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Summary ´ Special Deluxe A Memoir of Life Cars 102 ☆ Neil Young’s first memoir Waging Heavy Peace was an international bestseller and critical sensation The Wall Street Journal wrote that it was “terrific modest honest funny and freuently moving” while The New York Times found it “as charismatically off the wall as Mr YouOd his musical influences his family the rock ’n’ roll life and one of his deepest most ebullient passions cars Through the framework of the many vehicles he’s collected and driven Young explores his love for the well crafted vintage automobileand examines his newfound awareness of his hobby’s negative environmental impact With his ferocious devotion to clean energy he recounts the saga of Lincvo. Whew what a rideAlthough Neils 2nd book doesnt leave off where the first ended it is a story unto its own Again it is like sitting have a conversation with a very complex gentleman The first few chapters though had me thinking that I had gone to an Autorama not an activity I would normally do At allBut it was Neil Young and so I pushed forward Was I ever glad I did as I discovered something I think I will never forget now If you want to know what that is jump down to my last two sentencesSo off we go Most of the book is a rehash of his life and some explanations It is based on his life with cars Plain and simple yet not soIt starts off in Omemee around 1950 Neil recalls his dog and the car You immediately notice he tags gasoline prices and a few chapters further he clocks in the CO2 lbs the old behemoths emitted and continues this for almost every road trip he talks about If you know anything about Mr Young you know where this book might be driving to But it's a fascinating trip and a very clever way to share his life and passions mistakes and human ness not even sure that's a wordThe book takes you again through his life but with a turn to something a little serious than the memoirs of a rockin' legend There is purpose to this missive besides outlining his life That was his first book What you get here are his attachment and very obviously love of cars dogs trains family friends and music The main focus is on his admiration of the people moverthe carThere are parts of this book that are so palpable that you are there in the moment and everything else just fades away The words become your momentary reality even though they are someone else's words Someone else's life and someone else's passion If you get totally engrossed in the book you own that for 376 pagesAs the book progresses and the story unfolds you are swept away by an automobile on each adventure Most are successful some sadly are not In my opinion Neil Young has always been a bit of a private person I like that in a public figure of any genre and the ability to be so can't be easy Here he lays bare some pretty interesting parts and I had to laugh at some of the antics I did not know about him but was so grateful he chose to shareI also love the sketches of the cars he has drawn Simple in their own right yet able to stand on their own And so the book continues Until a barely perceptible change takes placeand you almost seem to be reading a whole other book NY clearly sees the writing on the wall regarding fossil fuels and the need for alternative propulsion methods It becomes an almost manic core need for him to help see the US through a transition that is going to take place on this planet whether the gas guzzling love affair with cars the United States has likes it or not He would do well to continue his writings on China's newfound love of the sameHis description of Death Highway near Fort Mcmurray is a chilling recount that will forever live with me And even though I have seen the pictures and heard other tales especially Aboriginal ones this one is the most vivid and intimate one I have ever read Perhaps it is because I am Canadian that this part of the book rings so harshly with me But it is a narrative that will stick with you for a long long time if you are any kind of an environmentalistPersonally; I believe Fort McMurray's days are numbered left to be an oddity and blight in my home province of Alberta Maybe not in my generation or even the next but soon I feel no guilt over this as he does I never thought the tar sands were a good idea anyway Alberta would recover from this They are a resource rich place full of renewable ones and technology is not stopped at the borders I have faithI sincerely hope NY is continuously inspired to write His style would make a menu interesting He is a joy to read and I am hoping he gets the bug again to put pen to paperAll I can say is thisIn his music you see the ArtistIn his books you see the Man

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Neil Young’s first memoir Waging Heavy Peace was an international bestseller and critical sensation The Wall Street Journal wrote that it was “terrific modest honest funny and freuently moving” while The New York Times found it “as charismatically off the wall as Mr Young’s records” Now in Special Deluxe Young has fashioned a second work of extraordinary reminiscences about his Canadian boyho. Written with a laid back style that comes across like a favorite somewhat crotchety uncle reminiscing on a front porch with a beer Young talks mostly about the cars in his life in this second installment of his memoirs The obsessive repetition over PONO that may have turned some readers off in the first volume is absent here which doesn't mean this is a typical kiss and tell rock 'n roll story either But in talking about the cars in his life Young manages to tell us a lot about the times he grew up in his early and later musical career and the people he loved on the way Anyone with a sentimental bone in their body should be aware that given the recent announcement that Young and his wife Peggy have filed for divorce you'll likely burst into tears reading all of the tender and loving words he's written about her in this book

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Special Deluxe A Memoir of Life CarsLt his specially modified electric car and his efforts to demonstrate to lawmakers and consumers how viable non gas guzzling vehicles truly can be Special Deluxe captures Young’s singular lyrical almost musical voice Witty eclectic and wonderfully candid Special Deluxe is an unforgettable amalgam of memories artwork and political ponderings from one of the most genuine and enigmatic artists of our time. Another sometimes interesting often shambolic and mildly fascinating memoir from Neil Young You've got to love him in all his stubbornness or not I guess There's some interesting yarns about the music about songwriting where the lyricssongs came from in and around tall tales of cars and gigs It's meandering as fuck but then Neil Young fans will sit through Old Ways and Landing on Water to get to Ragged Glory and Sleeps With Angels This is no Freedom probably like Life or Trans sometimes intriguing sometimes dead boring But I love him for doing whatever the fuck he wants always