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Characters ↠ Zack Blue Collar Billionaires #4 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub à Zack Marshall may look like a thug but underneath he's all about family His brother Gabe is the handsome and popular one but he's never envied anything he has Except for Josephine Harlow From now on Josie Harlow is living lifTtooed mohawked mechanic Zachary Marshall He annoys her and they fight constantly but worst of all he only sees her as Gabe's girl Until Zack makes the most shocking offer of all to be the model for her show And the first man in her bed. Wow This is excellent romance writing Very realistic for the most part emotionally engagingit made me chuckle it made me smile it made me joyfully tearful and even laugh out loud I also wanted to a few folks lol I haven't read any of the previous books in this series this story can definitely standalone but it will leave you seeking from than author

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Zack Marshall may look like a thug but underneath he's all about family His brother Gabe is the handsome and popular one but he's never envied anything he has Except for Josephine Harlow From now on Josie Harlow is living life full thro. I first started reading this two years ago but I set it aside because I wasn't in the mood for the immediately deep and heavy emotions I knew from the opening chapter that it would be Too Much But now I was ready for it and while I forgot some of the details of the ongoing plot arc it worked out okay; the suspense related plot was ZERO in this aside from Gabe being post stabbed in the opening I forgot the details about that alas but he's okay and Sasha is still wonderful So this is a short but satisfying friends to lovers story with both Josie and Zack long thinking their love was unreuited and most people around them assuming the two of them annoyed each other There's something about Malone's writing style that I really enjoy the way her characters narrate their emotions it's dual first person is so straight forward and so steady and so vulnerably honest and I love the way that builds through the book They're honest with themselves even when they can't be honest with the wider world and there's no emotional wishy washiness even as they work through what's holding them back

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Zack Blue Collar Billionaires #4Ttle First task find a nude model for her next photo series Next up getting rid of her pesky v card No trying to gain her family's approval They all think she's in love with her high school boyfriend Instead she dreams of his brother ta. M Malone has done it again M Malone never disappoints me I could not put this book down once I started it Her books are emotional and sensual works of art and Zack was no different Zack the fourth book in the Blue collar Billionaires series is the story of Zackery Zack Marshall and Josephine Josie Harlow Zack tells the emotional story of love thought to be unreuited and because of that Zack is a much different book than the prior books in the seriesmaking it sheer perfection and extremely enjoyable Zack is the sexy brooding tattooed brother who thinks that he does not compare to his beautiful clean cut smooth talking and charming brother Gabe and that the girl he loves is in love with his brother and best friend Gabe Zack was not the person I thought he was from the glimpses that I had been given of him in Tank Finn and Gabe My goodness Zack is a seriously good guy with a sensitive soul and who has the biggest capacity to give unconditional love and forgiveness Wow Josie is a beautiful feisty and talented up and coming photographer who has been in love with Zack since high school meaning FOREVER but according to her Zack has never noticed her and has always treated her as though she is the annoying little sister who is in love with his brother Gabe Josie is also Gabe's best friendZack and Gabe were raised together by their mothers and are extremely close and therefore Zack has not and does not want to do anything that would jeopardize his relationship with his brotheruntil Josie M Malone did a great job of taking us on Zack and Josie's emotional journey toward happily ever after with it bumps in the road and complications Zack is not the only one who has a complicated family life Josie does too I loved being introduced to Josie's brother James aka Jamie who I loved and her best friend Isabelle another awesome chick Her parents were a different story Yowza Zack also shows how all of the Marshall brothers have grown since the beginning of this series and how much stronger their relationship with each other is Zack truly shows that family means everything to the Marshall brothers and to Gabe and Zack in particular Bravo on this one M Malone I cannot wait to read Luke the youngest Marshall brother's story