago's burgeoning Jazz scene Returning with his group to Montgomery to perform in a non segregated show he was attacked This is the story of Weary a young man at the show hoping to propose to his girlfriend and instead jumps down from the balcony and beats Cole's attacker with a microphone Cole will perform one song and then apologize to his audience and leave In typical justice of the time the white man who attacked Cole gets three years but Weary gets tenA story that has the definite flavor of that time period in the South The bus boycott the pressure put on the blacks to keep them in their place along with a heartfelt story of King who never gforgets a friend and a young man who did than just stand byThere is not author's note but I did look up and much of the information in this book is accurate King did get attack but there was no weary to come to his aid his TV show did get cancelled in Los Angeles after one year due to lack of sponsorsGood book with much worthy information and the invention of Weary was a good way to portray this changing time period in the SouthARC from publisher

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Adation of Jim Crow AlabamaWeary discovers that while Los Angeles is far different from the Deep South it a place of discrimination mistrust and intolerance where a black man even one as talented and popular as Nat King Cole is not wholly welcomeAn indelible portrait of prejudice and promise friendship and loyalty Driving the King is a daring look at race and class in pre Civil Rights America played out in the lives of two remarkable men. I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book from HarperCollins This novel is told from the perspective of Nat Weary a contemporary of Nat King Cole who faces tragedy when he goes to see his former schoolmate perform Weary witnesses a man attempting to attack Nat King Cole and rushes to his defense In the era before the Civil Rights Movement it was unfathomable that a black man who raise a hand to a white man even in self defense Weary serves ten years in prison However when his sentence has been served he finds that Nat King Cole has not forgotten him and gives him a job as his driver This novel does a great job depicting the hardship of life in the 1940s before the Civil Rights Movement while at the same time highlighting the significance of a famous black singer for the African American community She had taken a picture of the maruee as we made the turn from Dexter Avenue NAT COLE TRIO He was the most famous man black or white ever to be born in my hometown but that sign was a first for us back then A Negro name with that much light behind it 20 It was both devastating and infuriating to see Weary's future ripped away all because he stepped in to save Nat King Cole's life Weary has returned home from the war to his girlfriend and has a budding career but all that disappears when he is sentenced to ten years in jail It's hard to fathom what ten years feels like Since the place had no mirrors it would be years until I saw my face again I saw what the future looked like on the faces of the men all around 59 Howard's writing is lyrical and moving Bone's hair had turned the same color mine had gray twisted with black like the herringbone in his blazer We were eual parts young and old with our heads keeping tally of the days the ones gone and the ones we had left 239My greatest issue with this novel is the movement of the narrative which was hard to keep track of The narrative is centered around Weary's triumphant return to his hometown as the driver of Nat King Cole when Cole returns for a surprise performance The novel is broken into chapters of Weary readying for the performance interspersed with chapters that detail his past his time in prison and everything he lost while he was incarcerated Time moves rather fluidly and at times it was difficult to place where the characters were Additionally I thought the narrative would have functioned better as one solid flashback telling Weary's story rather than continually moving forward and backward in timeAfter Weary is finally out of jail many people that he meets have heard rumors of his courageous act They used to talk about a soldier that jumped a stage 261 The details are confused the true story never publicized but in his own way Weary is famous for protecting the symbol that wasis Nat King Cole

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Driving the KingEd Jim Crow Montgomery remains the same When a white man attacks Cole with a pipe Weary leaps from the audience to defend him an act that will lead to a ten year prison sentenceBut the singer will not forget his friend and the sacrifice he made Six months before Weary is released he receives a remarkable offer will he be Nat King Cole’s driver and bodyguard in LA It is the promise of a new life removed from the terror violence and degr. Having just finished Just Mercy A Story of Justice and Redemption I was caught up in the beginning of this book with Nat Weary the narrator telling what it was like to be black and on the inside of prisons in mid century American South He was convicted of nearly killing someone defending Nat King Cole who was attacked by a white man rushing the stage Weary becomes Cole’s driver after he is released from prison I have loved loved loved Nat King Cole’s voice since childhood His “Unforgettable” was one of the few albums in my family home Beyond that I admit to being oblivious to who he was where he came from and how challenging his career was Even though other reviewers point out the historical inaccuracies of some of the facts that play a large part of this book I still felt that I learned about Nat Cole and would now like to learn Unfortunately this book ended up being a rather flat read for meThe switching back and forth between the day of a return concert to Montgomery Alabama and Weary's life as a driver for Cole in Los Angeles didn’t work for me This large part of the book for me lacked compulsion Howard gives readers a realistic look of what black life was like under Jim Crow He proves a subtle knowingness of the peoples and the times through small details His writing is direct but the turn of phrase took a bit of getting used to perhaps because I'm not from that part of the country Ravi Howard shows much promise and I would like to read Like Trees Walking and am interested in what he comes up with next