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Marcus AgrippaAnd IllyricumIn Gaul Agrippa established the vital road network that helped turn Julius Caesar s conuests into viable provinces As a diplomat he befriended Herod the Great of Judaea and stabilized the East As minister of works he overhauled Rome's drains and aueducts transformed public bathing in the city created public parks with great artworks and built the original PantheonAgrippa became co ruler of the Roman Empire with Augustus and married his daughter Julia His three sons were adopted by his friend as potential heirs to the throne Agrippa's unexpected death in 12 BC left Augustus bereft but his bloodline lived on in the imperial family through Agrippina the Elder to his grandson Caligula and great grandson Nero MARCUS AGRIPPA is lucidly written by the author of the acclaimed biographies Eager for Glory and Germanicus Illustrated with color plates figures and high uality maps Lindsay Powell presents a penetrating new assessment of the life and achievements of the multifaceted man who put. Positives I enjoyed learning about Agrippa's role in the Augustus' life Powell does a good job of adding color to man's life who history left us with very little to go on He did solid detective work I don't think he went beyond the bounds of the evidence but still was willing to make educated guesses Negatives I think it was a biography about Agrippa it would be much shorter I think Powell spent as much time talking about Augustus as he did Agrippa maybe I can see why he did this but the reader should be aware this is a biography that focuses on Agrippa within a larger context and has less about Agrippa then what happens around him Positives 2 On the other hand Powell does a great job of explaining what Agrippa accomplished while Augustus ruledco ruled so don't take my negative as being pervasive throughout the whole book nota bene if you are not familiar with this era of history I don't know if this would be a good book to jump into it I suggest read some other general books on the time period before picking this one up

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Summary ✓ Marcus Agrippa ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ã Marcus Agrippa personified the term 'right hand man' As Emperor Augustus' deputy he waged wars pacified provinces beautified Rome and played a crucial role in laying the foundations of the Pax Romana for the next two hundred years but he served always in the knService to friend and country before himselfREVIEWS A gripping thoroughly researched and hugely impressive biography of a key player in the transition from the Roman Republic to Augustus's Empire' Saul David University of Buckingham author of WAR From Ancient Egypt to Ira Augustus' ascent and reign are unthinkable without Marcus Agrippa Surprisingly there has been no biography of Agrippa in English for some eighty years Powell's book admirably fills this gap and will be indispensable for anyone with a serious interest in this crucial historical period Karl Galinsky University of Texas at Austin author of Augustus Introduction to the Life of an Emperor Marcus Agrippa was one of history s most intriguing right hand men Few played a greater role in the emperor Augustus success In vigorous prose and with a fingertip feel for Roman politics and war Lindsay Powell brings Agrippa to life Barry Strauss Cornell University author of Masters of Command Alexander Hannibal Caesar and the Genius of Leadershi. It is hard to review this book I truly enjoyed it and felt the author did a wonderful job relating the history of Rome in the late 1st century BCE At the same time I think the book failed as a biography of Marcus Agrippa I don't blame the author for this There just isn't enough material to do this job However the material he adds about Augustus and the transition of the Republic to the Principate may be the best description of what went on at this time that I have ever read I would also point out two other problems I had with the book in hopes they will be changed in future editions for others 1 There were a lot of typos and grammatical errors and 2 The format used for people and place names was confusing The author should have stayed with one fo the many modern conventions rather than re inventing the wheel and making up his own

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Marcus Agrippa personified the term 'right hand man' As Emperor Augustus' deputy he waged wars pacified provinces beautified Rome and played a crucial role in laying the foundations of the Pax Romana for the next two hundred years but he served always in the knowledge he would never rule in his own name Why he did so and never grasped power exclusively for himself has perplexed historians for centuries In his teens he formed a lifelong friendship with Julius Caesar's great nephew Caius Octavius which would change world history Following Caesar s assassination on the Ides of March 44 BC Agrippa was instrumental in asserting his friend s rights as the dictator's heir He established a reputation as a bold admiral defeating Sextus Pompeius at Mylae and Naulochus 36 BC culminating in the epoch making Battle of Actium 31 BC which eliminated Marcus Antonius and ueen Cleopatra as rivals He proved his genius for military command on land by ending bloody rebellions in the Cimmerian Bosporus Gaul Hispania. OctavianAugustus would probably not have been successful without his friend Marcus Agrippa They apparently met when they were teenagers and were together in Macedonia when word came of Julius Caesar's assassination and his adoption of Octavian They went to Rome against the advice of Octavian's mother and stepfather to collect the inheritance meeting Marc Antony and Cicero and getting involved in Roman politics Powell puts together ancient sources to tell the story of Agrippa's life It's uite detailed with many end notes sometimes one for each sentence of a passage There are lots of maps showing his travels This was a very interesting book about a fascinating man I was put off a bit by the author's eschewing of the letter J preferring to use Roman spellings with I as in Iulius Iupiter Iudea etc