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Rush by Nyrae Dawn Read ✓ 107 µ This heartbreaking powerful New Adult malemale romance will be loved by fans of Jamie McGuire Jessica Sorensen and Abbi Glines as well as by all fans of Nyrae Dawn's The Games trilogy What if you fell in love with your best friend But no one could ever knowBrandon Chase has always defined himself by one thing footbaThis heartbreaking powerful New Adult malemale romance will be loved by fans of Jamie McGuire Jessica Sorensen and Abbi Glines as well as by all fans of Nyrae Dawn's The Games trilogy What if you fell in love with your best friend But no one could ever knowBrandon Chase has always defined himself by one thing football He's the star. 45 Coming Out Stars Apparently this book is about characters that were introuduced in Four Summers which I did not read But now I kind of want to because I was thinking I would have liked to get of Alec and Brandon's past relationshipwhen they first meet and fall in love However I loved Alec and Brandon's story in Rush It broke my heart what these two boys went through To protect their feelings their friends their families Sacrificing their own happiness for others Alec and Brandon met when Brandon's family started spending summers in Lakeland Village Virginia It started out as a friendship bonding over their love of football and turned in to a young love A new love A love that they believed was wrong but that felt so right No matter what anyone thinks it doesn't feel wrong It feels better He makes me better They only ever had their summers Brandon plays football in Ohio and Alec attends community college near Lakeland Village Brandon believes that football is all he is There's Brandon the football player that pretends to be straight Coming out would be like being cut open all the time everyone seeing what's inside me It's showing parts of me that people will judge me for and maybe even hate me for and the real Brandon the one that's gay that only truly feels like himself when he's with Alec But Brandon doesn't believe he can ever be what Alec needs and deserves He can never give himself to Alec fullyhe doesn't believe he can have football and Alec I'm not strong enough to be with him but can't handle walking away either But Brandon does He walks away He pushes away the only thing that feels right He tries to move on Pretends to be Brandon the football player Alec tries to move on too He's open about being gay He tries to have other relationships But no one feels like Brandon An accident brings Alec back in to Brandon's life A second chance for Brandon and Alec to make things right To go after what they want what they deserve To be proud of the love they have for each other Don't we deserve to have what we want like everyone else does After everything we've been through don't we deserve it Will Brandon and Alec finally put their love first Show the world that there's nothing wrong with being gay That they deserve as much as happiness as everyone else That nothing in life is worth having without each other Fuck the world We don't need anyone else Just this right here Just us Oh this storyIt just hit me in all the right spots I wanted so badly for Brandon and Alec to get their HEA I felt like I went through everything with them The pain of separation the anxiety of coming out the heartbreak from people's reactions the butterflies at their first touches the panty melting sexual tension and above all else their love for each other Truly a heart warming story of two people struggling against a love that society says is wrong but feels so right And being with him is worth everything we've had to go through ARC kindly provided by Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Lps Brandon train his way back to fitness and prepare for the NFL draft As they spend the summer together the two can't deny their attraction the rush they feel when they're together is impossible to deny and neither wants to walk away Will Brandon be brave enough to face the conseuences of following his heart No matter what the co. How can loving someone be wrongBrandon and Alec have a bit of history They're both in college but met several years ago during summer vacation at their family cabins They shared summer after summer growing a strong friendship playing football secretly meeting in their private place in the woods In time both Brandon and Alec realized these feelings are stronger than simple guys hanging out They're gay but both are firmly in the closet Especially Brandon who has high hopes of making it in the NFL Gays in the locker room won't be well taken So Brandon walks away Alec was willing to come out for Brandon but had his heart broken when his best friend walked out of his life He's moved on attending community college being open regarding his sexuality but no guy holds a candle to Brandon So when the phone call comes in with Brandon's phone number on it he's surprised Brandon however hangs up Call it self preservation Alec doesn't call him back Then the call comes from his best friend saying there's been an accident and Brandon needs him Their story begins againThis book was an endearing story of two young men stuck in the closet but painfully in love with each other It's filled with that angsty tug of war between making themselves happy at the expense of hurting their love onesand potentially Brandon losing his career in football It's a constant weighing of risks and benefits Brandon's family will love him no matter what but Alec's dad is a true bigot He knows it'll end up being a choice Either Brandon or his dadand if Brandon refuses to come out of the closet for his team is it fair He's risking it all for a person who won't totally come out I've never read anything from this author and I was impressed As an arc the writing was still perfect character development suburb making the reader feel the torturous tug between love of family and romantic love It's rated NA and scenes are sexy but it's not near as steamy as MM can sometimes be It's a perfect MM book for a first time reader of this genre or if steam isn't an issue It was romantic than steamy Looking forward to reading from this author And I thank you Advanced copy received by Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

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Rush by Nyrae DaOf the team an idol to his teammates and surrounded by the hottest girls But Brandon has a secret how he really feels about his friend Alec Andrews Rather than confront the truth Brandon pushes Alec away But when Brandon is seriously injured in a car crash the only person who can get through to him is Alec Against all odds Alec he. ♥♥♥ 3 STARS ♥♥♥Well after seeing so many of my friends love this I became excited to read this and love it too However that was not the case for me It wasn't completely bad for me I did enjoy some parts but I did not love it I found it a bit hard to like Brandon until he was finally doing something right Then Alec became all weird it was like they switched personalities I didn't get it and they seemed too similar at times that you couldn't tell them apartI don't really have too much to say about this book Some things Brandon did in the beginning annoyed me and then some things Alec did in the last part annoyed me too I think the whole Should we or shouldn't we thing that kept going back in forth is what got old very uick for me I got the whole hiding their relationship thing but it happened for most of the book which is what I didn't like The steam was uite low and was surprised by how long it took them to do anything with each other I felt like everything that happened took way to long to occur There were a few moments I did enjoy that were sweet funny and emotional But it wasn't enough for me to love it The story was uite predictable and I just wanted to see their relationship to bloom between them Overall I thought it was an alright read I would recommend this one to people who are looking for their first mm book to read